Pixel Gallery Addons for Elementor – Easy Grid, Creative Gallery, Drag and Drop Grid, Custom Grid Layout, Portfolio Gallery


Pixel Gallery is the first Elementor based WordPress gallery addon that provides the easiest image gallery making experience. Just drag and drop gallery widgets into your webpage and you can start making awesome WordPress galleries in minutes.

Pixel Gallery widgets all come with pre-built gallery layouts and templates. You can insert the widget to select the images you want to display and Pixel will display it with its several unique gallery interfaces. Also, you can enjoy limitless customizations for every Pixel Gallery widget through the Elementor website builder addons.

What makes Pixel Gallery unique? 💡

Pixel Gallery is not your average gallery maker addons for WordPress. Unlike its competitors, our plugin offers more to the appearance, performance, and design choices for creating the best galleries in WordPress.

What Pixel Gallery gives you-💫

  • Beginner-friendly UI
  • Easy gallery making procedure with drag and drop modules.
  • More than 60 Elementor widgets to design awesome image galleries on your WordPress website.
  • Unique layouts with different style sets.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Lightweight plugin.
  • Responsive to any device (mobile, tab, laptop, etc.)
  • High-quality graphics
  • Improved user experience

Dive Into Our Wonderful Gallery Builder 🎇

Fastest WordPress Grid Gallery 🔵

Pixel Gallery is a high-quality grid gallery plugin for WordPress that is designed to give you maximum output without slowing down the website. With a focus on speed and performance, our gallery widget is optimized and carefully coded.

Unlimited Customizations 🔷

Pixel Gallery offers unlimited customizations through the world-class page builder plugin Elementor. You can change the whole appearance of the grid as well as customize the layout as per your need. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a wide range of features, it’s easy to make your own website or blog.

More Site Speed Performance 🔵

As a plugin created and optimized for WordPress, Pixel Gallery not only works faster but also takes off extra load from your website, making your site lighter and retaining more speed. No performance is sacrificed in the process.

WooCommerce Product Support 🔷

You can also use our plugin to display static WooCommerce product galleries at ease. Just select your product or categories and make your visitors fall in love with your beautifully crafted gallery interface.


