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JTRT Responsive Tables


JTRT Responsive Tables

JTRT Responsive Tables is the most advanced HTML table editor for WordPress. Create amazing responsive tables without having to deal with HTML or CSS!

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  • Simple WYSIWYG backend table editor
  • Formulas List of usable formuals
  • Covert your excel CSV files to responsive html with a few clicks
  • 5 Custom responsive breakpoint sizes (XS SM MD LG XL)
  • Edit table cells within the backend
  • Easily add links/images to your table
  • Custom breakpoints for each table
  • Support for multiple tables on one page
  • Custom shortcode, easy to use
  • 3 Different responsive types
  • Edit Cell font-weight, font-family, text-decoration, font-size, font-color with the click of a button!
  • Custom borders for your cells.
  • Custom alignment for your cells
  • Table sorting! Sort by column headers.
  • Table filtering! Search through your table with a searchbox
  • Table pagination! Divide your table up into pages
  • Search and Replace
  • Multiselect/multiedit cells
  • Support for html/images/shortcodes in cells
  • UNDO / REDO !!!
  • Context menu, right click to edit
  • Read only cells
  • Edit Cell Backgrouns
  • Custom hover highlight color for rows / columns
  • value box for easy value editting
  • & more!

Getting Started

This plugin will look and feel very familiar to how you normally edit your tables. I have tried to make it very simple to use, however I’m in the process of updating the documentation for V4, so stay tuned for written guides/videos.


A special thank you to Joerg K. (@yogieanamcara) for helping me improve the plugin and for taking the time to translate this plugin into German!

I’m a 22 year old self-taught student who created to plugin to help users easily create responsive tables on their wordpress website. Originally this was a simple personal project but grew to over 2000+ active installs. I want to thank each and everyone of you who downloaded and used my plugin, it means a lot and I hope it has served you well. Having said this, I didn’t create this plugin entirely from scratch. I made use of amazing frameworks and scripts developed by other amazing people who deserve all the credit for their work. This plugin makes use of other plugins which I have not created or contributed to in any way, I do not take credit for these works, the credits belong to their respective authors. These plugins are:

  1. Footable
  2. jQuery
  3. PapaParse
  4. HandsOnTable
  5. DataTables
  6. Much love to those who helped me with issues, too many awesome people to list, love you all!


If you have any issues, the best way to get help is to contact me through GitHub.

Arbitrary section

This plugin makes use of Foo Tables to create the responsiveness of the tables.


  • All Tables Page.
  • Table Editor
  • Front End Sample 2
  • Front End Sample 2.2


  1. Upload jtrt-tables folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Enjoy

Preguntas frecuentes

How does this plugin work?

Before this plugin worked by converting CSV files into HTML Tables, but now you can start from scratch and build your table in the backend. The ability to convert CSV files is still here, and improved graatly.

How does the responsiveness work?

This plugin uses FooTables to make the responsiveness happen. It ‘hides’ columns on smaller sizes so the table isn’t squished and looking ugly. Although it hides columns, you can always view the hidden columns by clicking on the rows.

Do I need to know any HTML/CSS to use this plugin?

No, everything happens in the backend using a live representation of your table. You can manually select which columns to hide on the tablet and mobile sizes just by clicking your mouse.

My table wont show up, I’m getting a cannot found error

This is mainly caused by the plugin having issues saving to the backend. This issue is usually caused by updating the plugin from previous versions. If you encounter this issue and you upgraded plugins, simply re-install the new version after removing the previous.

My links/images wont show up in the front end

If you can see your images/links in the backend but not on the frontend, then that means you have to set your column type to “html”. The plugin does html character escaping unless you specify not to in the column options.


14 de abril de 2020
Several things: No documentation, although in the plug-in it says "coming soon" Some features just don't work very well: 1) Responsive versions -- no explanation of how to make them work and to change the breakpoints so they scroll or degrade gracefully 2) No way to set table size so that it fits a container 3) Screwy implementation For a freebie, it works passably well. But it could be better if the developer would hand it off to someone who cares.
4 de octubre de 2018
I wanted to give this coder a 5 star review because this plugin offers options like the ability to change font, font size, color and even upload an image which I didn't think would be an issue with other "household" name plugins but it is. The problem is that it looks so plain and tacky on the front end theres no way I can use this on a high end looking website. This coder is onto something and I am sure he/she has put a ton of work into this, but it needs a lot of polishing. And while I am very thankful they included an image uploader it displays quite unproportionate in comparison to everything else. On the right track but not ready for mainstream.
7 de abril de 2018
Installed this plugin and added a new table. Then tried to add an image to the table. This is what you get... Doing calculations, please wait.. Nothing after that. Just locks up the plugin and you have to escape out of the page. Tried it on Both Chrome and FF. Same results.
2 de marzo de 2018
This plugin seems like everything I need, but unfortunately doesn't work. Many of the buttons on the editor do nothing, and those that do just go to a "Doing calculation, please wait..." screen that never resolves.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

