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Manage Issue Based Magazine (Multi-language)


Also available are our two themes built on this plugin.

  1. IssueMag Theme: This is a free theme, which you can download from WordPress

  2. IssueMag Pro: This is a paid theme, which you can download from our website

  3. Paid Support: We provide advance level of support for customization at USD 5 / hour. Please visit our website for more details.

Please visit for premium services for Issue Based Magazine plugin and themes.

It is all about presentation. When you create awesome content, get more out of it by presenting it in a more professional format.

Transform your website from a “boring blog” into a “mesmerizing magazine”.

And do it easily with the Issue Based Magazine plugin brought to you by PurpleMAD.

Managing online magazines has never been simpler. You don’t need to know a word of code, yet you can create a stylish and stunning magazine that makes the right impact on your target audience.

If you are a content creator or content curator or both and more, Issue Based Magazine is right for you. This powerful plugin

  • Lets you publish content in issues: the perfect and simple way to segment your content and deliver to readers, across different issues. Exactly how a magazine should be.

  • Offers you the option of using WordPress “categorized article” features: create appropriate categories to offer a more enhanced user experience to your readers.

  • Enables you to upload pdf version of magazine for your issues: an infinitely easier way to manage your already published issues.

  • Offers choice to your readers to browse content by selecting current and past issues on the website: more choice you offer your readers, the more they like you.

  • Multi-language support. (English(default), German, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish)

About Issue Based Magazine Plugin

This plugin is implemented using WordPress custom post type, taxonomies and post features. Issue Based Magazine is perfect for you if you are creating an online magazine. Issue based Magazine plugin is best for general topic magazine, business magazine, fashion magazine, a technology magazine, a student magazine or any magazine that is published periodically.

  • To be organized in issues

  • To be published at periodic intervals

Why You Should Download this Plugin NOW

1. Stress Free Publishing on Time

Issue Based Magazine lets you pre-set the publishing date. All you now have to do is create and upload content, and rest assured your magazine will be published on time. When you say “magazine”, timely publishing is one of the most important parameters for creating a positive perception. Issue Based Magazine won’t let that perception suffer.

2. Freedom to Display Relevant Categories

Stuck with displaying uniform featured categories across issues? Break FREE with Issue Based Magazine. Each issue of your magazine is different and you might want to highlight different categories for different issues. This plugin lets you specify separate categories to be displayed for each issue.

3. Uploading PDF Format Option

Upload your magazine as an exclusive pdf magazine, making it easier to publish past issues on the website. And readers can easily download issues and read when they want to.

4. Efficient Search Behavior

If people are coming back to search for something in your magazine that’s a good sign. Make life easy for your readers by making the search more effective. Issue Based Magazine gives you the option to let your readers search for content site-wide or in specific issue.

5. Easy Drag And Drop Widgets

For making issue categories, current issue and magazine categories more handy, Following widgets are created :

  • MIM Current Issue Widget: Displays current issue title and image if current issue is selected in MIM issue settings.
  • MIM Current Issue Category Widget: Displays list of issue categories for current issue.
  • MIM Issue Article Listing Widget: Displays list of articles for current issue.
  • MIM Issue Listing Widget: Displays list of published issues. When clicked on issue link, all the articles of the selected issues will be displayed.
  • MIM Issue Browse Widget: Displays list of published issues. When clicked on issue link, user will be redirected to home page with content of selected issue.
  • MIM Issue Feature Post Widget: Displays the most featured posts on your site. Provide the number of posts to be displayed. If empty, it displays all the featured post of current issue.

Coming Soon – Features in next upgrade

  • Export magazine issues as PDF.
  • Publish subscription based magazines.

Please send your suggestions and required features request at, we will try to add them in our future upgrades.

Click here for Plugin Demo

For Manage Issue Based Magazine Plugin Documentation

Plugin Developed by PurpleMAD Visit website


  • Manage Listing Of Magazine.
  • Add New Magazine.
  • Add & Manage Issues.
  • Add & Manage Magazine Category.
  • Manage Magazine Issue General Settings.
  • Demo Of Issue Listing In Website View.
  • Demo Of Home Page View. Visit Home Page
  • Shortcode Samples. Check More Samples
  • Displays Widgets.
  • Added Features in Magazine Issue General Settings.
  • Displays Issue categories in Primary Menu.
  • Displays Magazine Listing.
  • Displays Issue Listing.


Follow these steps to install the plugin in your WordPress website and turn your website into an issue based magazine website:

  1. Upload the Manager Issue Based Magazine folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. or Unzip and upload it to your WordPress website’s wp-content/plugins folder via FTP.
  2. Go to admin panel and activate plugin from “Plugins” page.
  3. Once you ‘activate plugin’, you can see “Magazine” tab in left menu as indicated in picture below. You can manage magazine issues, issue categories, issue articles and plugin settings from this tab.

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For Manage Issue Based Magazine Plugin Documentation

Plugin Developed by PurpleMAD Visit website

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Click here for Plugin Demo

For Manage Issue Based Magazine Plugin Documentation

Plugin Developed by PurpleMAD Visit website


8 de febrero de 2017
Spent 2 hours installing, creating issue and magazine, categories and media… and then realized I could not find the way to create the articles. Downloaded the user manual (what ? no forum ?) and spent another 30 minutes trying to find the way… maybe I am too dumb but I could not find anything… how to manage them yes… but not how to create… waste of time thank you
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  • First version.


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  • Resolved upload issue in taxonomy.


  • Added drag and drop widgets and more updates in the plugin.


  • Added MIM Issue Browse Widget and MIM Issue Feature Post Widget and resolved some bugs and improvements in the plugin.


  • Fixed Some Bugs in the plugin.


  • Fixed Some Bugs in the plugin.


  • Added Cover Image Option In Magazine category page in the plugin.


  • Added Display Issue Category checkbox to display list of current issue categories, if checked.