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Free Widgets for Lifetime 🔥

  1. Alien – One of the most handy widget for making creative image galleries for WordPress and fit tons of worthwhile images on your webpage and display them to your visitors.
  2. Aware – Image galleries can be crazy. Aware is one of such crazy galleries brought to you by the Pixel Gallery addon for Elementor. The layout is completely different from what you have seen so far and it’s the OP one to mesmerize your visitors with cool graphics, animations, and colors.
  3. Axen – Axen is a traditional widget with really handy features as a WordPress image gallery making tool. You can show your images with names & authors as well as display store products by inserting product name and brand name in the grid.
  4. Craze – The Craze gallery widget provides a beautiful and daunting custom WordPress gallery interface coupled with a thumb content layer style over the gallery image and provides users a descrete information about the images swiftly. Best for making galleries in your Elementor website.
  5. Crop – A simplistic gallery interface with a shrinking hover animation placed on the background image. While hovered, the content becomes visible along with the image getting pushed back and shrunk down.
  6. Doodle – Doodle is a fascinating custom WordPress gallery widget that combines popping animation into a simplistic gallery interface that interacts with your visitors and displays inner content with a fresh animation effect upon hovering. This is the perfect gallery widget to mesmerize your audience.
  7. Elixir – Elixir is a type of widget with glassmorphism effect.When you will place the cursor on the photo,whole details will pop up in a different layer. A fine way to showcase the info.
  8. Epoch – In case you need more details of your image, you can use epoch widget in gallery. It will let you zoom the photo so you check it clearly. Also there is a common view button to see the image fully
  9. Fabric – Want some real portrait vibe in the image of your website on WordPress? Then you should go for the Fabric. Fabric will add an aesthetic frame around your photo and makes it look more focused on details.
  10. Fever – Fever is specially made for a portfolio site. When you put the cursor on the image, a meta description along with the name will pop up. A good type of showcase for professional portfolio page in any website.
  11. Fixer – The Fixer is a minimalistic gallery widget with a straightforward background image layout and a hover effect on top of it. The hover effect triggers a popup box over the image that displays the image name and meta. The widget is suitable for making WordPress grid galleries for most kinds of websites.
  12. Flame – What is happening around your company? Let your visitors know all the latest news by using a lucrative gallery widget, Flame. An attarctive image with read more button will bring more enagagement ever!! for news type content this widget is a perfect fit.
  13. Fluid – The Fluid widget by pixel gallery is developed to showcase images over your WordPress website while possessing a dangerously stunning interface with a minimalistic vibe. Once you click on the read more button, magic happens, or just the details popup along with the full image
  14. Glam – If you are looking for a WordPress gallery layout that pays more attention to the presentation, then Glam is the right choice for you. The widget has a sleek hover transition effect that triggers an entrance animation, color revealing effect, and text animations to produce a unique presentation.
  15. Glaze – Just another widget with glass morphism effect. But Glaze comes with something better. With a less opacity glassmorphism vibe, you can make your gallery more elegenat in a better way in your WordPress site
  16. Humble – The Humble gallery widget gives off a foldable animation effect on hover to show the individual image info of your WordPress gallery. This eye-catchy widget is built to add dynamic content for better user engagement and better quality user navigation. Best for sports, news, fashion, and daily blogs.
  17. Insta – Insta widget is a part of the Pixel Gallery addon for Elementor and it’s a gallery designer widget that lets you link your social media profiles into the gallery items for super fast sharing. Best suited for bloggers that want a standard WordPress gallery layout with social sharing options.
  18. Koral – Using the Koral gallery widget, it is possible to place portrait pictures of your team members, services, or products along with a semi-transparent hover info box that displays the rest of the info of the given images. The widget presents a minimalistic interface that works for most types of websites.
  19. Lumen – Do you want a WordPress gallery that can immerse visitors into interactive animation effects? Our lumen gallery widget gives you that. With you, you can make image or video galleries with the whole grid being inside an interactive hover animation effect for a fun and flavored user experience.
  20. Lunar – Lunar places a minimalistic and fully custom WordPress gallery interface with a clean image title and a read-more button style on top of the background and delivers direct content information to the visitors. The widget is easy to use and customize in order to create unique layouts.
  21. Lytical – The Lytical gallery widget is specialized in advanced presentation interface that displays gallery images with a swift hover animation starting from the left to right, only revealing the image detail when the visitor hover over it. This is a custom artistic Elementor gallery widget that helps boost the user experience.
  22. Marron – You can easily create stunning WordPress image galleries with the Marron Gallery widget by taking advantage of its charming layout coupled with a really cool hover animation effect. The gallery plugin makes it possible to display your images with a compact style while preserving the flavors.
  23. Mastery – The Mastery widget makes a very peculiar gallery layout for WordPress websites that helps you display images a bit differently and uniquely than others. This is a fully responsive widget that packs with a smooth hover transition effect to mesmerize the onlookers coming to fill their eyes on your gallery website.
  24. Mosaic – Mosiac is a very minimalistic WordPress grid gallery widget that portraits a simple background right below a title bar on the middle position. Hovering over the gallery, the visitors could see post date of the image as well as a read more button to continue reading the detail of the image. Suitable for any Elementor website.
