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Eventin helps to create and manage event from your WordPress Website. Eventin is a simple and easy to use WooCommerce Event Manager Plugin to manage Event, Calendar, Conference and Sell Tickets making event registration and event management easier than ever. The Eventin plugin supports WordPress Shortcode and Elementor Builder. The plugin comes with both Single and multi event features. You can leverage Zoom for scheduling both single events and multi-events. This WordPress events plugin is all you need.

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Who Is It For?

  • Event Organizers
  • Agency Owners
  • Digital Marketer
  • Theme Developer
  • Meetup Host
  • Training Professional
  • Online Tutors
  • Music Trainer
  • Conference Organizers and many more

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👍 Use this unique Event Solution Plugin and sell your venue tickets online. It will be helpful for webinars, Zoom conferences, Single and Multi-Event,and recurring event.


Sell Event Venue Tickets with Eventin Ticket Plugin – Fully compatible with Woocommerce.

Create Events, Sell Tickets, Track Attendees, Event Calendar and more with Eventin Features:

This events plugin will make your event management, event registration, and selling tickets easier than ever! It will convert you from a newbie event manager to a literal event manager pro! From local events to a whole community event, managing them will be smooth as butter with this WooCommerce events manager plugin which also has RSVP.

  • Multi Event and Single Event – Create an event with a single starting and ending date or add multiple events with multiple starting and ending dates.
  • Event Listing – Show multiple events on your page with an event listing feature. You can list related events to let users choose from similar events they want to attend.
  • Recurring Events – Create multiple events and make those current events repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually.
  • Event Calendar – The calendar brings a better user experience by providing straight designs. Users will be able to see all the available live events and select the specific date to see which events are under that event. Both shortcode and Elementor widgets are available for Eventin. Check calendar module documentation for more details. You can sync the events with your calendar app. This makes Eventin the perfect WordPress Calendar plugin

  • Event Filtering on Event Archive Page – Add an option to filter events based on event category on your event archive page.

  • Timezone Support for Event – Set your timezone for your event according to your location to make it easier to check the exact time of events.
  • Unique attendee ticket for each attendee – Track your event guests with unique attendee tickets for each event attendee.
  • Multiple Ticket – Create multiple types of tickets for events such as ‘Early Bird’, ‘Regular’, ‘VIP’ and set different prices for different tickets.
  • Zoom Integration – Host online events smoothly with Zoom integration and notify your users with an email with Zoom details.
  • RTL Language Support – Set your website details with RTL language support to make it user friendly for all types of users.
  • Unite Ticketing System – Get the complete solution from creating, selling to printing tickets to manage your sales.
  • Purchaser Update Attendee Details from Ticket Email – Purchaser can self-update ticket details after purchase by clicking on the ticket details directly from their email.
  • Download Attendee Tickets from Admin Dashboard – Find all of your attendee tickets and download them directly from the admin dashboard.
  • Admin can send email including unique ticket IDs of all attendees for single / multiple purchase – Setup your admin email to send emails with unique ticket IDs to ticket purchasers.
  • Report of all attendees – Get a detailed report on all attendees to track attendee status.
  • Trendy Multi Repeater Schedule – Get support for repeater event schedules and set multiple schedules for events.
  • Speaker Listing – Show your event speakers to your guests by creating a speaker listing on your event page.
  • Multi Speaker functionality – Add multiple speakers to your events to encourage guests to buy your event tickets.
  • Speaker Single Page – Dedicate a single page for your speaker to highlight your speaker details and share their company logo, social media links, company URL and more.
  • Elementor Builder Shortcode – Get multiple customization options with the Elementor builder shortcode to display your content on your event pages.
  • WooCommerece Payment System – Make the process of buying tickets simple and easy for your guests with WooCommerce Payment System.
  • Manage event ticket stock with WooCommerce order status change – Your event ticket stocks will be managed simultaneously with WooCommerce order status and show the updated ticket stock on your event page automatically.
  • Remove attendee / ticket data of failed payments after a defined time – Set a time limit for purchaser’s to clear their payment for tickets after which attendees will be removed and ticket stock will be updated again.

