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Welcome Bar


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Data443 is a Data Security and Privacy Compliance company that is publicly traded ATDS. We have been providing leading GDPR compliance products such as WordPress GDPR Framework and ClassiDocs, Blockchain privacy, and enterprise cloud eDiscovery tools.

Welcome Bar is a plugin based on the idea of the “Hello Bar” but that appears only when a visitor call a specific URL, like this:

In a few words, you can use this plugin when you are receiving traffic from a specific source and you’d like to welcome these users with a specific message or promote a specific offer/subscription.

This strategy has been used a lot on site like BetaList and ProductHunt and has been proclaimed as one of the best to impress your visitors!

Some ideas on how to use the Welcome Bar plugin:
1. You write a Guest Post and you want to welcome users who come from that website and offer them to subscribe or to get your book/something else;
2. You do a Partnership or an interview, and you want to impress your new visitors with a specific welcome message;
3. You want to offer a discount or simply welcome users that come from your Facebook Ads campaigns or your Google Adwords campaigns;
4. You have a podcast and you want to amaze your audience with a super cool welcome message;
5. You’d like only to let users know that… you know 🙂 where they come from. And surprise them with a fun-warm-cool-ice-breaking message;
6. Promote a discount coupon when you are receiving traffic from a certain marketplace or a retargeting campaign;
7. Endless possibility, you name it!


The first seconds of each visit is really important for you and for your business, amaze your users and let them feel special should be your primary goal to reach a good engagement with each of them.

Let Welcome Bar helps you in this awesome objective and start creating a warmer experience for your visitors and customers.


Probably you are continuing make changes on the same page over and over or maybe you clone the same page over and over to drive a specific message for that specific traffic source…
Guess what? You can stop. Welcome bar solve deftly this problem letting you drive different messages, manage different traffic source, without get crazy with changes.

Watch a demo here:

With the PRO version you get:
1. Expiration date
2. Place logo/image inside the bars
3. Customizable referer tag
4. Unlimited bars
5. Unlimited colors
6. Customizable height
7. Customizable CSS
Check the PREMIUM version at


  • Welcome Bar manager
  • Welcome Bar Builder (part 1)
  • Welcome Bar Builder (part 2)


  1. Descargar
  2. Upload to your /wp-contents/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Enjoy

You can also click on this link to see a full explanation. This is our official webpage, you will see the plugin in action, with the possibility to buy PREMIUM version and have full support.

Preguntas frecuentes

Do you have a demo?

Sure! Check it out here:

Will this plugin slow my website?

Absolutely not! Since this plugin is built with lightweight code, you won’t notice any difference in speed.

May I use it for my advertising campaigns?

Of course! You can drive traffic to the same landing page without touching anything and driving a specific message for the channel you’re using.

May I leave the bar fixed without calling it by an URL?

Actually this is only a premium feature. The free version works only calling the bar via URL.

May I use a bar on multiple page?

Of course! The bars are not linked with an certain page, you can use the bar where you want, just calling in the URL.

May I have my logo inside the bar?

Logo, and advanced features are available in the PRO version, check it out here:


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Release Date – 2021-07-02

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Release Date – 2021-06-17

  • IWP-217 – Fix PHP 8 Fatal Error


Release Date – 2021-05-24

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Release Date – 2021-01-19

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Release Date – 2020-10-17

  • Bug fix in save button
  • Tested with WP 5.5 Plugin updated and supported.


Release Date – 2018-05-01

  • Finally compatible with WP 4.9.5. Plugin updated and supported.


Release Date – 21/08/2016

  • Compatible with PHP < 5.3


Release Date – 03/02/2015

  • [bugfix] Some CSS


Release Date – 16/01/2015

  • First release