Qubely – Advanced Gutenberg Blocks


Qubely is a full-fledged Gutenberg block toolkit with plenty of custom blocks, predefined sections and starter packs to create beautiful web pages. It minimizes the limitations of the Gutenberg editor and opens unlimited possibilities for any simple to complex design on Gutenberg. Qubely is a user-friendly Gutenberg plugin with necessary customization features and advanced functionalities.

Extend the default WordPress Gutenberg editor with many custom blocks that are missing in there. Take control of your website design and apply out of the box styling options offered in Qubely. Create web pages that are stunning as well as mobile optimized.


  • Predefined sections
  • Modern layout packs
  • Highly customizable row columns
  • Row video background & blend mode
  • Drag column resizing
  • Shape divider/builder
  • Device specific responsive controls
  • Unlimited Google web fonts & system fonts
  • Classic & gradient color and background
  • Built-in animation
  • Box-shadow
  • Font Awesome 5 Icons and line icons
  • Custom CSS


Qubely adds numerous custom Gutenberg blocks to the Gutenberg block editor and takes Gutenberg editor to the next level. The available custom advanced Gutenberg blocks inside Qubely are:

  • Row
  • Button
  • Testimonial
  • Heading
  • Counter
  • Tabs
  • Accordion/Toggle
  • Advanced Text
  • Video Popup
  • Google Map
  • Progress Bar
  • Social Icons
  • Button Group
  • Info Box
  • Advanced List
  • Contact Form
  • Icon List
  • Pricing
  • Team
  • Image
  • Timeline
  • Post Grid
  • Icon
  • Divider
  • Block Wrapper
  • Pie Progress

More advanced Gutenberg blocks, pre-designed sections and starter packs are coming every month! Signup on our site to receive updates via email.

Pro Features (Now Free)

14 blocks that help you build more sophisticated designs-

  • Form Builder
  • Image Gallery
  • Image Carousel
  • Post Carousel
  • Advanced Post Grid
  • Pricing List
  • Team Carousel
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Media Card
  • Pie Progress
  • Countdown
  • Table Builder
  • Woo Products
  • Woo Carousel


  • Row: Create a row and resize columns using mouse drag to achieve the desired layout with this Gutenberg block.

  • Button: Design a flat, gradient or a line button on Gutenberg block editor. Set button icon and change icon position & size along with its spacing.

  • Testimonial: Design testimonials with quote icon, message, name, designation, avatar, ratings, etcetera and set them up in the settings unlike no other Gutenberg blocks.

  • Icon: Choose icons from the rich collection of Font Awesome and Qubely Line Icons. Apply a world of style options using this Icon Gutenberg block.

  • Google Map: Embed Google Maps with Qubely Google Map block that gives you the controls to add map address, customize height, and zoom the map on a scale of 1 to 20.

  • Divider: This WordPress gutenberg block plugin lets you separate content with the stunning 28 pre-designed dividers of Qubely’s Divider Gutenberg block.

  • Advanced Text: Add advanced text with Qubely Gutenberg plugin. Apply advanced styling options. Change the typography, tweak the design and add border & box-shadow.

  • Counter: Have an animated number/counter on your site with the Counter Gutenberg block to show your milestones in an attractive manner.

  • Tabs: Display texts in beautiful predesigned tabs. Design tabs with preferred width and spacing. Create responsive tabs to showcase features and trends.

  • Accordion: Place collapsible text contents on your site with the Accordion Gutenberg block. Setup items to reveal the hidden content in an aesthetic manner.

  • Video Popup: Create a nice video popup with Qubely Video Popup block. Change the typography and apply the overlay, box shadow and animation.

  • Heading: Create stunning titles with the advanced Heading Gutenberg block. Style heading text by tweaking typography, color, and other options.

  • Progress Bar: Present your skills, experiences, or the progress of an ongoing project using Qubely’s Progress Bar Gutenberg block.

  • Social Icons: Add and style all your social media profiles in one place with Qubely Social Icons Gutenberg block. Display popular social media channels with a label, icon or both.

  • Button Group: Create and design trendy button groups. Qubely’s Button Group Gutenberg block comes with predefined layouts, size options, and more.