  25. Mystic – The Mystic WordPress grid gallery widget has a sleek hover animation equipped with shrinking image effect and image title upon hover. The widget displays just the background until your visitor decides to hover over the images and get to see the awesome animation effect in action.
  26. Nexus – If you are a fan of modern grid hover animations, the Nexus is the perfect gallery widget to give you that. The animation effect covers the whole image area with an overlay shade and displays the gallery title and read more button on top of that. You can create fascinating WordPress galleries for tech blogs with this widget.
  27. Ocean – When you need a minimalistic gallery interface with a subtle hover animation, the Ocean gallery widget will be the perfect fit. This is a fascinating gallery layout that only adds a hover effect on the background image and a reveal-type content box.
  28. Orbit – The Orbit gallery widget is a unique item among all widgets owned by the Pixel Gallery plugin. This widget has an insane hover effect that distorts the background image by shrinking it both horizontally and vertically, only to show it lay down behind the overlay window. Perfect for catching people’s attention.
  29. Panda – Panda Gallery widget is designed to enhance the visual user experience on your gallery website with a classical WordPress grid interface and a scaling hover animation for the image info box. Once the visitor hovers over any image, the meta info box will levitate, making a serene scene on the display.
  30. Plex – Create simplistic WordPress grid gallery with Plex by taking advantage of its minimalistic layout having a title, category box, and a read more button. Once a user hovers over the items, the image behind the texts will zoom a bit and you will see hover effects on the texts and the button.
  31. Plumb – The Plumb gallery widget is tuned with a page-lift animation effect to display the hidden info of the gallery images upon hover. The next window after hover shows the image title, a broad description text, and a read more button. You can easily customize it by changing color, border, overlay and make unique galleries in no time.
  32. Punch – Punch WordPress grid gallery is a minimalistic widget with a gallery title and meta text visible over the background image. Upon hovering over the images, the interface goes through an animation shift that moves the title and meta to the top position with overlay color and a readmore button beneath.
  33. Ranch – The Ranch is one of the most unique gallery widgets that comes with a sleek hover animation equipping a title-meta combination and dedicated social share buttons for every gallery item. The widget looks minimal on the top but has more content to reveal upon hovering. All social buttons have special effects too.
  34. Remix – Remix gallery widget displays gallery images with a funky hover animation that shrinks down the background image while revealing the title, meta-text, and read more button with a bordering overlay window. Best for showcasing images in blogs and gallery websites.
  35. Ruby – The Ruby gallery widget is designed to unfold a separate layer for displaying the title, meta, and read more button without interfering with the image when hovered. This is a cool-looking WordPress grid widget that is best for any kind of gallery, blog, or eCommerce product website.
  36. Shark – Shark is a minimalistic WordPress gallery widget that portraits a simple grid layout to onboard your gallery images and adds a middle-aligned hover animation to display the image title, meta, and custom link per item. Suitable for any kind of blogging or informative website to display bulk images.
  37. Sonic – Another minimalistic WordPress grid gallery widget, Sonic lets you add a peculiar gallery layout that has a straight hover animation with a title, a quick-view button, and a link button. You can use it to display your gallery images as well as link them to external sources when necessary.
  38. Spirit – With a reverse hover animation effect, Spirit is your next Elementor gallery widget that displays images with a thick border around it as well as a title and a read more button. Hovering over the image will make the text and border vanish, replacing them all with the full background image and the button.
  39. Tour – The Tour gallery widget is the perfect fit for any tour-travel planning website for making attractive galleries. The widget features a smart WordPress grid gallery layout with image, title, travel package cost, and additional hover animation that hides the travel duration (days), location info, and check-ins. The background is switchable between image and video.
  40. Trance – Trance is another minimalistic gallery widget brought to you by Pixel Gallery. The widget has a revealing type content box animation that triggers upon hover and reveals the image title and meta. As a lightweight grid widget, you can use it for making all kinds of image grids for your website.
  41. Turbo – The Turbo gallery widget is suited for gallery pages with a large content gap as the widget features an offset meta and title view of the images when hovered. This type of widget is usually used for eCommerce product view only store pages, blogs, and portfolios.
  42. Verse – Verse is one of the most fascinating grid gallery widgets having a sleek transition effect that takes over the background image while showing the image title, description, and a read more button. The widget can be used in all types of gallery-making projects due to its simplicity along with its charming attributes.
  43. Walden – Using the Walden widget, you can display your image gallery on your blogs or gallery archive pages with title, loved & viewed status, and a read more button, all four triggered by hovering over the items. The hover activates through a wobbly animation effect that adds more fun and boosts the user experience.
  44. Wisdom – For those who need extra detailing with their WordPress grid gallery, Pixel Gallery presents the Wisdom widget that gives you what you need. The widget interface has a bold layout containing the post date, title, description text, and social media buttons. Hovering over the image additionally reveals a read more button in the middle.
  45. Zilax – In a wocommeerce store,displaying product image with some details is necessary. With Zilax, a product image will be shown at first. When user will put the cursor, a magic will happen. Product name and catagory will show up at the footer of the image.

