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Crafting stunning WooCommerce sites with Elementor has never been that easy before! With CoDesigner WooCommerce Builder you can create and customize your WooCommerce site at the highest level without writing a single line of code.

Our intuitive no-code drag-and-drop interface lets you upgrade Elementor’s design capabilities and customize shop pages, product filters, checkout processes, and much more within minutes! Customize your Elementor WooCommerce site and craft pixel-perfect websites effortlessly with the best Elementor WooCommerce builder in the market – CoDesigner.

👉 94+ Widgets

👉 14+ Modules

👉 150+ Templates

👉 Documentation

👉 Support

A plain Elementor WooCommerce website often leads to abandoned cart pages, lower conversion rates, and ultimately, lost revenue opportunities.

With 94+ Widgets, 150+ Templates, and 14+ Modules, you can easily customize your Elementor WooCommerce store’s appearance to get better reach, sales, and returning customers.

Our Elementor WooCommerce builder will help you craft your brand identity and ensure you get the ideal look and feel for your website instantly!

** 👉 CoDesigner WooCommerce Elementor Builder Key Features**

🚀 94+ drag-and-drop Elementor WooCommerce Builder Widgets
🚀 14+ Essential Elementor WooCommerce Shop Modules
🚀 150+ Ready-Made Elementor WooCommerce Builder Templates
🚀 Enable and Disable any Widget/Module
🚀 Custom Elementor WooCommerce Product Template Builder
🚀 Optimize Elementor WooCommerce Shop
🚀 Works with Other Elementor WooCommerce plugins
🚀 AJAX-Based Shop Filter and Pagination
🚀 Multi-language Supported builder
🚀 Compatible with All Popular WordPress Themes
🚀 Universal WordPress Theme Compatibility
🚀 Works with Both Free and Pro Elementor and WooCommerce builder
🚀 No Coding Skills Required
🚀 Dedicated Support Team
🚀 Unlimited Template Customization
🚀 My Account / WooCommerce Custom Thank You Page Builder

Introducing CoDesigner Widgets for Elementor WooCommerce Shops

CoDesigner Elementor WooCommerce builder offers an extensive collection of 94+ stunning widgets, each carefully crafted to elevate every aspect of your Elementor WooCommerce store.

From related products to advanced menu cart options, these drag-and-drop widgets give you the flexibility to optimize your WooCommerce shop with Elementor in an instant! Streamline your Elementor WooCommerce store’s functionality and design for a smooth user journey from browsing to checkout.

💥 94+ WooCommerce Widgets 💥

✔️ WooCommerce Related Product
✔️ WooCommerce Product Variations
✔️ WooCommerce My Account
✔️ WooCommerce Breadcrumbs
✔️ WooCommerce Shop Standard
✔️ WooCommerce Shop Slider
✔️ WooCommerce Shop Curvy
✔️ WooCommerce Shop Classic
✔️ Tabs WooCommerce Widget
✔️ Ask for Price
✔️ WooCommerce Wishlist
✔️ Basic Menu
✔️ WooCommerce Payment Methods
✔️ WooCommerce Shop Flip
✔️ WooCommerce Shop Smart
✔️ WooCommerce Shop Minimal
✔️ WooCommerce Shop Shopify
✔️ WooCommerce Shop Wix
✔️ WooCommerce Shop Beauty
✔️ Add to Compare
✔️ WooCommerce Product Barcode
✔️ WooCommerce Order Pay
✔️ WooCommerce Product Comparison
✔️ WooCommerce Dynamic Tab

You can find the full list of free & pro widgets here 👉 []

🚀 WooCommerce Shop Builder

Design your store’s layout in an instant with our drag-and-drop functionality. Our ready-made Elementor WooCommerce shop widgets let you effortlessly create a custom shopping experience that highlights your products whilst boasting your brand image.

🚀 WooCommerce Order Widgets

Simplify your order management using Elementor WooCommerce builder widgets, designed to display order details clearly and concisely. Improve the customer’s post-purchase experience by adding cart functions, checkout, and Thank You and My Account pages.

🚀 WooCommerce Email Builder

Create personalized informational, promotional, and transactional emails that align with your brand identity. With our Elementor WooCommerce email customizer, you can keep every communication with your customer professional, and engaging.

