VideoADShtml5 is a user-friendly WordPress video plugin to showcase your videos. You can embed both self-hosted videos or videos that are externally hosted using direct links and ads.


VideoADShtml5 Features

  • Embed MP4 video into your website
  • Embed responsive video for a better user experience while viewing from a mobile device
  • Embed HTML5 video which are compatible with all major browsers
  • Embed video with autoplay
  • Embed video with muted enabled

VideoADShtml5Plugin Usage

Settings Configuration

It’s pretty easy to set up this video player plugin. Once you have installed the plugin simply navigate to the Settings menu where you will be able to configure some options. Mostly you just to need check the “Enable jQuery” option. That will allow the plugin to make use of jQuery library.

Embedding Shortcodes for the Videos

Now it’s time to finally embed a video shortcode. To do this create a new post/page and use the following shortcode:

[videoads url=""]

ADS at the beginning

Now we use ads to display ads, at the beginning of the video clip

[videoads url="" ads="" ]

ADS at the end

Embedding ads at the end of the video. Create a new post / page and use the following shortcode:

[videoads url="" ads_end="" ]

ADS at the beginning and end

You can use two ads together in one video

[videoads url="" ads="" ads_end="" ]

Here, the URL is the shortcode parameter to replace with the actual URL of the video file, and the ADS parameter is responsible for the ad file.

Video Autoplay

If you want a particular video to start playing when the page loads, you can set the “autoplay” option to “true”:

[videoads url="" autoplay="true"]

Video Muted

If you want the sound to be turned off, set the muted value “muted” option to “true”:

[videoads url="" muted="true"]

No more than 6 video clips

If you want to add more than one video, enter in the format, but not more than 6

[videoads url="" url1="" url2="" url3="" url4="" url5=""]

Video Poster

Poster placement using the poster tag

[videoads url="" poster=""]

Recommended Reading


  • Preview of the VideoADShtml5 video player
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  • Example of use in adding material


  1. Go to the Add New plugins screen in your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click the upload tab
  3. Browse for the plugin file ( on your computer
  4. Click “Install Now” and then hit the activate button
  5. Now, go to the settings menu of the plugin and follow the instructions for embedding videos.

Preguntas frecuentes

Can this plugin be used to embed videos on my WordPress blog?


Are the videos embedded by this plugin playable on mobile devices (iOS/Android)?


Can I autoplay a video?


Can I embed responsive videos using this plugin?


Can I place ads?


How many ad blocks can I place?

Two blocks, at the beginning and at the end according to your desire.

How many video clips can be inserted into the placement?

No more than 6.


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Adding a link to the site and really unnecessary code


Editing errors with the counter and content id


Setting the active button on the video being viewed


setting the volume of the player in the admin panel


Bug fix with 6 button


Edit buttons in settings and from which version to download


In the plugins section displays a link to the settings and the transition to the site


A more beautiful view of the settings


The ability to add and remove the download, picture-in-picture and playback speed buttons


Ability to edit, upload or not in settings


Ban on downloading videos from the player and edit the readme


edits to the number of variables


Editing the placement of the poster on the preview screen


Correction incorrect context menu output


Enabling the context menu


Fixed a bug, the same videos were shown on different devices at the same time


Fixes the location of the buttons, for convenience


*Added work with 5 video files no more than


*fixing errors with links


*Added information about the developer’s site


*Added the ability to set how many seconds you can skip ads in the plugin settings


*Removed the scroll bar in the ad


*Editing a counter on a button


*Added a skip button that activates after 3 seconds


  • Fixes for using 2 variables


  • Added the ability to insert a second ad block at the end of the video


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