Free Extensions for Lifetime 🔥

  1. Animations – You can add entrance animation effects to your post widgets for a more zesty experience in viewing and interacting with the grids from the users’ perspective.

Pro Version Widgets 🔥

  1. Amaze – Create mini-gallery combination anytime and anywhere in WordPress using the Amaze gallery widget by Pixel Gallery. The widget has a tab-like interface and smooth hover animation that pops up the inserted images in a fancy animation. Creative and unique for your website.
  2. Coslide – Bring next level motion to your image gallery with the Coslide gallery widget. The layout presents a scattered image placements and opens in lightbox view paired with entrance and exit animations.
  3. Diamond – Curved from the perspective of a diamond reel, the Diamond widget lets you create your image gallery with stripe-shaped diamonds along with a unique lightbox interface.
  4. Dream – If you want to make a WordPress grid gallery that stands out and is built uniquely, then you have no other choice but to have the Dream Gallery widget by Pixel Gallery. The widget displays a scattered image layout that brings more enhanced visual experience and interact more with the visitors. Best for making galleries that everyone loves.
  5. Evolve – The Evolve gallery widget has a completely exclusive layout with flexible masonry style interface. With it, you can display event or location specific images in a distinctive image gallery that looks trending and fresh out of the box.
  6. Flash – Flash gallery widget has the most outstanding gallery layout packed with ingeniously interactive animation effects on all widget elements, such as the background, title, label, and text. This user-interactive widget not only boosts user experience but also delivers more conversion rate with its magnetic appearance.
  7. Floral – The Floral gallery widget offers a post-like image gallery layout that shows additional info, like meta, title, description and button, outside the image for better information visibility and a classic look of the image gallery. Suitable for all occasion.
  8. Heron – The Heron gallery widget brings the Elementor tooltip function to the next level by merging it with the grid gallery to create an innovative hover effect that displays a thumbnail, meta, and title, which pops up when the visitor hovers over any gallery item. Use it to bring dynamic changes to your site’s user experience.
  9. Kitec – This is one of the ace-of-spade gallery interface that is loaded with fancy animations to take your visitors by surprise and renders them unable to look away from your image gallery. Suitable interface for pro level design taste.
  10. Maven – Maven is an exceptional image gallery making tool from the Pixel Gallery addon. The widget has a simplified outer look with bold title and meta text. It also has a special animation effects that triggers on hover and creates glitches over the transformed images.
  11. Pastel – Pastel stands out as an artifact-grade image gallery widget with its exceptionally unique layout design. The widget displays mega titles of individual gallery items while the images are barely visible behind. Clicking the button triggers the lightbox view and the visitors can see the clear images in masonry.
  12. Polo – To amp your image gallery with a new refreshing interface that not only looks cool on the display but also has a distinct way to present individual gallery items. Such is the Polo widget, made to let you create the next level galleries for WordPress.
  13. Ridex – Create minimalistic image galleries with titled image animations and glitching text effects to show your visitors how you unique you can be.
  14. Menuz – You might need a totally different style for your image gallery and impress your visitors. Menuz is the kind of gallery widget that has the most distinctive interface with floating titles and hovering image animations in one package that your audience never experienced.
  15. Tread – Tread is a next level WordPress gallery maker widget with an exclusive layout design. The widget displays the images in a scattered form coupled with cursor animation and parallax. Every time you put new images in this widget, the gallery interface becomes more surprising.
  16. Xero – Xero takes your WordPress image gallery to another dimension with a totally diverse layout design that unfolds into a kinetic interface once your visitors click on the expand button. With this special gallery design, you can surely engage more visitors by offering them something new to experience.

Common Issues and Solutions: 🐣

  1. Elementor editor fails to load
    Ans. It is due to your server PHP setting. You can increase PHP memory limit from wp-config.php file or php.ini file
    View Documentation

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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload pixel-gallery folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Start using it by going to the elementor editor.

Preguntas frecuentes

Does it work with all WordPress themes?

  • Absolutely! Pixel Gallery supports any kind of theme as long as the theme supports Elementor.

What if I update to the Premium version?

  • You get an update, that’s all. No user settings will be affected upon upgrading to the latest version of the plugin. But, you will unlock hundreds more premium features to boost your site developing experience further.

Can I use the plugin without Elementor Page Builder?

  • No. Pixel Gallery is based on Elementor Page Builder and without the latter, the former won’t function.

Does it interact with other Elementor Addons?

  • Of course, Pixel Gallery is made with green codes that will not conflict with any other addons for Elementor.

Does it work with Elementor Pro?

  • Without a doubt.

Will Pixel Gallery break my site after an update?

  • No, we ensure that Pixel Gallery will not change or break any existing layout on your website due to an update issue. We have your backs in this matter.

How long do I get support & updates?

  • As long as Pixel Gallery exists, we will provide you with frequent updates and 24/7 support. We are committed to doing so.
    Note: we don’t provide plugin support for Adult sites.

Can I translate Pixel Gallery into my language?

  • Definitely. Pixel Gallery offers a translation feature to let you choose your own language to translate all plugin elements/widgets/modules.

Can we get more widgets in the near future?

  • Of course, you can. In fact, Pixel Gallery brings a couple of new & unique widgets over the frequent updates (minor updates). With every leap of the base plugin version (major updates), we bring tones of new widgets and features to let you take advantage of our plugin.

Can I use Pixel Gallery on client sites?