“JTRT Responsive Tables” es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • Fixed adding borders functionality
  • Updated WP tested version


  • Fixed default pagination size for scrolling and stacking responsive types
  • Added pagination menu option for scrolling and stacking responsive types
  • Updating WordPress tested version


  • Updated border options, you can now select custom borders
  • Added custom class option, custome classes will be applied to the table element


  • Fixed tables only saving as draft
  • Fixed image upload conflict with lodash/formulas


  • Fixed borders once again
  • Borders now update each cell separately as frequently asked
  • Borders now have color and width options
  • Fixed rather strange bug that would scroll that page down when cell was clicked


  • Fixed IE, FF export as CSV bug
  • Fixed tables disappearing in the backend bug 🙂
  • Updated Handsontable & Footables
  • Fixed HTML sorting when column hiding
  • Getting ready for possible CTRL + select updates 🙂


  • Changed scroller option scroll bar to show only when needed
  • Fixed hovers on tables, no longer should the original background disappear
  • Fixed hover being done with JS, its now done through CSS as it should be
  • Fixed IE11 save bug
  • Removed preview post link as it was misleading


  • Fixed sorting for scroller responsive option
  • Fixed draft button not saving data
  • Ability to use shortcodes in tables have been added
  • Tooltips added to table editor
  • Changed scroller option scroll bar to show only when needed
  • Fixed hovers on tables with pagination
  • Credits and thanks to 0x0936 and Jody LeCompte for the PR


  • Fixed FF issue when saving
  • New color picker for text and backgrounds
  • Fixed hang when applying borders
  • filtering/pagination now works with row stack responsive option (sort does not)
  • alt + enter breaks line in front-end now
  • front-end translations for data-tables have been added.
  • Formula support has been added. There is a caviat however, it works but its not very user friendly. All formulas will need to by typed out by hand (no clicking on cells to get cell value) ie. =A1+B5, you have to type out the cell col/row manually, selecting by clicking does not work and is not supported. Visit this link to see all the available commands:
    List of usuable formuals


  • Added duplicate function for easy table copying
  • Added .pot file for my multilangual friends
  • Fixed stacking responsive style
  • Cells now accepts the following tags:





  • <





    * Fixed undefined column header for stacked columns


    • HotFix*
    • added “apply” button for selecting colors 🙂
    • fixed insert link not working properly
    • fixed stacking responsive styler
    • POT file incoming for multi-langual support!
    • TSV file support for importing
    • Added shortcode Filter [jtrt_table id=”1″ filterRow=”1,2,3″ filterCol=”2,4″] will hide row 1,2,3 and columns 2 and 4.
    • Fixed issue with table title


    • added 2 new responsive types
    • new table editor
    • fixed saving issue
    • added new bugs to fix later
    • new features include cell styles!
    • lots of new stuff

    • Quick hotfix for non saving tables
    • php 5.3 Support


    • Added default column sorting
    • Fixed issues with styling


    • Added the the ability to quickly and easily insert links/images
    • Fixed issues with page builders not properly loading scripts
    • Fixed issues with deactivating plugin
    • Fixed uninstall so that the plugin will cleanup after itself
    • Minor text fixes -pokes Niantic-


    • Added the ability to move rows
    • Minor text fixes


    • The best update, trust me. – Trump
    • add/edit/remove/sort columns
    • starting tables from scratch
    • 10 sample styles
    • minified code
    • each table has their own breakpoints
    • pagination


    • fixed sql errors
    • better fallback handling
    • fixed issues with table styles
    • added a “view html” button that now lets you view/copy your table html code.


    • Updated plugin framework (More OOP oriented/modular/faster/cleaner)
    • Custom post type
    • Better table organization
    • Simpler UI
    • Updated DOCS / Video Tutorial
    • Ability to add custom classes to tables
    • Ability to edit/change table values
    • Added 2 more breakpoints for SM and MED breakpoints!
    • Improved database saving
    • Fixed issue with editing multiple tables at once
    • Fixed issue with improper loading of libraries
    • etc.. Too many to count!


    • Updated backend styles
    • Added a new “General Tips” area to the Docs section
    • Added a new “Support the plugin” area to the Docs section
    • Added a table name option to help better identify different tables
    • Fixed issues with tables updating when they aren’t supposed to
    • Fixed issues with tables showing up above other content


    • Added a new shortcode method, you can now save tables as shortcodes
    • Fixed issues with csv conversion
    • Updated backend styles


    • Added the ability to sort and filter the tables
    • Fixed headers error
    • Fixed some styling issues
    • Updated the backend styling
    • Added a new video tutorial to the docs section


    • Updated the readme file.


    • Added A Tabbed menu layout for the back-end.