  • Info Box: Place engaging information with Info Box. Choose design from the 3 predefined layouts and then personalize it with the settings.

  • Advanced List: Get 2 list layouts- Classic and Fill in this WordPress gutenberg block plugin. Select the number of columns and design flexibly by defining space, background size, shadow and more.

  • Contact Form: Design contact forms with 2 layouts and many other styling options. Enter receiver email right from the block settings and enable captcha.

  • Icon List: Get 2 icon list layouts and customize them using the Qubely Icon List block. Chose icons and modify design with colour, spacing and border options.

  • Pricing: Design pricing plans with 5 layouts. Show features, badges, and post button text in the plan. Set up the plan’s duration, typography, and style badges easily.

  • Block Wrapper: Wrap up blocks with a background. Set up a gradient background by defining Gradient Angle and Type.

  • Team: Enlist team members with details. Showcase member’s profile in 3 layouts. Display designation and description with the member profiles.

  • Image: Insert and beautify images with Qubely Image Block. Get 2 layouts and style images by defining opacity, alignment, border-radius, box-shadow, and many more.

  • Timeline: Display the timelines of various events with this WordPress Gutenberg block plugin. Showcase detailed road maps and style them with images, texts, headings, icons, and more.

  • Post Grid: Display posts in different grid and list layouts. Define post number, style the feature image, tweak typography, control spacing, determine post excerpts, and do many more.

  • Pie Progress: Display complex information and visualize them in circular progress with easy configuration. Choose style from available templates and make it your own.


Let’s dig deep into the exciting features of this advanced Gutenberg block plugin.


Qubely has a rich library of pre designed sections those can be imported and used as blocks on the Gutenberg editor. You no longer need to style them from scratch. Also, With this Gutenberg plugin, you can modify their look if you ever want to.


Take 1 to as many as 6 columns in a single row at a time. Get multiple combinations of columns. Most importantly, you can adjust the column size by flexibly dragging the columns. The widely used row-column concept of major page builders is with Gutenberg editor thanks to Qubely.


Apply padding and margin to columns and set column background with single color, image, and gradient. Give column border, apply border-radius, and animate columns.


Create responsive designs with Qubely Gutenberg block plugin. Control the entire responsiveness by defining the breakpoint for small screens. Also, you can hide blocks on different devices.


This Gutenberg page builder gives you full control over the typography. You can choose the font, apply font weight, font transform, set font size, line height, letter spacing in px, em, and percentage on the basis of the devices.

Want To Contribute To The Plugin?

You may now contribute to the plugin on Github: Qubely Blocks on Github


  • Qubely Block List
  • Qubely Blocks
  • Qubely Layout
  • Qubely Shape
  • Qubely Row


Este plugin provee 28 bloques.

  • Post Grid
  • Accordion
  • Advanced List
  • Animated Headline
  • Button
  • Button Group
  • Contact Form
  • Counter
  • Divider
  • Heading
  • Icon
  • Image Comparison
  • Info Box
  • Google Map
  • Pie Progress
  • Pricing
  • Progress Bar
  • Row
  • Column
  • Table of Contents
  • Tabs
  • Tab
  • Team
  • Testimonial
  • Advanced Text
  • Timeline
  • Video Popup
  • Block Wrapper


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.6.0 or greater (PHP 7.1 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)

Automatic installation

The automatic installation is the easiest way to install any plugin in WordPress. You can perform an automatic installation of Qubely by logging in to your WordPress dashboard, navigating to the “Plugins” menu and click on the “Add New” button.

This will open up a page showing all the available plugins in WordPress. In the search field, type Qubely. The search result will show you our Qubely plugin, you can then see the detailed info by clicking on “More Details” and to install just click on the “Install Now” button.

Manual installation

To install Qubely manually, you need to download the plugin and upload it to your webserver via any FTP application.

The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.

Preguntas frecuentes

Is Qubely free?

Yes, Qubely is a free WordPress Gutenberg block plugin. We have a premium version that gives you more options to customize the blocks and hundreds of sections and starter packs.

Can I use Qubely with any WordPress theme?

Yes, you can use Qubely with any Gutenberg compatible WordPress theme.

Do I need Gutenberg to use Qubely?