  • Yes, definitely. You can use Pixel Gallery on any website, self or client, within the allowed number of licenses provided by the package you purchase. There are no bindings to the usage.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

“Pixel Gallery Addons for Elementor – Easy Grid, Creative Gallery, Drag and Drop Grid, Custom Grid Layout, Portfolio Gallery” es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios

1.4.9 [8th February 2024]

  • Fixed: Image crop issue fixed in marron widget
  • Fixed: Icon not showing issue fixed

1.4.8 [22th January 2024]

  • Fixed: Admin script min js file not found issue fixed

1.4.7 [31th December 2023]

  • Updated: System improved

1.4.6 [9th November 2023]

  • Fixed: Read more issue fixed in glam widget

1.4.5 [29th October 2023]

  • Fixed: conflict issue fixed

1.4.4 [29th October 2023]

  • Updated: System improved

1.4.3 [12th August 2023]

  • Added: Content Position option added in fixer widget

1.4.2 [25th July 2023]

  • Added: Overlay color option added in lunar, lytical widget
  • Added: Glassmorphism effect added in axen, craze, doodle, elixir, epoch, fabric, fever, flame, fluid, glaze, insta, koral, lumen, lunar, lytical, marron widget

1.4.1 [12th July 2023]

  • Added: Glassmorphism effect added in fixer widget

1.4.0 [18th June 2023]

  • Added: Glassmorphism effect added in mystic, ocean, panda, ranch, sonic, trance widgets
  • Fixed: Lightbox issue fixed in lytical widget
  • Fixed: Height issue fixed in wisdom widget
  • Fixed: Alignment issue fixed in insta, crop, flame, lunar, mosaic, ranch, shark, sonic, trance, walden widgets

1.3.8 [14th June 2023]

  • Fixed: Content spacing issue fixed in alien widget

1.3.7 [25th May 2023]

  • Added: Content Align option added in Craze widget

1.3.6 [29th April 2023]

  • Added: Layout Style option added in zilax widget
  • Fixed: Border radius issue fixed in sonic widget
  • Fixed: Zilax widget item hover issue fixed when enable entrance animation

1.3.5 [19th April 2023]

  • Added: Item style, sub title padding, text padding option added in evolve widget
  • Fixed: Dashboard search issue fixed
  • Fixed: Item margin issue fixed in panda widget

1.3.4 [8th April 2023]

  • Added: Date Spacing option added in wisdom widget
  • Fixed: Style issue fixed in lumen widget

1.3.3 [30th March 2023]

  • Added: WordPress v6.2.0 compatibility added
  • Fixed: Video lightbox issue fixed in Xero widget

1.3.2 [28th March 2023]

  • Updated: Xero widget improvement (Pro)
  • Fixed: Date showing issue fixed in wisdom widget

1.3.1 [22nd March 2023]

  • Fixed: Image border radius issue fixed in craze grid widget
  • Fixed: Modal title color issue fixed in Flash widget (Pro)
  • Fixed: Secondary color issue fixed in Nexus widget
  • Fixed: Overlay color issue fixed in plex widget

1.3.0 [15th March 2023]

  • Added: Svg mask feature added

1.2.2 [25th February 2023]

  • Added: Clip Path feature added all widgets
  • Added: Lazy loading compatibility added

1.2.1 [12th January 2023]

  • Fixed: Elementor version 3.10.0 deprecation issue fixed
  • Updated: Design improved in kitec widget

1.2.0 [4th January 2023]

  • Added: Alien widget added
  • Added: Aware widget added
  • Added: Crop widget added
  • Added: Ocean widget added
  • Added: Diamond widget added
  • Added: Ridex widget added
  • Added: Kitec widget added
  • Added: Polo widget added
  • Added: Entrance animation extension added
  • Added: Grid loading system Improved

1.1.0 [16th November 2022]

  • Added: Amaze widget added
  • Added: Dream widget added
  • Added: Evolve widget added
  • Added: Flash widget added
  • Added: Floral widget added
  • Added: Maven widget added
  • Added: Pastel widget added
  • Added: Menuz widget added
  • Added: Tread widget added
  • Added: Xero widget added
  • Added: Fixer widget added
  • Added: Heron widget added
  • Added: Humble widget added
  • Added: Insta widget added
  • Added: Loop widget added
  • Added: Trance widget added
  • Added: Masonry feature added
  • Added: Items Align option added

1.0.1 [13th August 2022]

  • Added: Column auto fill option added
  • Fixed: Some minor issue fixed
  • Fixed: Row issue fixed in Fabric widget


  • Initial release