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AdOpt | El más bello Cookie Banner para RGPD, LGPD, CCPA, PIPEDA y POPIA.

AdOpt | El más bello Cookie Banner para RGPD, LGPD, CCPA, PIPEDA y POPIA.


AdOpt’s Cookie Banner plugin is part of a Consent Management Platform that will help you in making all your websites LGPD, CCPA, GDPR (RGPD, DSVGO), PIPEDA, CINIL of France and many other regulations compliant.

This is the best plugin for WordPress websites compliance!

A CMP – Consent Management Platform , helps companies to comply with privacy regulations using technology that manages these consents for each visitor who accesses their websites.

For the end user, any website visitors, we are a “Cookie Banner”, for companies, a whole ecosystem that organizes the implementation of Consent as a Legal Basis.

AdOpt’s technology recognizes each visitor and interacts with them through the cookie notice. If it is a new visitor, it then asks for permission to use the cookies installed on the website. Once authorized, AdOpt records that consent and releases the cookies upon approval.

If the visitor returns at another time the consent is acknowledged, not asked again. Or, it can also be updated/revoked if the visitor so chooses, always freely.

Cumplimiento total desde el plan gratuito, incluyendo varias características como:

Easy to install

  • Simply paste your AdOpt BannerID Key for an automatic no-code installation.

Diseño hermoso

  • Basic Setup
    – Colors: RGB and HEX
    – Positioning: Headers, Corners, Top, Bottom, you name it.
    – Adjust the positioning to perfectly blend with all your website design and other widgets. (via script)


  • Advanced Setup
    – Widget: Your Logo or Custom images.
    – Text: Adapt the banner text by Language and Regulation.
    – Adjust the text in all banner elements: Links, Cookie Categories, Descriptions and Buttons…

Comportamiento de los banners

  • Basic behavior setup:
    • Link your banner to your GTM to automatically block/release all third-party tags, only upon visitors approval.
    • Pre-blocked tags. Go fully private and let all tags pre-blocked (required by GDPR).
    • Automatic language recognition, so the notice will be already translated in accordance with the visitor’s browser default language.
    • Offer the users a granular control over the cookies/scripts used by the website.


  • Advanced behavior setup:
    • MultipleURLs: Use the same notice for multiple urls, so that visitor’s consent decisions spread to all your pages.
    • Hide the banner and widget after consent.

All languages and regulations, one banner:

  • Language and Design by Regulation
    Automatic banner response in accordance with the visitors’ country language and regulation. Ex.:

    • GDPR: Reject All Button + GDPR Country’s language
    • CCPA: Do not Sell…
    • Do not track…

Escaneo completo del sitio web con un solo clic.

  • Automatic listing of all your third-party tags for a full and detailed communication to all your visitors.
  • Easily categorize the tags and cookies into selected categories for a thorough display.

Consentimiento y almacenamiento encriptados

  • Record all visitors’ consent in an organized and detailed way: Full, Partial Consent and Opt-outs.
  • Enlazá las políticas de tu empresa en el banner.

Gestión y control

  • KPI’s
    • Consent Volume/ Opt-ins & Opt-Outs Volume/ Opt-in details
  • Export/import cookies and related information via CSV file.
  • Automatic email notification for the DPO, whenever a visitor makes a privacy request.


  • Gestionar diferentes URLs y Banners por separado
  • Separá los banners en diferentes organizaciones, para que tus clientes puedan tener una experiencia personalizada completa.

Additional Premium Features
API’s and Call-backs so you can link your services, CRM with AdOpt CookieID and information.
AMP compatible.

El plugin AdOpt Cookie Banner utiliza las siguientes cookies

**AdOptID – (60 days validity)**
AdOpt’s Primary cookie Generated when there is user’s first visit.

**AdoptConsent – (60 days validity)**
Generated when there is a consent recorded, with all user choices and details within it.