Eventin Pro Features Gives You More Customization Options:

  • RSVP – No more staying confused on how many attendees will come or not because now with RSVP your event management will be smoother than ever before.
  • 10+ Multi Event Widgets – Get multiple widgets to design your event page with event details.
  • 5+ Speaker Widgets – Create attractive speaker pages with speaker widgets.
  • 3+ Single Event Widgets – Spend less time designing your event page by using single event widgets.
  • Invoice Printing Options – Store your ticket sale records by downloading and printing your invoices.
  • Frontend submission – With the frontend submission feature, assigned user roles can create event from the frontend, sell tickets online, and scan tickets with QR codes. This makes Eventin the perfect frontend manager wordpress plugin.
  • Filter events by tag name (Elementor widget) – Add event filtering option with tag name using Elementor widget.
  • Add unlimited F.A.Q. to an event – Answer common questions for your events by adding unlimited FAQs for each event.
  • Event banner option with color or custom image as banner background – Customize your event page with a custom banner image or color that matches your event theme.
  • Enhanced event dashboard with more data and advantage of searching, sorting option – Track the performance of your events by checking event data from your dashboard.
  • User notification about upcoming event – Remind users of upcoming events with reminder notification.
  • Show counter on registration single page banner – Add a count down event timer to your event page for users to easily determine how much time is left before the event begins.
  • Multiple event templates for better user experience – Choose from a series of templates to find the perfect match for your event.
  • Show event attendees in event details page – Let guests know who is attending the event with attendee list in event details page.
  • Generate Unique ID & Show ID on Tickets & Reports for Attendees – Keep track of your attendees with unique ticket IDs which will appear on attendee tickets and reports.
  • View/Export sorted & filtered attendee report as CSV – Get your attendee reports in CSV format to manage event attendees.
  • Unlimited extra fields for attendee registration form/Export data as CSV Report – Add unlimited field for attendee registration form and check attendee submissions by exporting data as CSV report.
  • Multivendor Event Marketplace(Pro) – Multivendor event marketplace is an on-premise marketplace platform for events. It allows individuals or vendors to manage sales functionality in their very own micro event services with all the necessary business features. For this solution, Eventin integrated with the 🔉 Dokan Multivendor Plugin. Check our documentation and video for more details.
  • Front-end Event Management(Pro) – Front-end event submission permits users to provide access to multiple users in different roles to submit events on their website. Authorized users can create events on your website from the front of their dedicated panel on your website. They do not need to access the back end of your WordPress admin panel. Check our documentation and video for more details.
  • PDF Certificate Builder(Pro) – Eventin’s user can design and issue PDF certificates for the event attendees. They are allowed to create multiple certificates for multiple events and send them with a single click to all the attendees. Check our documentation and video for more details.


  • WP Eventin Events List – Show relevant events with event list widget.
  • WP Eventin Events Tab – Create event tabs with event tab widget.
  • WP Eventin Schedule List – Insert schedule lists to show event agenda.
  • WP Eventin Schedule Tab – Insert event schedules in tabs format.
  • **WP Eventin …


  • Eventin General Settings
  • Event Settings
  • Integration Option
  • Webhook Option
  • Purchase Report
  • Event Ticket
  • Event QR Code Scanner
  • Attendee Lists
  • Frontend Dashboard
  • Frontend Event Submission Form
  • Frontend Speaker Lists
  • Frontend Speaker Submission Form
  • Shortcodes


Este plugin provee 5 bloques.

  • Event List
  • Speaker List
  • Zoom Meeting
  • Schedule Tab
  • Event Calendar Classic


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> Eventin

eg. This plugin requires Woocommerce to use all functionality.


27 de febrero de 2024
I can't say enough good about the service I was given in setting up my system to meet our needs. They were very attentive to suggestions and helped to add some functionality that was not 'out of the box'. It seems to me that they really want to make this plugin work and are open to client feedback and suggestions on functionality to make it work even better.
15 de febrero de 2024
Amazing support team who have gone above and beyond answering all my emails and questions about their plugin. Saiful, Bilal and Saddam I think are the 3 I have been dealing with the most and they've been truly so helpful. Love interacting with this team, love their product and it's likely I will go ahead with this plugin as it has so much to offer with constant updates. The support has been top class and I cannot fault them. The themes they have look great too. Thank you guys for your patience with me!
27 de enero de 2024
I've encountered two problems and I'd like to tell you about my contact with support. The first concerns the loss of the link between the Woocommerce order and the participant. After several exchanges over several days with the same member of support, I was asked to set up a staging site for them. He then investigated and found that it was in fact an error in the Woocommerce configuration (due to another Divi plugin) that was causing the problem. I even received a video of the setting in question, which was really very professional. The second problem is in the process of being resolved; they tell me they're looking into it and working on it. Personally, I can only recommend this plugin, which does its job well and is well integrated with Woocommerce feeds. The people involved are competent, at least those I've dealt with. If I read the improvements tracker, I can see that the product often evolves and that's great. The support convinced me, despite the fact that there's only one exchange a day, rarely two. So when implementing this plugin, don't leave it to the last minute, because if there's a problem it may take several days to resolve. At least that's what I learned from my experience. Congratulations again to support, I'm sure they won't forget to fix my second problem.
19 de enero de 2024
I have had to reach out to support on two occasions and both times I was provided timely solutions that worked with little effort. Thanks!
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Registro de cambios

= 3.3.52 ( February 27, 2024 )=
Fix : Event end date not showing in event ticket issue fixed.
Fix : Optimized flush rewrite rules
New : Eventin AI intregation

= 3.3.51 ( February 08, 2024 )=
Tweak : All the calendar widgets and shortcodes are optimized for better design and performance.
Fix : Default timezone set for event meta value.

