Jetpack Protect


Jetpack Protect is a free security plugin for WordPress that scans your site and warns you about vulnerabilities, keeping your site one step ahead of security threats and malware.

What does Jetpack Protect check for?

Jetpack Protect scans your site on a daily basis and warns you about:

  • The version of WordPress installed, and any associated vulnerabilities
  • What plugins are installed and any related vulnerabilities
  • What themes are installed and any associated vulnerabilities

Over 25,000 registered malware and vulnerabilities in our database

WordPress security is something that evolves over time. Jetpack Protect leverages the extensive database of WPScan, an Automattic brand. All vulnerabilities and malwares are entered into our database by dedicated WordPress security professionals and updated constantly as new information becomes available.

Easy to setup and use

There’s nothing to configure – the setup process is as easy as:
1. Install and activate the plugin
2. Set up it with one click.

After you activate the plugin, Jetpack Protect will run daily automatic malware scans on your WordPress site and update you on vulnerabilities associated with your installed plugins, themes, and WordPress core.


This is just the start!

We are working hard to bring more features and improvements to Jetpack Protect. Let us know your thoughts and ideas!

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  • Focus on running your business while Jetpack Protect automatically scans your site.
  • Keep your site one step ahead of security threats and malware.
  • View all the found vulnerabilities in your site and learn how to fix them.

Preguntas frecuentes

How does Jetpack Protect help your WordPress Site security?

Protect is a free WordPress security and malware scanner plugin that scans your site and lets you know possible malware and security threats on your installed plugins, themes, and core files.

Does this plugin require the Jetpack plugin to work?

Jetpack Protect does not require the Jetpack plugin to run and secure your site.

What are the differences between Jetpack Protect, Jetpack Scan, and WPScan plugins?

Jetpack Protect and Scan do not have any limit on the number of plugins and themes you can scan. WPScan has a daily cap based on your API usage.

For now, in Jetpack Protect, you can track your scan results only through the plugin’s dashboard. Jetpack Scan and WPScan have additional notifications such as email.

Jetpack Protect runs daily automated scans. Jetpack Scan and WPScan provide on-demand scan options on top of automatic scans.

Jetpack Scan has one-click fixers for most vulnerabilities. Protect does not have any fixers at this time, but it provides “how-to-fix” guides so that you can fix vulnerabilities manually.

Jetpack Protect and WPScans are standalone plugins that don’t need additional plugins to run, while Jetpack Scan needs the Jetpack plugin to work.

Jetpack Protect is a free plugin, and WPScan has free and paid options. On the other hand, Jetpack Scan is a paid plugin that you can purchase with a 14-day money-back guarantee. As with other paid Jetpack plugins, Scan users also have access to our priority support.

Will Jetpack Protect work on my local site?

Jetpack Protect requires a publicly accessible site to perform the vulnerability scan.

How will I know if Jetpack Protect has found WordPress security vulnerabilities and malware?

You can visit Jetpack Protect dashboard in your WordPress admin panel to see the security threats and malware found by the integrated malware scanner.

What do I do if Jetpack Protect finds a security threat?

When the malware scanner finds a security threat, you can view the recommended actions on the Jetpack Protect dashboard to secure your sites.

Can I set the time of the daily security scan?

It is not possible to set a time for the automated daily scans run by the integrated malware scanner.

Why do I need WordPress security and malware scan?

A hacked WordPress site can cause serious damage to your business revenue and reputation. Jetpack Protect scans your site and lets you know possible malware and security threats on your installed plugins, themes, and core files.

Where can I learn more about WordPress security and malware threats?

To learn how to achieve better WordPress security, see this guide. On the Jetpack Blog, you can find many more articles written by the top WordPress security experts.

Is Jetpack Protect the same thing as the Protect feature in the Jetpack plugin?

The new Jetpack Protect plugin is different from the Jetpack feature formerly known as Protect (now renamed Brute Force Attack Protection).
The features of the new Jetpack Protect plugin are not included in the Jetpack plugin, and both plugins can be installed together without any issues.


1 de febrero de 2023
Much like how operating systems needed to eventually offer & maintain their own anti-malware programs (not offload it to a 3rd party program or even make people pay for something essential like security monitoring & scanning), WordPress finds itself in a similar position to help make sure users of its software are safe (or at least can know something was found to then act on it.) This is a great direction to see WordPress going in as a primary/official offering for WordPress. I do with it was more clear what is & isn't in the free offering from Jetpack Protect compared to Jetpack Scan (ideally then making the essentials in the free offering [a-la Windows Security], while I do understand stuff that can't be done on the site itself potentially having a cost associated with it [not exactly sure what those items would be... automated scans, email notifications, one-click cleanup/actions, etc. should all be doable on the site itself without getting a remote service involved [updating what to look for then being intermittent enough to ideally not be too demanding while that does have some resource requirements... is it then just more frequent checks for those details, priority support, etc...?])
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1.2.0 – 2023-01-16


  • Add web application firewall (WAF) features
  • Add progress bar to site scannnig screen


  • Poll for scan status while scanner is provisioning
  • Bug fixes