🚀 WooCommerce Product Filters

Allow users to effortlessly locate products using filters based on categories, tags, and attributes. With AJAX-based filtering, our Elementor WooCommerce builder helps optimize navigation and browsing, making it smoother and more responsive.

🚀 WooCommerce Pricing Tables

Showcase your products and services by using clear, comparative pricing tables. Make it easier for customers to choose the right option with customizable pricing structures tailored for Elementor WooCommerce sites.

🚀 WooCommerce Review Widgets

Use customer reviews and ratings to create trust and credibility with our WooCommerce builder. Boost sales by showcasing social proof and customer feedback directly on your eCommerce platform.

🚀 WooCommerce Tab Widgets

Organize product information neatly with customizable tabs for descriptions, specifications, reviews, and more using CoDesigner WooCommerce builder.

🚀 WooCommerce Related Product

Showcase related products to encourage additional purchases and improve cross-selling opportunities. CoDesigner’s WooCommerce builder features easy drag-and-drop functionality to customize related product layouts to match your store’s design.

🚀 WooCommerce Single Product

Create detailed and immersive single-product pages in your WooCommerce Elementor site that highlight features, benefits, and customization options, all in one convenient section with our WooCommerce builder.

🚀 WooCommerce Basic Menu

Design and add a straightforward navigation menu with our Elementor WooCommerce builder, ensuring your customers can easily find what they’re looking for anywhere on your site at a moment’s notice.

💥 Introducing CoDesigner Modules for WooCommerce Elementor 💥

Upgrade your Elementor WooCommerce store to add a large spectrum of eCommerce needs with CoDesigner’s suite of 15 modules. Our sleek modules let you drag and drop all essential WooCommerce functionality into the WooCommerce page builder, without writing a single line of code.

Upgrade the customer user experience with our comprehensive WooCommerce Elementor plugin and create unique product pages, shop layouts, emails, carts, checkout, invoices, and much more.

💥 15 Elementor WooCommerce Builder Modules 💥

✔️ WooCommerce Currency Switcher
✔️ WooCommerce Email Templates
✔️ WooCommerce Preorder
✔️ WooCommerce Variation Swatches
✔️ WooCommerce Product Brands
✔️ WooCommerce Skip Cart Page
✔️ WooCommerce Flash Sale
✔️ WooCommerce Backorder
✔️ WooCommerce Badges
✔️ WooCommerce Single Product Ajax Add To Cart
✔️ WooCommerce Checkout Builder
✔️ WooCommerce Invoice Builder
✔️ WooCommerce Bulk Purchase Discount
✔️ WooCommerce Add To Cart Text
✔️ WooCommerce Partial Payment

You can find the full list of our free & pro Elementor WooCommerce builder modules here 👉 []

🚀 WooCommerce Currency Switcher

Allow customers to switch between currencies based on their preferences using our Elementor WooCommerce builder. This feature will enhance your sales strategy, especially if you attract visitors from multiple locations and generate sales in your WooCommerce Elementor site.

🚀 WooCommerce Email Templates

Edit customer emails using our professionally designed templates for your Elementor WooCommerce site. Send out personalized informational, promotional, and transactional emails effortlessly with our Elementor WooCommerce addon.

🚀 WooCommerce Preorder

Enable customers to preorder products before their official release using our WooCommerce builder to help boost sales and better gauge demand for your products. Get a better idea about your product market fit before even launching using our WooCommerce Elementor addon.

🚀 WooCommerce Variation Swatches

Replace dropdown fields with swatches for color, image, and label variations, making product customization intuitive and visually pleasing with our Elementor WooCommerce builder. You won’t need to use any extra variation swatch plugin and downgrade site speed thanks to CoDesigner WooCommerce Elementor builder.

🚀 WooCommerce Product Brands

Use our WooCommerce page builder to effectively display and organize products by brands, enhancing browsing convenience and boosting brand recognition on your site.

🚀 WooCommerce Skip Cart Page

Make your WooCommerce Elementor store’s checkout process simpler by allowing customers to bypass the cart page and directly move to checkout after adding a product using our WooCommerce builder.