= 3.3.50 ( February 05, 2024 )=
Fix : Nonce verification issue.

= 3.3.49 ( January 24, 2024 )=
Fix : Advanced search existing location issue.
Fix : Added email sending for each attendee.
Fix : Attendee export checkbox, radio, date field with correct value.
Fix : Show in dashboard removed for single event.
Fix : Warning message for ticket quantity validation.
Fix : Disable purchase ticket widget submit button on form submission.
Fix : Stripe popup not working for 500 admin-ajax error
Fix : Front-End dashboard FQA content max length issue fixed.
Fix : Same attendee data for all certificate issue fixed.

= 3.3.48 ( January 11, 2024 )=
Fix : Settings couldn’t loaded.

= 3.3.47 ( January 10, 2024 )=
Fix: Attendee data table not showing in WooCommerce order issue fixed
Fix: Registration deadline issue fixed
Fix: Event details showing in WooCommerce product order issue fixed.
Fix: My account page not showing purchased event data issue fixed.
Fix: Incorrect seat numbers printed on tickets.
Tweak: UX improvement on shortcode section.
Tweak: Privacy protection on third party integration.

= 3.3.46 ( January 02, 2024 )=
New : Event import in CSV.
New : Event import in JSON.
New : Attendee import in CSV.
New : Attendee import in JSON.
New : Added bulk action for export/import attendee.
Fix : After importing event ticket remaining status was wrong.
Fix : The problem with 24-hour support in the Event calendar widget has been fixed.
Fix : Couldn’t import and export event existing location.
Fix : Couldn’t convert html entity as html code on RSVP confirmation email body.

= 3.3.45 ( December 12, 2023 )=
New : Event export in CSV Format
New : Event export in JSON Format.
New : Schedule export in CSV Format.
New : Schedule export in JSON Format.
New : Speaker export in CSV Format.
New : Speaker export in JSON Format.
New : Schedule import in CSV Format.
New : Schedule import in JSON Format.
New : Speaker import in CSV Format.
New : Speaker import in JSON Format.
New : Attendee export in CSV Format.
New : Attendee export in JSON Format.
New : New Twitter icon (X) added in the icon picker.
Fix : Api authorization/vulnerable issue.
Fix : Speaker template design issue fixed.
Fix : Remove meta image button issue fixed.
Tweak : Eventin onboarding experience improved.
Tweak : Eventin dashboard design improved.

= 3.3.44 ( November 28, 2023 )=
Tweak : Added post author on recurring event
Tweak : Added event type on event list
Tweak : Added support for user base create and search schedule api
Fix : Order details url couldn’t working
Fix : Custom field warning issue for certain event
Fix : Event status fix in Event list
Fix : Speaker couldn’t delete on api
Fix : Event status fix in Event list
Fix : Woo product quantity conflict with event product in checkout page
Fix : Non event product warning issue
Fix : Woocommerce latest version compatibility with eventin

= 3.3.43 ( November 14, 2023 )=
Tweak : Unit price showing in cart details
Fix : Zoom issue for Timezone
Fix : Expire event date issue
Fix : tickets availability issue fixed
Fix : location issue fixing in Events widgets
Fix : Location widget issue fixed in Advanced search widget
Fix : Free events widget location issue fixed
Fix : WordPress 6.4 compatibility
Fix : Ticket count showing wrong value
Fix : Don’t calculate all purchase revenue
Fix : Couldn’t show order id on purchase report
Fix : Couldn’t send attendee email

= 3.3.42 ( Oct 28, 2023 )=
Tweak : PHP script optimization

= 3.3.41 ( Oct 25, 2023 )=
Fix : Event timezone fix
Fix : Recurring event price issue
Fix : Order again button pricing issue
Fix : Gutenberg header footer compatibility

= 3.3.40 ( Oct 22, 2023 )=
Fix : Calendar rendering from shortcode
Fix : Outlook calendar data mismatch
Fix : Decimal operator issue fixed
Fix : Related post waring issue fixed
Fix : HTTP API Calls issue fixed

