Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga asistencia ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

PostmarkApp Email Integrator


This plugin enables WordPress blogs of any size to deliver and track WordPress notification emails reliably, with minimal setup time and zero maintenance. No more SMTP errors or delivery problems with Postmark!

If you don’t already have a free Postmark account, you can get one in minutes. Every account comes with thousands of free email sends.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not official PostMarkApp Plugin. This plugin is a copy of the Official Postmarkapp plugin which had several critical bugs. The Official Plugin developers have not addressed these bugs for some time now, so I created a new plugin to solve those issues.

Issues fixed(from the official version):

  • Fixed the Connection Timeout bug
  • Fixed the Fatal Error due to incorrect usage of WP_Error object
  • Fixed the issue while parsing the headers sent as array to the wp_mail function
  • Fixed the breaking of plaintext when force html option is selected

New Features added:

  • Support for adding Cc, Bcc, and Reply-To headers
  • Support to filter the arguments by other plugins like its done in the actual wp_mail() function of WordPress
  • Auto import settings from the Postmarkapp approved WordPress plugin for easy migration


  • Support for attachments
  • Handling special characters in Subject
  • Ability for dynamic “From” addresses by verifying from PostmarkApp

To know more about PostMarkApp, please visit this link:

To get help about PostMarkApp, please visit this link:


  1. Upload postmark directory to your /wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate plugin in WordPress admin
  3. In WordPress admin, go to Settings then Postmarkapp. You will then want to insert your Postmark details. If you don’t already have a Postmark account, get one at
  4. Verify sending by entering a recipient email address you have access to and pressing the “Send Test Email” button.
  5. Once verified, then check “Enable” to override wp_mail and send using Postmark instead.

Preguntas frecuentes

What is Postmark?

Postmark is a hosted service that expertly handles all delivery of transactional webapp and web site email. This includes welcome emails, password resets, comment notifications, and more. If you’ve ever installed WordPress and had issues with PHP’s mail() function not working right, or your WordPress install sends comment notifications or password resets to spam, Postmark makes all of these problems vanish in seconds. Without Postmark, you may not even know you’re having delivery problems. Find out in seconds by installing and configuring this plugin.

Will this plugin work with my WordPress site?

This plugin overrides any usage of the wp_mail() function. Because of this, if any 3rd party code or plugins send mail directly using the PHP mail function, or any other method, we cannot override it. Please contact the makers of any offending plugins and let them know that they should use wp_mail() instead of unsupported mailing functions.

Does this cost me money?

This Postmark plugin is 100% free. All new Postmark accounts include thousands of free email sends. Beyond your first free email sends, they will cost only $1.50 per 1000 sends with no monthly commitments and no expirations.

Postmark will send you multiple warnings as you approach running out of send credits, so you don’t need to worry about paying for credits until you absolutely need them.

Sign up for your free Postmark account at and get started now.


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Registro de cambios


  • Added filter as defined in the wp_mail function so as to minimize conflict with other plugins.


  • Allow multiple Bcc & Cc in headers that are not comma separated.
  • Fixed casing issues in the headers caused when some plugin/code uses lower casing for headers.


  • Added better $var validation using isset to prevent ‘Notice: Undefined’ when WP_debug is activated.


  • Fixed the breaking of plaintext when force html option is selected


  • Error handling done through WP_Error object
  • Made the “Test Email” error messages more descriptive by showing actual PostMarkApp messages
  • Added support for Bcc header
  • Added support for Cc header
  • Added support for Reply-To header
  • Removed “Powered by PostMark” append in the emails


  • Added functionality to import the settings of official “Postmark Approved WordPress Plugin”


  • Fixed the Connection Timeout bug
  • Fixed the Fatal Error due to incorrect usage of WP_Error object
  • Fixed the issue while parsing the headers sent as array to the wp_mail function