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Product Feed for Google Shopping, Facebook & Instagram – WooCommerce Plugin By Socialhead

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Product Feed for Google Shopping, Facebook & Instagram – WooCommerce Plugin By Socialhead


Seamlessly sync, list, and optimize your product feeds to Google Shopping and Facebook Shop in a few clicks. Fully optimizing and customizing your product feeds for a higher conversion rate on Google & Facebook shop has never been that easy. Create Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop right in our app. Sync +10,000 SKU for FREE with FeedHub!


Multichannel selling has never been easy especially after covid when it is more competitive than ever. With FeedHub, you can create your Facebook Shop, sync, list, and optimize unlimited Product Feeds and manage them in a single dashboard, whether you have one or a thousand items.
Even better, you can map and customize numerous product data fields, filter specific products and collections for each of your Feeds, freely set up Product Feeds, and update plans across Google Shopping/ Facebook Shop as you want.


FeedHub aims to provide the all-in-one Product Feeds solutions that help merchants grow sales and expand their stores to Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram Shop, and other social channels worldwide, by creating a frictionless and delightful Social Commerce experience.



Onboarding is as easy as 1,2,3! With the help of FeedHub, you can create your Facebook Shop and Facebook Catalog, then sync all product feeds from WooCommerce to Facebook Shop within minutes.


With only a few clicks, you can connect your WooCommerce product data with Google Shopping and Facebook Shop using FeedHub. After successfully connecting your account, you’re halfway through.


Create as many product feeds as you want and sync them to Facebook Shop and Google Shopping. Manage all product feeds in one centralized dashboard easily.


To win the eCommerce competition on Google Shopping & Facebook Shop, it’s important to make sure your Product Feeds stand out on marketplaces, and FeedHub is here to help you manage and optimize your feeds to the fullest!

1. Sync products to Google Shopping and Facebook Shop

⭐ One-click sync all to Google Shopping and Facebook Shop
All you need to do is install FeedHub and log in to your WooCommerce account. After connecting either Google Merchant Center or Facebook Catalog with FeedHub, we will automatically sync all your products to Google Shopping and Facebook Shop in minutes.

⭐ Multiple Product Feeds – Multiple Channels – 1 FeedHub Account
Having more than 1 store? No problem. Create your FeedHub account for once, then take full control over all your product feeds across Google Shopping and Facebook Shop without having to go back and forth.

2. Optimize Product Feeds For Google Shopping And Facebook Shop

⭐ Combine Multiple Product Data Fields
Customize one-of-a-kind titles for your Product Feeds by grouping different data fields in one, for example: pattern, size, color, material,… in order to grab customers’ attention across Google Shopping and Facebook Shop.

⭐ Add Text To Data Fields As You Want
Create custom data fields by adding text in front of/ after a field, for example: “20% OFF” or “FREESHIP”, to make your Product Feeds stand out and reach more customers on Google Shopping and Facebook Shop.

⭐ Optimize product images on Google Shopping & Facebook Shop
Stand out in the competition with perfectly optimized product pictures that strictly follow Google and Facebook guidelines!

3. Filter Products As You Want

Only sync the products you want to sell on Google Shopping and Facebook Shop. Never need to worry about diluted product feed!

⭐ Exclude Products From Feed
Exclude specific products while syncing products to Google Shopping and Facebook Catalog, by rules or by manual.

⭐ Include Products From Feed
Include any items that you wanted to create the best-performed Product Feed on Google Shopping and Facebook Shop.

⭐ Filter Product Collections For Google Shopping and Facebook Shop
Filter a product collection that you want to sync. Choose to sync specific collections or all products to Google Shopping and Facebook Shop.

4. Schedule Update Time To Google Shopping And Facebook Shop

⭐ Set Up Product Feeds Syncing Plan
Plan your Product Feeds updating schedule across multi-channels for once, after that we will automatically submit your Product Feeds to Google Shopping and Facebook Shop with nearly no error.

⭐ Check Approval Products Status Across Shopping Channels
FeedHub allows you to regularly check the sync statuses of each product on Google Shopping and Facebook Shop. For example, which product is approved, which one is still waiting for approval, or which is disapproved by Google Shopping and Facebook Shop, so you can easily modify your Feeds accordingly.