**VisitorID – (60 days validity)**
Generated when there is user’s first visit. 

**AdoptGD – (Expires in seconds)**
Used to verify consent domain and subdomain.

It is responsible for storing that visitor’s information and ensuring that his/her consent is the same if he/she accesses different websites that have the same cookie notice. (This cookie is only set on websites that have the feature of “multiple URL”, for more information, please contact us.

Para conocer todas las características y detalles, visItanos en: https://goadopt.io para más detalles


Load the Adopt plugin on your blog, activate it and then enter your key AdOpt Banner ID generated on account creation at https://dash.goadopt.io/register.

Centro de ayuda de AdOpt

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Por qué debería usar AdOpt?

AdOpt is the best option for websites that use cookies and have chosen Consent as the Legal Basis to support the collection of personal data.
Our system, planned within the concepts of Privacy by Design, transparently informs your website users what data is collected and manages all updated consents as required by GDPR, LGPD and CCPA, etc. This ensures that you stay safe and creates a trusting relationship with your users.

¿Necesita mi sitio web un aviso de cookies?

If you collect personal data, use cookies for marketing and analytics through pixels on your website, and have chosen Consent as the Legal Basis for your company, the cookie notice will help you a lot!

For, the regulations like GDPR, LGPD or CCPA, and many others, requires users to be notified about what data you collect, including third-party cookies.
Their processing will only be valid after consent has been freely and explicitly obtained from the data subject. In addition, it is the responsibility of the company to prove “in writing” that consent has been given. All of these are tasks performed by a cookie management platform, AdOpt!

¿Por qué no usar esos banners con: Al continuar navegando, aceptás el uso de cookies…?

Porque la ley exige que el consentimiento sea “libre y declarado”, no “implícito” ni “subjetivo”.
Además, un buen aviso de cookies también debe permitir al visitante elegir fácil y libremente sus opciones, sin ningún sesgo de consentimiento. ¡Tené cuidado con los avisos que usan el desplazamiento como consentimiento!

¿Cumpliré plenamente con la LGPD, el GDPR y la CCPA usando AdOpt?

No, a Consent Management Platform like AdOpt does not cover all sides of the regulation. AdOpt operates on the first hypothesis of personal data processing which is consent (art, 7, I – LGPD, e.g.).
Each company has its own processes, so you must also observe the flow of data within your company in relation to the other obligations of the law, and even other legal basis that may supplement the consent.
This is one of the responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer of your company, discuss this point with him/her!,
However, since consent is very popular in the market for companies with a digital presence, it would already be an excellent start on the road to compliance.

¿Necesito un desarrollador para configurar AdOpt?

Bueno, pues… ¡depende!

A regular installation flow would be, to paste a code (tag) into your website’s header. But, for WP users, our plugin makes this for you.
So, you only need to insert the AdOpt BannerID Key, and it is already installed. Besides, rest assured that we have a support team that will help you if you need it, and as soon as you create an account, you will receive a complete tutorial!
feel free to chat with us, or send any doubt to hey@goadopt.io.


13 de octubre de 2023
I needed to deal with the site’s cookies but didn’t know where to start, I found adopt and it was very quick to install and start using
13 de octubre de 2023
The free plan served me very well, they offer various options for editing, and the integration was very easy.
13 de junio de 2023
A versão gratuita é inútil: abre todas as vezes o aviso para o usuário mesmo depois do aceite de uso dos cookies. Só descobri isso após perder minutos preciosos do meu tempo. Inútil. E, para piorar, apesar de ser brasileiro, o plano é cobrado em dólares.
20 de octubre de 2022
This might be a great cookie banner plugin, but that does not make it a POPI Compliant Plugin! POPIA requires much more than just adding a cookie banner. There is a whole list of requirements that this plugin does not satisfy!
17 de junio de 2022 1 respuesta
Finalmente nossa comunidade terá acesso a uma ferramenta digna para organizar e solucionar todas as necessidades relacionadas as novas políticas de privacidade no Brasil e com certeza em diversos outros países, mas em particular meu review é relacionado à LGPD!
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