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With ReShortz you can create inspiring video stories which your users can view in a app-like experience.

Short video content is gaining huge popularity and it’s one of the content types you will definitely want to have on your website!

More than that, it’s not just about stories.

Our built-in advertising tools allow you to create pre-roll ads, allowing you to discover possible new monetization options.

Our built-in views and likes analytics tracking will allow you to keep track of content which your users find interesting, so you can improve your content strategy.

Plugin Overview

  • You can create as many Video Stories as you want
  • You can add Content, Categories and Tags – they are displayed over video, helping you use not just video to reach your users.
  • Users can like and comment videos – keeping them engaged.
  • Users can filter videos by tags and categories on the fly, without interrupting the video.

Multiple display options

You can choose different ways to display your videos:
– A classic grid of stories
– A carousel of stories
– Show stories with Horizontal scroll

Additionally, in the PRO version, there are three styles for story cards, and one classic way to display them as circles.

Easy to use

We’re providing you with a Shortcode builder – you can visually set up all the options, and in the end just get a shortcode which you can embed anywhere on the website.

Pre-Roll Ads (PRO version only)

  • For each Video post, you can attach pre-roll video advertising, which is a video that will play just before the original video.
  • You can disable skip buttons for pre-roll ads, or set custom timeout before skip button is visible.
  • You can add text content and CTA button to pre-roll ads.

More about PRO version

  • Built-in pre-roll video advertising
  • Built-in Analytics
  • For each video you get extended analytics – we’re counting likes and views, and views are tracked on a daily basis. This can help you improve your content strategy.
  • If this is not enough for your analytics, we’re providing a set of back-end and front-end developer hooks, which you can use to integrate any analytics you’d possibly need.
  • Support for comments
  • We will display your theme’s comment form, keep the same styles, so the plugin is ready to be included on any website.


Preguntas frecuentes

Which video formats are supported?

You can use any video formats you desire, as long as they’re supported by your WordPress installation, and by browsers you may want to support.
Our strong recommendation would be to use MP4, as it is the most widely used and supported format.

Can I have multiple “Cards” lists on one page?

Currently we only support having one list per page, as the most platforms having this feature do.
We are considering adding support for multiple lists in near future.

Which browsers are supported?

This plugin supports all browsers that support HTML5 Video API, that would mean most modern browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.
However, there are still possibilities that on certain browser, certain features may be not compatible. We will react to any such reports.

What type of ads can I use in the plugin videos?

We have a built-in Video (preroll) advertising system, where you can also add text and CTA buttons. Currently there is no out-of-the-box support for 3rd party ads services, but this WILL NOT AFFECT any other 3rd party ads services you may already have on the website.

Can the plugin be translated?

Yes, making the plugin translatable is a must, so this plugin is entirely translatable.

What if I need to display videos differently?

We provide customization services, reach out to us at

At the same time, keep an eye on updates, as we will be releasing new features every month.

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