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Simple Paywall – The Best Metered Paywall for WordPress


Beta Notice (2018-11-28)

Simple Paywall is currently in beta and is available for anyone to use. Please understand that not all features may be available or completely free of bugs. We are working as quickly as possible to fix all bugs and finish some enhancements of our core features to bring it out of beta. We appreciate your ongoing support and strongly encourage you to report all bugs to the support email address that can be found inside of your Simple Paywall account.

How does Simple Paywall work?

Simple Paywall is a complete subscription management solution that features a powerful metered paywall. It doesn’t stop there. It’s packed full of features that will help you monetize your content and drive growth. Almost every aspect of how you protect and monetize your content can be customized to your needs. Please review our features to see all of the amazing things you can accomplish using Simple Paywall.

This plugin allows you to integrate your WordPress website with Simple Paywall. A free account with Simple Paywall is required in order to use this plugin.

Full Features List

All of our features are built with flexibility in mind so they’re compatible with just about any kind of subscription or business model—helping you get the most out of monetizing your content.

Types of Paywalls

  • Metered Paywall – Sometimes referred to as a soft paywall. Offer a set amount of content before requiring a visitor to subscribe.
  • Hard Paywall – Restrict content entirely from viewers until they subscribe to a specific set of content.
  • User Only Paywall – Restrict content to only visitors that have created a free user account.
  • Pay Per View Paywall – Subscribers purchase a minimum amount and spend it on content they want to view. (Coming Soon)
  • Pay to Download – Users pay a one time fee to download a copy of your content to keep. (Coming Soon)
  • Ad Paywall or “AdWall” – Require visitors (or users) to engage with an ad prior to viewing content or offer an ad-free experience for subscribers. (Coming Soon)
    More features

More features

  • Superior Tracking Technology – Our proprietary tracking method can track visitors and the content they view, regardless if they use private browsing, clear their cache, or delete their cookies, preventing your paywall from “leaking”. Our software uses multiple data points collected from website visitors and users and uses this data to determine if they are allowed to access your content based on the configurations you have set for your protected content.
  • SEO Safe – Our paywall is SEO friendly. Don’t sacrifice your SEO while in restricting your content. We don’t block or prevent search engines from their critical role of indexing your site’s content so you can still be found and ranked where you should be.
  • Autorenewals – Put your mind at ease knowing that we’ll take care of recurring payments and that your plans set to autorenew will check beforehand that users have valid payment methods for an upcoming charge.
  • Trials – Start a subscriber off on a free trial or a discounted plan and automatically renew them to a full price plan when the trial is finished.
  • Custom Notices – Customize how you notify your visitors of their limited access to paywall content and the marketing messaging. Useful to let them know how many articles they have remaining.
  • Custom Restrictions – Customize how you restrict your content when a visitor or user is not authorized to view it. Redact the content, fade it out, or just plain redact it.
  • Limit Simultaneous Sessions – Worried about subscribers oversharing their account? Set the maximum number of simultaneous sessions that users may have. We also have some Device Limitation features coming down the pipe.
  • Unique Dashboard & Reporting – Our unique dashboard and reporting provides you with meaningful insights you can use to track KPIs such as average number of content items consumed by a user, among many more. (Coming Soon)
  • Public API – Have a mobile app or a third party web app that you want to integrate with Simple Paywall to provide a seamless paywall experience to users? Developers can access our secure API to bring Simple Paywall’s restriction and tracking to your application.
  • PCI Compliant – Our digital subscription management system is completely PCI compliant. Our unique integration with Stripe ensures this. Complete payment information is never stored on our end nor does the data ever pass through our servers.
  • Gifting – Allow visitors to purchase a product/plan and gift it to someone else. An invite email gets sent out to the recipient to get started and activate their account. (Coming Soon)
  • Automation – We know your time is valuable and is better spent on publishing content for your audience. You should be able to set it and forget it. Automatically add content to paywalls and plans based on the criteria you’ve set. (Coming Soon)
  • Bulk Import – Already have an existing user or subscriber base? Excellent! Use our bulk import tool to ease the hassle of migrating over. (Coming Soon)
  • Promotions – Entice your viewers to become subscribers by offering on-the-spot discounts to your plans. (Coming Soon)
  • Limit Access to Plans by Criteria – Restrict certain plans to those in a geographical area or by a certain demographic. (Coming Soon)
  • MailChimp Integration – Automatically add visitors that create a user account with your MailChimp account for effective and up-to-date marketing lists. (Coming Soon)
  • Constant Contact Integration – Automatically add visitors that register with your Constant Contact account for effective and up-to-date marketing lists. (Coming Soon)
  • Sales/VAT Tax – Most states in the US can sell digital subscriptions without applying a sales tax. However, we know that’s not the case in all states and some countries require the VAT tax. We’ve got you covered. (Coming Soon)
  • Dynamic Offerings – Leverage data to make special offerings to stubborn visitors that might be undecided and win them over to finally make a purchase with a unique offering. (Coming Soon)
  • GDPR Compliant – We are fully committed to data privacy and protection and are GDPR compliant. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • Manage IP Addresses – Restrict IP addresses of visitors or users that abuse your services. (Coming Soon)
  • No Javascript Detection and Fallback – Prevent access to content even when a visitor turns off javascript in an attempt to bypass a paywall.

How much does Simple Paywall cost?

Simple Paywall is completely free to try and we don’t make money until you make money. Simple Paywall uses a monthly/yearly license fee (starting at $0/month) in addition to transaction fees that vary by the plan you have. Please review our pricing page for full details on our plans available.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Simple Paywall?

No! Simple Paywall is very easy to set up and use—even for WordPress beginners. For more advanced users, custom HTML/CSS can be used to completely customize the look and feel of your paywall notices and restrictions. Every new Simple Paywall account comes with sample data to help you hit the ground running.

What kind of support do you offer?

Simple Paywall offers free and virtually unlimited support for all matters related to our software. Please sign in to your You are required to use to our support ticket system. We rarely, if ever, offer support under the WordPress support—found under the “Support” tab on this page.


Beta Notice (2018-11-28)

Simple Paywall is currently in beta and is available for anyone to use. Please understand that not all features may be available or completely free of bugs. We are working as quickly as possible to fix all bugs and finish some enhancements of our core features to bring it out of beta. We appreciate your ongoing support and strongly encourage you to report all bugs to the support email address that can be found inside of your Simple Paywall account.


  1. Install Simple Paywall either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin)
  2. Activate Simple Paywall.
  3. Create your free Simple Paywall account.
  4. Navigate to the Simple Paywall tab at the bottom of your admin menu and click on the “Settings” page. Sign in to your Simple Paywall account and copy and paste your API keys the fields on the “API” tab. Click “Activate”.

Preguntas frecuentes

Who should use Simple Paywall?

Are you looking for a powerful subscription management solution that features a sophisticated metered paywall? Simple Paywall is your best choice! It’s the perfect option for newspapers, digital media companies, niche bloggers, or anyone that is looking to monetize their content.

Is Simple Paywall translation ready?

Partially. Simple Paywall has localization support via the simple-paywall textdomain. We are still working on full translation support by adding .mo and .po translation files. These are coming soon.


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