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Escrow Payments on WooCoomerce

Descripción provides a secure payment solution for your website, marketplace, classified site, shopping cart or mobile app with no chargebacks, ever. is especially useful in situations where buyers and sellers do not know each other, do not trust each other, or where large sums of money are exchanging hands. Rates are as low as 0.89%.

This plugin allows you to add as a payment option on your checkout page in WooCommerce.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may be found at:

To assist the customer service process around plugin usage, this plugin sends a notification to upon plugin activation and deactivation. This data is used in accordance with the above privacy policy.


  1. Install the Escrow Payments on WooCoomerce extension directly via the WordPress plugin directory or download the latest from our plugin page on and upload the file via the WordPress plugin upload page.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Once you have activated the plugin, navigate to the settings page under WooCommerce / Settings / Payments /
  4. The settings page allows you to configure the plugin to your liking.
  5. Your Escrow Email is the email address you used to create an account on either or The environment is the production environment and is used for live transactions. The environment is for testing. Make sure the credentials you enter match the selected environment. These are two separate environments, so creating an account in one environment does not mean that it will be duplicated in the other environment.
  6. Create a production account here and create a sandbox account here.
  7. Enable the payment option on your checkout page by checking the Enable Payment Method check box on the settings page and clicking Save at the bottom of the screen.

Further information may be found at:

Preguntas frecuentes

What happens after an order has been placed? is an offline payment method. Once an order has been placed, the buyer will be instructed to log into to submit payment and get their identity verified if applicable.

As a WooCommerce store owner, you are either the seller in the transaction in single-vendor scenarios or the broker in multi-vendor scenarios. In both of these cases, you will need to log into to move each order forward. In multi-vendor scenarios, each vendor will also need to participate in each transaction that they are a party to in order for those transactions to move forward.

An error occurs when someone places an order with the payment option. What do I do?

If an error occurs when a user places an order with the payment option selected, open the WooCommerce admin and navigate to Status and then Logs. This plugin writes debug and error messages to these logs. They may be under fatal- or log-. If a 401 or 403 error is being returned from the API, then there is a problem with the credentials. If a 500 error is being returned, there is a problem on the server. When that happens, please email and we will investigate.


10 de mayo de 2021
Zero support for this plugin. None of the questions has been addressed. Might be a dead plugin with no developments in future.
12 de diciembre de 2017
This plugin is great. It allows me to accept orders for any amount of money. PayPal allows a maximum of $10K, so this opens opportunities for me that I wouldn’t have otherwise. The rates are excellent especially since there is no ongoing maintenance fee. As a niche business of relatively expensive products, orders are sporadic, so this is especially cool. It also means my customers feel comfortable dealing with me, because any concern of sending money to a stranger on the internet is removed by this service.
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Registro de cambios


  • Fixed a bug where commission type is not valid when Multi-Vendor Extension is enabled and WC Vendor Pro is being used.


  • Added a fix when calling the function get_cart in woocommerce admin view. Change the plugin name to Escrow Payments on WooCoomerce.


  • The British pound (GBP) has been added to the Currency drop down list on the settings page. When selected all transactions will be denominated in GBP.


  • The Australian dollar (AUD) has been added to the Currency drop down list on the settings page. When selected all transactions will be denominated in AUD.


  • The buyer’s address is no longer required by the extension. If you wish to disable the address fields on your checkout page, you may now make this change to your WooCommerce installation.


  • Buyers placing orders on the WooCommerce checkout page are now redirected to the new streamlined Pay workflow. This allows the buyer to register, verify, and pay all from a single page on This replaces the old workflow which unnecessarily bounced the buyer around to various parts of
  • When the shopping cart contains products from a single vendor at the time of checkout, the buyer is redirected directly to, not to the WooCommerce order receipt page (the buyer used to have to click through to from here).
  • When the shopping cart contains products from multiple vendors at the time of checkout, the buyer is redirected to the WooCommerce order receipt page, which displays a button to the Pay workflow for each vendor in the order.
  • The Pay workflow redirects the buyer back to the WooCommerce order detail page when they have finished paying for their order on
  • To avoid a potential issue when upgrading to version 2.0.0, please re-save your settings on the settings page. Make sure that the desired Escrow API URL is selected; note that this now contains only the root URL (e.g., not any additional path information (e.g.
  • More information about the Pay workflow may be found at


  • Fixed a bug where a non-one-day inspection period would lead to an HTTP 422 exception when tax was charged on the checkout page.


  • Milestone transactions are now supported. See Transaction Type on the settings page.


  • Item description now contains the perma-link to the product in WooCommerce instead of repeating the item name. The Tax item is now more accurately called Tax collected by seller.


  • Tax total from shopping cart now may be included as a line item in transaction. See Tax Options on the settings page.


  • Address data of the buyer is now sent to when an order is placed. This means that new buyers will not need to re-enter address data on The address data of existing users is not overwritten.


  • Use smaller icon. This works better on themes that do not automatically resize the icons on the checkout page.


  • Buyer experience streamlined via automatic agreement by the vendor and addition of payment button on order receipt that redirects buyer into payment wizard on


  • Added icon to payment option on checkout page.


  • WC Vendors Pro Fixed, Fixed + Fee, Percentage, and Percentage + Fee scenarios are now supported. Commissions set in WC Vendors Pro take precedence over commissions set in WC Vendors which take precedence over commissions set on the settings page.


  • Added setting to display the payment option on the checkout page only when all the items in the shopping cart have been tagged with a custom product attribute named escrowable where the value is set to true.


  • WooCommerce order status now correctly updates to Processing upon order creation.


  • Debug and error messages now written to the WooCommerce logs. These logs
    may be viewed in the WooCommerce admin under WooCommerce / Status / Logs.


  • Initial Release