Ravioli for WooCommerce


This is the official Ravioli plugin for WooCommerce. If you’re a Ravioli customer and use WooCommerce
to run your online shop, we recommend you to use this plugin. Once activated, it asks your customers
during checkout if they want to get their order shipped in reusable Ravioli packaging.

Usage and customization

Once activated, the plugin works right away without any setup needed. The Ravioli plugin
asks your customers during checkout if they want to get their order shipped in reusable Ravioli packaging.
If a customer chooses Ravioli, a small fee (set by you) is added to their checkout total.

In your WordPress admin area, you can customize the Ravioli experience for your customers.
Simply navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Ravioli to pull up the Ravioli settings.

Currently, you have the following settings:
Show Ravioli option?: If unchecked, the Ravioli option will not be displayed
Display mode: Choose between pop-up and banner
Ravioli fee: Decide how much you want to charge extra if your customers choose Ravioli packaging. You can also charge 0 €.
Maximum weight: Customer won’t see the Ravioli option if the order total weight is above this. Enter 0 for no weight limit and make sure to set a weight for each product.
Styling: Easily customize the style of your Ravioli display
Custom image: Upload your own image to be displayed in the Ravioli display

Additionally, you can exclude single products from triggering the Ravioli option.
To do this, go to the product’s edit page, click on “Advanced” in the Product data tab, and then check
“Exclude from Ravioli?”. A customer who has only excluded products in their cart won’t see the Ravioli option.
However, if they have for example one excluded and one not-excluded product, they will see the Ravioli option
(as long as another setting doesn’t prevent it from showing).


The Ravioli plugins requires WooCommerce > 8.2.0.

About Ravioli

Ravioli makes using reusable shipping packages as convenient as cardboard boxes for ecommerce shops.
After you ship your products in Ravioli packaging, we take care of getting back the empty packagings and
preparing it for its next adventure.

By replacing cardboard boxes with reusable packaging, e-commerce shops can cut down their CO2 emissions use of resources.

Ravioli is currently available in Germany. Learn more on getravioli.de.

Preguntas frecuentes

What are Ravioli packagings?

Ravioli packagings are reusable shipping packgings sold by Ravioli Logistik UG (haftungsbeschränkt).
If you have an e-commerce shop, you can use Ravioli packgings to send your products. Your customers then
drop off the empty packging at a DHL point after unpacking the products and is send back to us.
We clean and prepare the packaging for its next trip and make it easy for any e-commerce shop to offer
reusable shipping packgings.

Do I need to be a Ravioli customer to use the plugin?

Not strictly, but the plugin doesn’t make a lot of sense if you are not our customer.
You need to buy shipping packgings from us in order to be able to package your products in them.

Where can I learn more about Ravioli?

Glad you asked! Head over to our website getravioli.de to learn more.


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  • Improved max volume calculation


  • Fixed a stylling bug
  • Added ability to edit displayed text


  • Fixed bug in PHP 8


  • Added option to choose between pop-up and banner display


  • Added styling options for Ravioli pop-up buttons
  • Added custom image upload option for Ravioli-pop-up


  • Added remove Ravioli button to checkout page


  • Added setting per product to exclude from Ravioli


  • Fixed bug that wouldn’t calculate dimensions for product variants


  • Improved Ravioli fee in modal
  • Fixed double display of modal


  • Fixed compatibiliy with themes that don’t support the wp_body_open hook


  • Updated some texts


  • Initial release