= 3.3.39 ( Oct 10, 2023 )=
Tweak : Improved PHP 8 Support
Fix : Filter sanitize issue resolved
New : Archive event page sorting ASC/DESC option addition
New : Event calendar WPML support
Fix : Show only selected category listed events on the calendar
Tweak : disable ‘Undo’ option after removing item from cart

= 3.3.38 ( Sept 24, 2023 )=
Fix : Pro version checking issue resolved
Fix : Removed pro condition for divi add-ons installation

= 3.3.37 ( Sept 18, 2023 )=
Tweak : Admin Settings UX update
Tweak : Event Meta Settings UX update
Tweak : Speaker Meta Settings Update
Tweak : Schedule Meta Settings Update

= 3.3.36 ( Aug 30, 2023 )=
Fix: The seat plan module activation issue has been resolved.
Fix: The issue with single event social link icons showing doubtfully has been resolved.
Fix: After adding a new attendee from a manual attendee, the deprecation issues have been fixed.

= 3.3.35 ( Aug 16, 2023 )=
Tweak : Eventin onboarding system optimized
Tweak : PHP script optimization

= 3.3.34 ( July 27, 2023 )=
Tweak : PHP script optimization
Fix : Attendee remove issue fixed with woocommerce product remove from cart page
Fix : WordPress compatibility improvement

= 3.3.33 ( July 23, 2023 )=
Fix : WooCommerce cart item remove issue.

3.3.32 ( June 25, 2023 )

New : Apple Pay and Google Pay payment support using the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
Tweak : Option given for the custom amount of related events showing in the event single page.
Fix : Event location is not showing on the event single page issue fixed.
Fix : Non-Latin language to PDF ticket generation issue fixed.

= 3.3.31 ( June 08, 2023 )=
Fix : Remove all attendee when remove item from woocommerce cart

= 3.3.30 ( June 06, 2023 )=
Fix : Event total revenue not working issue

= 3.3.29 ( June 01, 2023 )=
Fix : Event stock limit issue fix

= 3.3.28 ( May 31, 2023 )=
Tweak : Zoom module authentication process update
Tweak : Event ticket count updated in ticket purchase system
Tweak : Speaker details allowed formatted descriptions
Tweak : Disable ticket scanner text updated
Fix : Ticket filtering by used/unused
Fix : Unrecognizable recurring event in RSVP invitation
Fix : Schedule time format fix
Fix : Dokan vendor event ticket limit , min and max quantity fix
Fix : Attendee form Required field not working

= 3.3.27 ( May 09, 2023 )=
Fix : Event deadline issue fix

= 3.3.26 ( May 07, 2023 )=
Added : After the reg deadline expired event can be purchased if it was in the cart
Added : Option to disable recurring event thumbnail in single event page
Fix : Recurring child’s attendee form qty issue

= 3.3.25 ( April 20, 2023 )=
Added : Timetics integration for the event seat map
Fix : Existing Location is Not Working on Template One

= 3.3.24 ( April 12, 2023 )=
Tweak : PHP,Js script optimized

= 3.3.23 ( April 03, 2023 )=
Fix : Ticket Refund stock count issue

= 3.3.22 ( March 15, 2023 )=
Fix : Event calendar not loading issue fixed
Fix : Attendee registration require field issue for RTL

= 3.3.21 ( February 26, 2023 )=
Fix : Date Translation on “Event Calendar List Pro”
Fix : Countdown timer timezone Sync
Fix : Disable attendee form submit multiple times

= 3.3.20 ( February 13, 2023 )=
Fix : Recurring child event not showing

= 3.3.19 ( February 09, 2023 )=
Tweak : Event Meta class optimization

= 3.3.18 ( February 09, 2023 )=
Tweak : Add-ons page UX update
Fix : Event location not updating based on location type

= 3.3.17 ( January 26, 2023 )=
Tweak : PHP script and JS script optimization

= 3.3.16 ( January 9, 2023 )=
New : Oxygen builder compatibility with the single event using shortcode.
Tweak : Ticket Template UX update
Fix : Eventin Accessibility Issues fixed

= 3.3.15 ( December 20, 2022 )=
Fix : Weekly calendar multiple-day event start time issue
Fix : Monthly calendar event filtering issue

= 3.3.14 ( December 07, 2022 )=
Tweak : AM/PM date format for schedule time picker improvement
Tweak : WooCommerce coupon unlimited usage limit fix
Tweak : Related events post excerpt issue fixed
Fix : Demo site issue fix
Fix : Attendee ticket end date is showing two times for the same date
Fix : Font awesome icon issue
Fix : Date picker conflict issue fixed

= 3.3.13 ( November 30, 2022 )=
Tweak …