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WP Birthday Users


This plugin will add additional fields in the profil of a user, they can fill in there birthday, choose if they want to share it and if they want to show there birthday.
When saved, the system will generate a ICAL-file that can included in many calendar programs/plugins.

As admin you can see an overview of all birthdays, with upcoming, passed and with some info about, how many registered birthdays, the oldest, youngest, average age.

Upgrade from 0.1.x to 0.1.4

If you upgrade to 0.1.4 please run the “rebuild birthdys”-script. This because of changes in storing files on the system.
When using 0.1.6 and you changes an options the rebuild will be done for you.

Caution: in version 0.1.3

For some reason there is 2 breakspaces in the wp-birthday-users.php at the end. Delete these to let the plugin work. (I try to fix it later)

Version 0.1.7 introduce the posibility to show a widget on your page. This will show you a widget with the users whos birthday is today, and you can choose to show upcoming and past birthdays (and how many of it), also a downloadimage with to the ical.


  1. Download wp-birthday-users to a directory on your web server.
  2. Upload everything to the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your wordpress installation.
  3. Log in as administrator and activate the plugin.
  4. That’s it.
  5. Go to your profil and fill in your birthday. Save it.
  6. This will create a birthday.ics-file in your upload-directory of wordpress.
  7. Additional you can add a widget on your blog, or edit the settings.

If you upgrade:
Run rebuild-script found on the birthdays overview page. (since 0.1.6 this is automatic when saving something in the settingspage)

Preguntas frecuentes

Who made this?

Thanks to Omar Reygaert.

What versions of wordpress does this plugin support?

At the moment I have no idea, it’s created since version 3.3.2, but I think this will still work on older versions.

What versions of PHP does this support?

This plugin should work with PHP 4.4 through last versions of php is always the best.

I upgrade from a version before 0.1.3 and I see birthdays 2 times in the ical?

Since 0.1.3 there is a change in the way the plugin saves the ical-file. If you encounter problems of duplicate events, run the “rebuild birthdays” on the overview page on “Birthday users”. This will cleanup the old usage and recreate it in the new way.

I have version 0.1.3 but it gives an error when I activate the plugin, what to do?

For some reason there went 2 breakspaces in the core plugin file. You can edit the file wp-birthday-users.php at the end by remove the breakspaces. Or you could upgrade to the last version.
I’m sorry for this.


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Registro de cambios


  • Added translation Persian (thx to Alirezajamali)
  • Fixed empty strings


  • Fixed birthday view (there were errors in the view when only 1 user, etc…)
  • Added widget posibility


  • Fixed empty names in ical-file
  • Fixed birthday view (wrong count)
  • Added option to use the user display name or self-defined


  • Fixed bug
  • Added translation in the ical-file
  • Added option to choose which name will be used
  • Added option to choose who the birthday page can see
  • Added translation German


  • Fixed error with breakspace at the end of the php-file
  • Added extra functionality


  • Fixed bugfix: when no filled in birthdays
  • Fixed empty names in overview
  • Added rebuild-function
  • Changed names of stored-files


  • Fixed style error with Chrome
  • Fixed the function to collapse upcoming/passed birthday info


  • Added translation Dutch
  • Added translation French


  • Initial release.