🚀 WooCommerce Flash Sale

Create urgency and get more sales with time-limited offers, displaying countdown timers on products to encourage quick purchases on your Elementor WooCommerce site.

🚀 WooCommerce Backorder

Manage backorders efficiently by letting customers purchase out-of-stock items and deliver them when available with our Elementor WooCommerce addon.

🚀 WooCommerce Badges

Highlight products with custom badges for new arrivals, sales, out-of-stock, and more to grab attention quickly and drive more sales with our Elementor WooCommerce addon.

🚀 WooCommerce Single Product Ajax Add To Cart

Upgrade user experience with our Elementor WooCommerce addon by adding Ajax add-to-cart on single product pages – allowing smooth browsing without frequent page reloads.

💥 Introducing CoDesigner Templates for WooCommerce Elementor 💥

CoDesigner WooCommerce page builder offers an extensive collection of 150+ pre-designed templates, empowering users to effortlessly design WooCommerce sites with ease.

Our WooCommerce shop builder templates are carefully designed to cater to a wide range of styles and industry demands, so your online store stands out from the competition. With effortless add and edit functions, these templates provide a solid foundation for building a high-quality, visually stunning WooCommerce Elementor store in no time!

💥 150+ WooCommerce Elementor Ready-made Templates 💥

✔️ Cart Templates
✔️ Checkout Templates
✔️ Filter Templates
✔️ Footer Templates
✔️ Landing Page Templates
✔️ Pricing Table Templates
✔️ Related Products
✔️ Section Templates
✔️ Shop Templates
✔️ Single Product Templates

You can find the full list of free & pro WooCommerce Elementor templates here 👉 []

🚀 Cart Templates

Design your cart page for improved user engagement with our WooCommerce Elementor cart templates. Our WooCommerce page builder templates are pre-designed to streamline the shopping cart experience and reduce cart abandonment rates.

🚀 Checkout Templates

Get a quick, secure, and user-friendly payment experience for your WooCommerce shop with CoDesigner’s customizable WooCommerce checkout templates. Edit each element of your checkout page to boost conversions and reduce abandoned carts on your WooCommerce Elementor site.

🚀 Filter Templates

Intuitive product filtering makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. Our WooCommerce Elementor filter templates offer smooth integration of AJAX-based filters into your store for a better shopping experience.

🚀 Footer Templates

Make the perfect footer for your store’s website with our WooCommerce Elementor footer templates. Add essential information and navigation links in a convenient and sleek layout.

🚀 Landing Page Templates

Kickstart your marketing campaigns with our WooCommerce builder landing page templates, carefully designed to capture leads and drive sales. Each template of our WooCommerce page builder helps your offers and products stand out to visitors from the minute they land in your shop.

🚀 Pricing Table Templates

Our WooCommerce builder pricing table templates give customers clear product comparisons and easy customization. Highlight your best deals and features to guide customers toward making a purchase with our Elementor WooCommerce addon.

🚀 Related Products

CoDesigner WooCommerce page builder’s ready-made related product templates will help you improve cross-selling opportunities by encouraging customers to explore and buy complementary items. Customize to fit your store’s branding and product range anytime using our WooCommerce shop builder.

🚀 Section Templates

Our WooCommerce section templates offer versatile section building for your online shop. Edit and combine them to create a unique retail site that complements your brand identity with our Elementor WooCommerce addon.

🚀 Shop Templates

Design a captivating and compelling online storefront with WooCommerce shop builder templates. CoDesigner shop templates for Elementor are designed to display your products in the best way and boost sales in your WooCommerce Elementor store.

🚀 Single Product Templates

Highlight each product’s features and benefits with CoDesigner WooCommerce page builder’s single product templates. Create compelling product pages that convert visitors into customers with our WooCommerce shop builder.

🚀 Grow your business with our fantastic plugins 🚀

🔥 WC Affiliate — Feature-rich & affordable WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin that helps you run a full-fledged affiliate program on your WooCommerce store.

🔥 Share Logins — Share user logins across multiple WordPress websites hassle-free.

🔥 Restrict Elementor Widgets — Restrict Elementor widgets, columns & sections without coding.

🔥 ThumbPress – A complete image and thumbnail management solution for WordPress.