Yes, Qubely is built based on the Gutenberg editor. Qubely does not work with the classic editor or any other page builder plugin.

Where can I get support?

You can post your questions on the support forum here.

Where can I report a bug?

You can report bugs on the support forum here.


13 de diciembre de 2023
The plugin has pretty plugins that work well, most of the time. The Qubely tooltip, for instance, only works if there is a Qubely accordion on the same page (It does work in page builder editor but not once published). The accordion itself works better now but like in the past, sometimes doesn’t let me delete another accordion panel (default = 2) or doesn’t let me change the setting ‘Open First Item’.
22 de octubre de 2022 1 respuesta
This can be a huge hit in WP plugins directory. It is a great plugin but giving 5 stars because this plugin is missing basic functionality like adding custom fonts, custom shape separator for sections etc. I understand that plugin is in development phase. At least plugin developer should write provide a clear documentation for developers with a list of available hooks/filters but unfortunately they have not written any documentation yet. From this, it seems that their motive of providing this plugin free here is to lure users to buy premium version and support.
11 de agosto de 2022
Loving this. Its got a really good combination of features to create great looking websites pretty easily once you get comfortable with the combinations of features and blocks.
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Compatibility: Improved compatibility with Qubely Pro
Update: Enhanced overall stability
Fix: Image carousel breaks when there is only one image
Fix: Removed pre-made layouts and sections


Compatibility: PHP 8.1 & 8.2 Compatibility Added


Fix: Resolved table of contents issue.
Fix: Fixed settings color preset issue.
Fix: Enhanced security measures.
Update: Unlocked all premium features.


Fix: Resolved some CSS issues


Update: Improved security


Update: Addressed security vulnerability issue


New: Jetpack compatibility is introduced
Update: All Stylesheet and Script libraries are updated to the latest version
Update: More security improvements is introduced
Fix: Form Builder had an issue with the Recipient Email input field


Update: Implemented more security update for improved security
New: Introduced “Deprecation” in case of the “Block Recovery Issue” for Update


Update: Email Sending Mechanism is improved in terms of Security and Performance
Update: PHP version compatibility is improved
Fix: Counter was not working properly
Fix: Row Padding was not being implemented the same way as it is shown in the Preview page
Fix: Pre-made templates were appearing differently when editing than how they appear on the frontend


Update: Compatibility with the latest WPML plugin is introduced
Fix: PHP Notice Message was appearing on some Pages
Fix: The “Number of Columns” setting was not working in the latest Qubely
Fix: Mobile View Styles Break after the latest update to 1.8.0


New: Introduced the “Hide on Desktop” feature for Blocks
Update: Significant security improvements on authorization and authentication
Fix: Known functional bug fixes
Fix: Known design bug fixes


Update: In Advanced List Block, Ordered List is introduced
Update: Add Bullet Point feature is introduced in the Table Content
Update: Table Contents will now support Advanced Text Header
Fix: Contact Form was not sending Email with proper header information
Fix: In Post Grid Block, the Title Tag was not being changed


New: Introducing WordPress 5.9 compatibility for Qubely
Update: Improved authorization check for the Qubely settings page
Update: Same style IDs will not re-render anymore
Update: Use Reusable Blocks without any issue or dependency
Update: Pre-made layouts are now a separate tab for better implementation
Fix: Pagination issue for the Post Grid block
Fix: Multiple Contact Form was not working on the same page


Update: Security Update


Update: Security Update
Fix: Layout Breaking Issue for Already Designed Pages/Posts
Fix: Infobox Block – Icons style is not circular issue
Fix: Divider Block – Width percent not working
Fix: Postgrid Block – Preview characters not converted to UTF8
Fix: Info box and Advanced Text Block – Typography issue
Fix: Post Carousel Block – Number of columns not working
Fix: Accordion Block – Toggle option not working
Fix: Inline Toolbar Padding Block width issue
Fix: Button Block – Box shadow width not working
Fix: Image Block – Radius option not working


Fix: Layout breaking issue
Fix: Contact Form not sending issue


Update: Security Update


Update: Security Update

1.7.3 – 3 November, 2021

Fix: Security Update
Fix: Tab Block Image Jumping Issue

1.7.2 – 23 August, 2021

Fix: Tab Block not Working issue
Fix: Multiple Pie Progress not Working issue
Fix: Contact Form Block not Working issue
Fix: In Row Column, Advanced Background Settings Width CSS issue

