Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga asistencia ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Woocommerce Book Keeper



Woocommerce 4.9 compatible.
WordPress 5.6 compatible.

You can add generic account code for customers, products, shipping and tax.

  • General product account code.
  • General customer account code.
  • General tax account code.
  • General shipping account code.
  • Sales journal reference number.
  • Easy to set CSV Columns Headers.
  • Easy export of your completed orders from date to date.
  • Easy to import CSV format in your accounting software.
  • Accounting data in WooCommerce Rest API
  • Multilingual Translatable.
  • Already available in English and French.

Formatted export to make your work simple

You don’t have much time to work hours for accounting ? You do prefer to make some marketing tricks that make money than typing numbers in your books ?…

You want to give less to your accounter and keep more for you ? You’re bored with re-typing invoices in your accounting software ?

Stop waisting your time and money, let’s try to make it simple with your Woocommerce shop!

Woocommerce Book Keeper is the easy way to do boring (and essentials) things !
Select dates, export, import in your software… And… That’s all !

Our export format is quite standard and can easily be adapted form one accounting software to another with some minor changes using Excel/Open Office/Libre Office if needed.

You need more ?

Expert version will be available soon hopefully…

Premium versions features


  • General account code.
  • General cost center.
  • Configurable account code per product.
  • Configurable cost center per product.
  • Detailed coupon code per product.


  • General account code.
  • Configurable account code per client.


  • General account code.
  • Configurable account code per client.

Shipping Fees

  • General account code.
  • General cost center.
  • Configurable account code per shipping class.
  • Configurable cost center per shipping class.



  • Configurable sales journal reference number.
  • Description prefix.
  • Change the columns order.
  • CSV Columns headers easy to set and translate.
  • Indication of the payment gateway in the description.
  • Choice of the date to use (order date / validation date / invoice date).
  • Possibility to activate and configurate the indication of the payment gateway in the description.
  • Extraordinary result account codes for rounded numbers correcting.
  • Warning for unmatching entries.
  • Choice of the invoice or order number to display for easy check with your bank.


  • Configuration screen
  • Export screen
  • CSV File from export


This plugin need Woocommerce to be installed and activated on your WordPress installation.

  1. Upload the plugin and uncompress it into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your website.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Fill the data fields needed in General Settings menu.
  4. Export from a date to another.

Preguntas frecuentes

Is the export OK with my software ?

WBK export format is quite universal, and most of softwares we know are compatible with the exported file. But you might need to change column headers or to do some minor changes.
Most of accounting softwares need you to chose an import format too, so you can configure it to exactly match with the file if you want.

If you encounter problems, we are openminded and we’de like to make our export more and more accurate so you can send us a CSV file from your software and we’ll try to upgrade our plugin.

Is Woocommerce Book Keeper compatible with Woocommerce refund system?

Yes it is in the Pro version.

Is Woocommerce Book Keeper compatible with invoices plugin?

The free version is not, but with the Expert version can be used with Woocommerce PDF invoices and packing slips (CodeCanyon plugin).

Is Woocommerce Book Keeper compatible with Woocommerce POS?

Not really…yet, we’re thinking about it… But it’s quite a huge work to make it great.
As Woocommerce POS is using Woocommerce, you can still use our plugin but your accounting codes and cost centers will be the same as your online shop.

How can I chose the account code and cost centers?

You should ask your accountant or consult the general accounting plan for a good configuration.
It’s the most difficult part from this plugin, but when everything is OK, everything is rolling on ! B-)

What gain can be expected from this plugin?

If your setup is OK, you can dramatically improve your accounting entry and save a lot of time (and money). Even with the free version.
With the premium versions you can have more precise accounting analysis, and some pleasant feature that make your work even easier but this one is fine too ! 🙂

I don’t need the Expert version but I’d like to help you, what should I do?

Well it’s easy, if this plugin makes your work easier, allows you to have a friday afternoon with your friends/family/dog, or lets you save some bucks, give us 5 stars here !


13 de agosto de 2020 1 respuesta
Ne fonctionne pas du tout chez moi. Affiche le message suivant: “Pas de commande sur la période” Dommage.
7 de mayo de 2019
Hi, I was planning on using this plugin but, when trying to export (~150 order), only 3 are being exported… I didn’t find any pattern between those 3. Pretty much every order are being “Validated”, but only 3 of them displays… I’m running WC version 3.5.3 PHP 7.1.24 WP 5.1.1 May you give any help to fix this issue ?
3 de septiembre de 2016
amazing plugins , hope this service also support and create plugins like this
3 de septiembre de 2016
This plugin help me to transfer all my billing to my software. Very good support. J’utilisais ciel facture auparavant et devais saisir à la main toutes mes factures. Depuis, je crée mes factures PDF depuis un autre plugin et toutes mes écritures comptables sont crées dans un fichier CSV. J’importe ce fichier dans CIEL facturation (j’ai crée un modèle d’import) et toutes mes factures sont transférées. Un gain de temps énorme. L’équipe du plugin m’ont donnée tous les conseils dont j’avais besoin. Un plugin indispensable pour woocommerce !
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Registro de cambios


  • [fix] Export dates were on UTC time instead of Website timezone. It’s now fixed.


  • [fix] Unlimit the number of orders exported.


  • [update] Accounting data added in the WooCommerce Rest API (Orders Endpoint).


  • [update] WordPress 5.3.2 ready.
  • [update] WooCommerce 3.8.1 ready.
  • [new] Delete option from database at uninstall.
  • [new] Add link to the settings page on plugins page.


*[fix] Bug on settings screen for columns headers settings.


  • [new] Setting of the CSV columns headers via Settings Menu.
  • [update]French Translation.
  • [update]jQuery CSS hosted library update.


  • [check]WooCommerce 2.5 ready.
  • [check]Wordpress 4.4 ready.
  • [new]New system on export page to give you some infos and offers easily.
  • [fix]Menus translations.
  • [update]French Translation.


  • [check]WooCommerce 2.4 ready.
  • [check]Wordpress 4.3 ready.
  • [new]Less proeminent menus : Book Keeping settings in WordPress settings / Export in WooCommerce menu.
  • [new]Only one premium version now for easier updates.
  • [new]Links to this new Expert version in the backoffice.


  • First stable version.