  • Shop widget
  • Email designer
  • Checkout editor
  • Thank you screen
  • Product Filter
  • Cart items
  • Menu cart
  • Customer reviews
  • Wishlist
  • My Account page
  • Sales notification
  • Pricing table
  • Product variations


  1. Install CoDesigner using the native Plugin installer, or download the zip and extract it in the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’
  3. Go to CoDesigner from the left navigation menu.
  4. Enable the widgets you want to use.
  5. You can now find the widgets in the Elementor editor.

Need help?

Got any questions about our features? Need help setting up the plugin? Please read our documentation or raise a ticket and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

Preguntas frecuentes

1. What is CoDesigner?

CoDesigner, previously Woolementor, integrates Elementor and WooCommerce, offering 90+ widgets, 15 modules, and 130+ templates to build for your online store. With its advanced customizability, CoDesigner lets you edit every element of your site to create a stunning look.

2. What can I customize with CoDesigner?

You can customize every element of your WooCommerce store with CoDesigner, including but not limited to – your shop, product, email, and checkout page. This Elementor WooCommerce plugin offers extensive customization options for a wide range of e-commerce features.

3. How many free WooCommerce widgets are available in CoDesigner?

CoDesigner provides over 40 free WooCommerce widgets, including Elementor widgets for shop layouts, product details, filters, and much more.

4. What premium WooCommerce widgets are available in CoDesigner?

CoDesigner offers 54 premium WooCommerce Elementor widgets, including advanced WooCommerce shop layouts, WooCommerce cart page customization, WooCommerce email template customization, and edit WooCommerce checkout page.

5. Is there documentation available for CoDesigner?

Yes, CoDesigner offers a comprehensive documentation that includes a getting-started guide, widget descriptions, installation instructions, configuration guidelines, FAQs, examples, and more.

6. Can I customize WooCommerce email notifications with CoDesigner?

Yes, CoDesigner allows you to customize WooCommerce email templates using Elementor, offering extensive flexibility to take your email marketing to the next level and generate more sales and revenues.

7. What are the options for customizing WooCommerce product pricing tables with CoDesigner?

CoDesigner offers different Elementor pricing table widgets, including Pricing Table Advanced, Pricing Table Smart, Pricing Table Basic, Pricing Table Regular, and Pricing Table Fancy, to help you present product prices transparently.

8. How does CoDesigner help streamline content organization with Dynamic Tabs?

CoDesigner’s Dynamic Tabs widget helps you present content in a structured and space-saving way on your WooCommerce site. You can improve navigation and user experience with nested tabs.

9. What types of related product designs for WooCommerce does CoDesigner offer, and where can they be displayed?

CoDesigner provides various related product designs, including Classic, Standard, Flip, Trendy, Curvy, Accordion, and Table. These widgets can be displayed on single product pages or home pages.

10. How can CoDesigner help improve the shopping experience with product filters?

CoDesigner has product filtering widgets, including Horizontal Filter and Vertical Filter (Pro), to help customers refine WooCommerce product searches based on specific criteria.

11. What are the benefits of using CoDesigner’s Wishlist feature for WooCommerce?

CoDesigner’s WooCommerce Wishlist widget allows customers to create personalized collections of desired products. Customers can also add selected products directly to their cart from the wishlist page anytime.

12. How can CoDesigner help me personalize my WooCommerce My Account page?

CoDesigner provides My Account widgets, including My Account and My Account Advanced (Pro), to help you tailor your My Account page’s orientation, style, typography, and more.

13. Do the CoDesigner filter widgets work with the regular Elementor Pro shop widget?

Our filter widgets have been among the most used and popular widgets for Elementor. If you have the latest version of CoDesigner, you can use the filter widgets with the Elementor Pro shop widget.

14. Is there a video tutorial available for CoDesigner’s features and widgets?

Some of CoDesigner’s documentation includes video tutorials that visually guide you through specific tasks and configurations. Please check out our YouTube channel to see the important feature video tutorials of the CoDesigner WooCommerce Elementor addon.

15. Can CoDesigner widgets be used with both free and premium versions of Elementor?

CoDesigner’s Elementor WooCommerce widgets can be used with both the free and premium versions of Elementor. Making the plugin extremely flexible for users with different Elementor subscriptions.