1.7.1 – 16 July

Update: Added WordPress 5.8 Compatibility
Fix: Animated Headline block – Animated text repetition issue

1.7.0 – 23 June, 2021

Fix: Team block – Image width settings issue on layout 3
Fix: Icon List block – List icon picker not displaying properly
Fix: Post Grid block – Post image thumbnail issue

1.6.9 – 10 June, 2021

Fix: Reusable Block and it’s CSS saving issues in WordPress 5.7
Fix: Divider block – divider options not showing
Fix: Table of Contents block – Invalid JSON while parsing headings
Fix: Advanced Text block – Title color not working if inline link added

1.6.8 – 23 March, 2021

Fix: Interaction conflict with WordPress 5.7

1.6.7 – 11 March, 2021

Fix: Theme demo importing conflict with global settings

1.6.6 – 04 March, 2021

Fix: Google fonts retrieve issue from Global settings

1.6.5 – 22 February, 2021

New: Settings to enable/disable loading Font Awesome CSS on frontend
New: Settings to enable/disable loading Google Fonts on the frontend

1.6.4 – 09 February, 2021

Update: Optimised Font Awesome CSS loading on Front-end
Update: Contact Form block – Linebreak support in message
Fix: Table of Contents block – Indent value not saving
Fix: Row block – Shape divider picker not showing
Fix: Media field – Image picker conflict with WordPress 5.6

1.6.3 – 18 December, 2020

Update: Backend API changes from layout/sections in Backend
Fix: Import layout button missing in WordPress 5.6

1.6.2 – 08 December, 2020

New: Post Grid block – Restructured Pagination in Backend
Update: Row block – Removed unnecessary padding,margin for better UX
Update: Image block – Custom height option for image
Update: Infobox block – Custom height option for image
Fix: Image block – Border-radius issue for smaller images
Fix: Table of Contents block – Back to top button error on Frontend

1.6.1 – 20 November, 2020

New: Tab block – Auto switch & Progress-bar option
New: Post Grid block – Custom Post-type support
New: Tabs block – New layouts for tab titles
Update: CSS preview issue on Frontend
Update: Replaced deprecated jQuery functions
Fix: Tab block – Missing add new block option in new tab for latest WordPress version

1.6.0 – 23 October, 2020

New: Richtext Custom font-size format
New: Range field – disable option
Fix: CSS issue on Preview posts
Fix: Team block – Internationalization issue on Frontend
Fix: Table of content block – List styling issue
Fix: Advanced Text block – Typography issue
Update: Border filed – Custom Border disable option

1.5.5 – 16 September, 2020

Fix: Fixed Plugin build issue for version 1.5.4

1.5.4 – 16 September, 2020

New: Richtext Tooltip format
Update: Restored missing fonts
Update: ‘Edit as html’ option in parent blocks
Fix: Contact Form block – Email sending issue
Fix: Contact Form block – Deprecated support
Fix: Advanced Text block – Text font size in editor
Fix: Global Settings – Old installations undefined preset issue
Fix: Import layout button conflict with new Gutenberg Plugin

1.5.3 – 21 August, 2020

New: Import Sections/Layouts with Global settings
New: Inline Color and Background Color compatibility with Global settings
New: Theme Preset activation hook
New : Row block – Even Column Height option
Update: All blocks – Context Menu refs
Fix: Parse Qubely block issue for CSS generator
Fix: Accordion block – inline style issue
Fix: Accordion block – Accordion title editing issue on Safari
Fix: Dropdown Component – initial options issue with API call

1.5.2 – 29 July, 2020

New: Accordion block – Rich Snippet added
New: Row block – Shape divider flip option
Update: Added 100+ Google fonts
Fix: Divider block – Divider options in Panel
Fix: Button block – Font size issue in Frontend
Fix: Button block – Button width in Backend
Fix: Button block – Text editing issue in Safari browser
Fix: Table of Contents block – CSS issue