Have a big store? No problem! WooCommerce Plugin for Facebook Shop & Google Shopping Product Feeds – FeedHub supports syncing +10,000 items. For more SKUs, our enterprise plan will get you back!


Set up one time across Google Shopping and Facebook Shop and everything else will be handled automatically, no need to pay for an expensive technical or coding team to support you.


Our “5 stars” customer support team is available to help you deal with any problems that you run into. We’re here to get your 5 stars reviews by providing you with top-notch service. Selling products online across Google Shopping and Facebook Shop has never been easier with the help of FeedHub.


  • Facebook Catalog Manager (for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads)
  • Google Merchant Center (for Google Shopping Ads)
  • Facebook Shop
  • Google Shopping


  • Sync and optimized unlimited Product Feeds to Google Shopping and Facebook Shop
  • Schedule feed updating plans as you want.
  • Optimize product data fields for higher reach and discoverability.
  • Filter specific products for the best-performed Feeds on Sales Channels.
  • Enable and manage multiple stores in one place
  • Check product approval statuses across Shopping Channels
  • 1 step create Facebook Shop without leaving the app

Preguntas frecuentes

How much does FeedHub cost?

It is entirely free! You can use it without worrying about the cost and voice your opinion about the app’s performance freely.

Which shopping platform does your application support?

Socialshop supports creating, submitting and optimizing your product feed on Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalog Manager.

Can I upload multiple product feeds to target multiple countries?

Absolutely. You can create as many feeds as you want without any limit. Before creating a Google feed, you can choose the target country and its associated currency within the app. Regarding a Facebook feed, you can choose the target country and currency later on Facebook.

How long does it take for your app to sync new product information from my store? Do I have to do anything?

You can set a frequency (e.g every 3 hours) or a specific time/day for our app to automatically sync your product. Simply go to Sources Setting > Sync Setting. This helps you take complete control of your update schedule, which results in your listing always staying fresh.

How long do I have to wait for my product feed to be approved?

When you create a product feed for the first time, your items and website will be subject to an initial review by Google and Facebook. For Google, this process can take up to 3 days, while Facebook usually takes a day to review. During this period, your products will show as “Pending”.

Can I choose which product to be included in the feed?

Sure thing. Our app allows you to filter the products that you want to be submitted to shopping platforms. Specifically, you can filter products manually or use rules. For more information, please refer to our article here.

I got the “Missing value [image link]” error on my Google/Facebook feed, how can I fix it?

Our Mapping function allows you to fix errors returned by Google and Facebook by assigning the missing values to the feed. To know how to fix common errors, please refer to our articles here and here.

How can I edit product titles with your app?

Besides assigning missing values, Mapping also allows you to edit existing product fields. To learn how to edit product titles, you can refer to this article.


3 de febrero de 2023
Amazing plugin with a beautiful and smooth interface, top-class service, and the world’s best customer support. Must use it.
1 de julio de 2022
The assistance that I got from Felix was great. He didn’t hesitate to go the extra distance to make sure that we were clear on what my problems were and walk me through understanding both their app and my concerns. Overall a great experience where I learned new things and improved my general competency about my ecommerce platform and integrations. Highly recommended. Update: While in the end this isn’t the best solution for my needs the way the app is arranged made it very easy to get started with this side of my project. I was told that the improvements that I’m looking for are due in the next version.
23 de junio de 2022
This is a great plugin, I have tried many and since Facebook shops are difficult to manage this plugin was great. I had a problem in that I used another plugin that stopped working so old out of stock items were showing on my Facebook shop. Niel and Feilx from Social Head were really helpful in getting the old catalog removed and the new one syncing properly. I woudl highly recommenced this company.
18 de mayo de 2022
The app works fine, also it’s really nice how easy filters and so an can be configured with socialhead. Also the customer support is super friendly and professional, they helped me a lot! Thank you, Niel! 🙂
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  • Integrate wordpress to Socialshop


  • From today, you can add your stores directly to Socialhead account by simply sign in/ sign up the account within the plugin. No more activated code, no more complex!
  • Moreover, you’re able to submit a feed to any channel within the plugin. Stay tuned for more functions.