16. How can CoDesigner help improve the checkout process on my WooCommerce store?

CoDesigner offers a range of widgets to edit WooCommerce checkout page elements, such as Billing Address, Shipping Address, Order Notes, Payment Methods, and more.

17. Does CoDesigner offer an affiliate program?

Yes, CoDesigner WooCommerce builder offers an affiliate program that allows individuals to earn a 25% commission on sales generated by referring customers to CoDesigner. It’s an opportunity for financial success and professional growth.

18. How can I contact support for CoDesigner?

CoDesigner provides support over the community forum for free version users, and if you are a premium plugin user, please submit a support ticket.

19. Are there any restrictions on the number of websites where I can use CoDesigner?

The free version of CoDesigner does not impose restrictions on the number of websites where you can use this WooCommerce builder plugin. So, you can use it on multiple WordPress sites at the same time. For the Pro version please check the details here.

20. Does CoDesigner offer any discounts or promotions for the Pro plugin?

CoDesigner occasionally offers discounts and promotions for the premium versions. You can stay updated on these offers by connecting with our official Facebook page and checking our website.

21. Is CoDesigner suitable for beginners with limited coding experience?

Yes, CoDesigner is designed to be user-friendly and removes the need for coding expertise. It provides intuitive drag-and-drop Elementor widgets for customizing every aspect of your WooCommerce site.

22. Can CoDesigner WooCommerce widgets be used to create responsive designs for mobile devices?

Our WooCommerce Elementor widgets are compatible with responsive design principles. You can create 100% mobile-friendly and responsive designs for your WooCommerce store with CoDesigner.

23. Can CoDesigner Elementor widgets be used exclusively on WooCommerce single product pages?

CoDesigner Elementor widgets can be used on various pages of your WooCommerce website, including WooCommerce single product pages, with great flexibility in customization.

24. Can I integrate CoDesigner with other WordPress plugins and themes?

CoDesigner is designed to work smoothly with other WordPress plugins and themes.

25. Can I use CoDesigner without installing WooCommerce?

CoDesigner is optimized for WooCommerce, and its features and widgets are available only when you have both WooCommerce and Elementor installed on your WordPress websites.

26. Is CoDesigner compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Elementor?

CoDesigner is fully compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Elementor.

27. Does CoDesigner get regular updates?

CoDesigner gets regular updates to ensure compatibility, security, and addition of new features.

28. I can’t find the answer to my question

Please reach out to us at


7 de mayo de 2024 2 respuestas
They obviously care a great deal about supporting their plugin. I’m very impressed!


22 de enero de 2024 2 respuestas
Best, fast support. Immediately solved issue.
4 de diciembre de 2023 2 respuestas
I needed a plugin to give my checkout experience some sprucing up for the user experience. The variety of options for the paid version adds a lot of flexibility and nice styling options. I also had a manor issue with plugin connectivity on my end, and in my frantic attempts for assistance, the support staff was very helpful. I appreciate the assistance to keep my website building on track.
2 de noviembre de 2023 4 respuestas
Removing my original 5* rating of this plugin. I was basically offered a 3 month extention on the paid version of this plugin if I left a 5 start review for the free version. Wrongly, I did that. I bought the Pro version and it just never worked, the response from support about the standard feature not working was “It was not designed to work that way” – That was about the email templates not working, the only part I bought the Pro version for. I was waiting a month for a fix to an issue, so I was patient. They kept telling me that they were looking into the issue, but I had a login tracker on my site, they had never even logged in, once I notified them of this, they logged in the next day and said it couldn’t be fixed. I requested a refund and weeks later it’s still “Processing”. So although my review isn’t specifically about the plugin itself, it’s about the ethics of the company and the poor support offered. Should have never trusted a developer who bribes you with an extention to the subscription in return for a 5* review. Found this plugin really helpful when customising various pages in my store. It’s very simple if you have have no coding knowledge. I decided to buy the Pro version so I could edit email templates too, this feature alone was worth the cost! It will be a key plugin to my store!
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Registro de cambios

v4.5.4 – 2024-07-09

  • [imp] Compatibility tested with WordPress 6.6 beta
  • [imp] Compatibility tested with Elementor 3.22.3