1.5.1 – 08 July, 2020

New : Theme colors support in Global settings
New : Row Container width settings in Global settings
New : Row Container width filter hook to modify default values from theme
Update: Blocks initial primary color updated with preset color
Update: Gradient field – Global setting color support
Update: Post Grid pagination default margin added
Fix: Post Grid pagination backend spacing issue
Fix: Accordion Block gradient Issue

1.5.0 – 16 June, 2020

Fix: Image Block whitespace issue
Fix: Inspector Tabs Error
Fix: External ajax request issue
Fix: Minor CSS issues

1.4.2 – 13 June, 2020

Fix: Image Block display issue

1.4.1 – 12 June, 2020

New: Post Grid pagination
New: Getting Started page redesign
Fix: Minor bug fix

1.4.0 – 21 May, 2020

New: Global Settings
New: Qubely Settings page – with Google Map API key, reCAPTCHA key storage
Fix: Accordion block – Active Panel color
Fix: Contact Form block – Form Submit issue

1.3.91 – 29 April, 2020

Fix: Typography & Box Shadow panel css issue
Fix: Image comparison block firefox touch issue
Update: Performance improvement.

1.3.9 – 27 April, 2020

Fix: Testimonial block – ratings backward compatibility issue
Fix: Image comparison block responsive issue

1.3.8 – 22 April, 2020

New: Image comparison Block
Update: Tabs inner blocks new structure support
Fix: Tabs Block contents is not displaying
Fix: Table of Contents block – Attributes value saving issue
Fix : Heading block – Typography disable issue in backend
Fix : Conflict with Table of Contents Plus plugin

1.3.7 – 03 April, 2020

Fix: Image block – Alignment issue in Simple layout
Fix: Panel Sticky tab conflict with WordPress 5.4
Fix: Post Grid block – Orderby issue with Random, Menu Order

1.3.6 – 24 March, 2020

Update: All blocks – Major improvement in Panel UI & UX
Fix: Advanced Settings – Hide Tablet/ Hide Mobile issue
Fix: Row block – Full width option not working in Twenty Twenty Theme

1.3.5 – 16 March, 2020

New: Support for WordPress 5.4
New: Image block – URL in blurb layout
Update: Button Group block – Restructure
Fix: Team block – Alignment option in layout 3
Fix: Testimonial block – Ratings CSS issue
Fix: Contact form block – Value encryption issue
Fix: Info Box block – Media background CSS issue
Fix: Advanced list block – Number, Bullet size & color not working
Fix: CSS generator – String type attributes (Color) value reset not working

1.3.4 – 27 February, 2020

New: Team block – External image option
Update: Counter block – Viewport support added
Fix: CSS generator block duplication issue
Fix: Column block – uniqueId issue in case of Row duplication
Fix: Row block – Advanced background option
Fix: Image block – Whitespace issue
Fix: Heading block – Separator color in the backend
Fix: Range field – CSS updating issue on unit change
Fix: Typography field – CSS updating issue on unit change

1.3.3 – 18 February, 2020

Fix: Post Grid block – Translation issue of the dates
Fix: Post Grid block – Post title position settings in frontend
Fix: CSS issue on template selection
Update: Performance improvement

1.3.2 – 12 February, 2020

New : Background field – external image option
Update : Performance improvement in CSS generator
Fix: Context menu z-index issue

1.3.1 – 31 January, 2020

New: Table of Contents block
Update : Map block – Default place id
Fix: PageModal conflict with Learndash
Fix: Customizer – Loading Async script issue

1.3.0 – 21 January, 2020

New: Animated Headline block
Update: Block specific script loading on the frontend
Update: Conditional script loading for interactions, animations, and parallax
Update: Optimised CSS files on the frontend
Update: Infobox block – External image option
Fix: BuddyBoss conflict issue
Fix: Row block – Background overlay issue
Fix: Gradient field – Default preview issue

1.2.9 – 13 January, 2020

New: Image block – External Image option
Fix: Contact form block – focus border issue

1.2.8 – 06 January, 2020

Fix: Contact form block – reCAPTCHA issue
Fix: Additional CSS class issue in Back-end
Fix: Button Group block – Button width issue
Fix: Carousel blocks – Active item dot indicator in Back-end
Update: Block specific script loading in Front-end

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