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Paid Memberships Pro Addon for WP Courseware


Fly Plugins presents Paid Memberships Pro for WP Courseware.

Would you like to sell an online course with Paid Memberships Pro?

The Paid Memberships Pro Addon for WP Courseware will add full integration with WP Courseware. Simply assign WP Courseware course(s) to a PMPro membership level. When a student purchases the membership level, they will automatically be enrolled into the associated course(s).

With this addon, you will be able to create a fully automated Learning Management System and sell online courses.

Paid Memberships Pro Integration with WP Courseware Plugin

Basic Configuration Steps

  1. Create a course with WP Courseware and add module(s), unit(s), and quiz(zes)
  2. Add units to modules, and add quizzes to units with in modules
  3. Create a course outline page using [shortcode]
  4. Create a membership level and set a price
  5. Associate one or more WP Courseware courses with the membership level
  6. New student pays for the membership level, and WP Courseware enrolls them to the appropriate course(s) based on the purchased membership level

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This plugin is only the integration, or “middle-man” between WP Courseware and Paid Memberships Pro.


  • The Course Access Settings screen will display the courses associated with membership levels

  • This is the screen where specific courses are selected to be associated with the membership level. The retroactive function will enroll students to courses that were recently associated to the membership level.


  1. Upload the Paid Memberships Pro for WP Courseware addon folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

Does this plugin require WP Courseware to already be installed


Does this plugin require Paid Memberships Pro to already be installed


Where can I get WP Courseware?

WP Courseware

Where can I get Paid Memberships Pro?

Paid Memberships Pro.


18 de junio de 2018
We had a problem with the plugin and I’ve been trying for weeks to get ahold of customer support. I sent two emails through their web site. I’ve tried tweeting at them on Twitter. I’ve tried Facebook. I’ve tried looking up any sort of phone number, even a sales office – nothing! I know that they are still in business, because they are adding new content to their social media platforms. I guess once you have a problem there is no one to help you and you are on your own.
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Registro de cambios


  • New: Students get de-enrolled when canceling a subscription.


  • New: Added function to retroactively assign new courses to existing membership levels that have already been purchased


  • Fix: Fixed bug that wouldn’t allow for courses to be enrolled if the membership level ID was > 10


  • Initial release