v4.5.3 – 2024-07-02

  • [imp] Compatibility tested with WordPress 6.5.5
  • [imp] Compatibility tested with Elementor 3.22.2
  • [imp] Compatibility tested with WooCommerce 9.0.2

v4.5.2 – 2024-06-13

  • [fix] corrected SQL syntax and fixed database error

v4.5.1 – 2024-06-13

  • [fix] fixed setup wizard broken html tags
  • [fix] fixed price limit function for min & max price
  • [fix] fixed undefined array key warnings in filter horizontal
  • [imp] added font-awesome in style enqueue and updated icons

v4.5 – 2024-06-09

  • [fix] fixed tabs classic widget issue
  • [fix] fixed image Comparison widget issue
  • [fix] fixed shop slider widget’s template issue
  • [imp] sanitized pagination html
  • [imp] added escaping functions

v4.4.1 – 2024-06-02

  • [fix] Merge conflict fixed

v4.4 – 2024-05-30

  • [fix] fixed checkout widgets issues
  • [add] added theme compatibility for:
    • Astra
    • Storefront
    • Hello Elementor
    • Kadence
    • Neve
    • OceanWP
    • GeneratePress
    • Shopeo
    • PopularFX
  • [imp] used native system for the plugin dependency check

v4.3.5 – 2024-05-09

  • [fix] Admin notice rules fixed

v4.3.4 – 2024-05-09

  • [add] Preorder status message shown in deafult WooCommerce page
  • [add] Preorder css class added
  • [imp] Preorder function updated
  • [add] Backorder default text change option added
  • [imp] Backorder module setting updated
  • [fix] Shipping address form items blank label changed
  • [fix] Setting dashbord banner & update to pro button URL changed
  • [fix] Update notice hide from settings
  • [fix] solved i18n issues of strings and variables

v4.3.3.1 – 2024-04-23

  • [fix] Compatibility tested with WordPress 6.5.3

v4.3.2 – 2024-03-26

  • [fix] Fixed not configured issue in Variation Swatches Module

v4.3.1 – 2024-03-13

  • [fix] Fixed “invalid archive” error

v4.3 – 2024-02-29

  • [imp] Code sanitized for better security
  • [fix] Compatibility tested with WordPress 6.4.3
  • [imp] CSS minified for better performance
  • [imp] Minimum PHP version requirements raised to 7.4

v4.2 – 2024-01-31

  • [fix] Resolved a JavaScript problem
  • [fix] Corrected the layout of the Checkout template
  • [fix] Adjustments made to CSS in Checkout Template 5
  • [fix] Styling issues in Quick View resolved
  • [fix] Updated CSS for Quick Checkout
  • [fix] Eliminated deprecated warnings
  • [fix] Corrected external links
  • [imp] Enhanced functionality of the Coupon field
  • [imp] Refined Coupon structure
  • [imp] Redesigned Checkout Template 1 style
  • [add] Introduced a feature for random product display in empty cart for checkout builder
  • [add] Implemented an additional check for partial payment processing

v4.1 – 2024-01-10

  • [imp] Deprecated code removed and security improved
  • [fix] Duplicate menu issue fixed
  • [fix] Coupon form not showing in the Cart issue fixed
  • [add] Menu notice added
  • [fix] Bulk purchase related spellings fixed
  • [add] Links to the View Details buttons added
  • [add] Typo in the currency switcher flag uploader fixed

v4.0 – 2024-01-02

  • [add] Introduced Modules 🚀
    • Product Brands
    • Add To Cart Text
    • Skip Cart Page
    • Variation Swatches
    • Flash Sale
    • Partial Payment
    • Backorder
    • Preorder
    • Bulk Purchase Discount
    • Single Product Ajax Add To Cart
    • Badges
    • Currency Switcher
    • Email Designer (Pro)
    • Invoice Builder (Pro)
    • Checkout Builder (Pro)

v3.18 – 2023-12-28

  • [fix] Fixed error in the Rating widget template
  • [fix] Missing alt attribute added with image
  • [imp] Security improved for the sanitizer method
  • [imp] Compat tested with WooCommerce 8.4
  • [imp] Compat tested with Elementor 3.18.3

View detailed Changelog from here.