Independent Analytics – Google Analytics Alternative


Independent Analytics is a GDPR friendly website analytics plugin made exclusively for WordPress. Give it a try if you’re ready for a Google Analytics alternative.

This is a free plugin and doesn’t require you to create an account on another site. All features outlined here are included in the plugin.

Beautiful & Customizable Dashboard

Use the modern & responsive analytics dashboard in dark mode or light mode to see how many views your site is getting and where your traffic is coming from.

  • Choose any date range and watch the dashboard update instantly
  • Filter your views by page title, URL, page type, author, and more
  • Instantly sort your views by any column
  • Customize the columns your data table displays

The analytics dashboard includes “Quick Stats” above the chart where you can see your Views and Visitors, as well as how much they’ve grown compared to the previous time period. There’s also a responsive chart to visualize your traffic, and a full data table listing every page that’s been viewed on your site.

GDPR Compliant

Independent Analytics is 100% GDPR compliant out-of-box. You don’t need to adjust any settings – just install it and it works.

It uses cookie-less tracking, so you don’t need to show a cookie popup form, and since it is a plugin and not a third-party app, your data is never shared with another server.

Made for WordPress

Independent Analytics isn’t like URL-based analytics programs. It’s a first-of-its-class page-based analytics system.

Instead of a list of URLs, you’ll see all of your familiar pages, like your blog posts, categories, and homepage. As a WordPress analytics plugin, Independent Analytics also includes data like the publish date, author, page type, and more.

No copy & pasting tracking codes

Just install the plugin and tracking starts right away. You don’t need to mess with any tracking codes, edit your site’s head element, or create an account anywhere else.

Referrer report

Find out where your site visitors are coming from with the referrer report. You can easily compare traffic between search engines, social media sites, and other referrers.

Geolocation report (NEW)

As of version 1.9, Independent Analytics now includes a Geolocation report with a world map showing the countries your visitors came from. In addition, the data table includes each visitor’s:

  • National Flag
  • Continent
  • Country
  • Subdivision/Region
  • City

Like other reports, you can set a custom data range, and sort and filter the data.

Date portability

As an analytics WordPress plugin, your data is collected and stored entirely on your servers, and never shared anywhere else.

If you use any backup plugin to save your database, your analytics will be saved too. If you transfer to a new host, your analytics will come with you. In fact, even if you switch domains, the URLs in the analytics will update automatically to reflect your new domain.

There’s a CSV export option so you can take your data into Excel or Google Sheets for more in-depth analysis of your website’s statistics.

All Features

  • Simple analytics dashboard
  • Views and Visitors metrics
  • Filter your analytics by page type
  • Instantly sort the data table
  • Pick custom date ranges
  • One-click pre-defined date ranges
  • Daily site views tracking
  • Referrer tracking & report
  • Ignore views from logged in users
  • See searches on your site
  • Find 404 errors you missed
  • Beautiful data charts
  • Quick stats for views & view growth
  • Responsive toolbar
  • CSV export for views and referrers
  • GDPR compliant web stats
  • No cookies
  • Lightning fast tracking code
  • Fully internationalized and ready for translation
  • Custom calendar starting day and localized date formatting


  • The analytics dashboard
  • See page titles and types instead of just URLs
  • Find your top traffic sources
  • Full Geolocation data for each visitor
  • Switch to Dark Mode


The easiest way to install Independent Analytics is by visiting your Plugins > Add New menu. Search for “Independent Analytics” and install the first result you see there.

To install with the zip file downloaded from this page:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Visit the Plugins > Add New menu
  3. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top
  4. In the upload form that appears, click the Choose file button and select the file you downloaded here
  5. Click the Install Now button
  6. Once the page reloads, click the blue Activate link

Preguntas frecuentes

Does this use Google Analytics?

No, Independent Analytics is an alternative to Google Analytics.

Can I use Independent Analytics and Google Analytics at the same time?

Yes, you can run them both simultaneously without any issues or errors.

Will it slow down my site?

No, the tracking script is only 2kb and is inlined to the page, so there will be virtually zero difference in your site’s performance after installing Independent Analytics.

Does tracking start right away?

Yes, the moment you install Independent Analytics it will start tracking views. If you don’t see any views right away, clear your site’s cache and then visit your site in a private browser tab to record your first view.

What metrics does it track?

It tracks Views, Visitors, and the Referrers that sent you your visitors.

Do I need to use a cookie popup with it?

No, Independent Analytics does not use cookies.

Is there a tracking code?

Yes, but you don’t have to add it yourself. It gets included on all of your site’s pages automatically once Independent Analytics is activated.

Does it work if I use Matomo?

Yes, Independent Analytics will run smoothly and won’t create any errors even if you’re already using Matomo or any other analytics plugin.

Are bot visits included?

We use best practice techniques to filter out bot visits as efficiently as possible. If you compare to traffic from Google Analytics, you’ll find that your views and visitors are very similar. If you need to further eliminate bots from getting counted, we recommend adding a Firewall with Cloudflare.


3 de agosto de 2022
I am as untechnical as one can be in this world and can still operate a WordPress blog. That said, Google Analytics was overwhelming, and updates always created a steep learning curve. So I found another plugin. I got the "lite" version and it was fine but I was constantly asked to upgrade to the pro version. When Complete Themes launched this I had to try it because I love the simplicity of their themes and their incomparable support. I Love it. It is what I need. Simple. Thank YOU for making something that does what needs to be done.
27 de julio de 2022
Simple interface and powerful insights. That is more than enough to keep me inspired and going.
15 de julio de 2022
Simple and efficient self-hosted/in-site analytics tool. 4star and not5, because; *Has no 'multi-site' analytics-page (as a setup/installation-option, in stead of sub-site-individual statics), when loged-in as 'super-administrator' in 'wp-admin/network'. *Has no wp-admin 'dashboard-widgets'(with visitor-statistics, etc.). Good initiative and use-case for GDPR-cookies, analytics-blockers(addblockers) and the ease to have basic/usable visitor-analytics available in Wordpress. Thank you for making and sharing this plugin. Hoping for additional features to easily-match/compete with other advanced analytics-plugins!
13 de julio de 2022
I have used independent analytics on my website Even with a huge website with a lot of visitors, the plugin seems to work fine. Prior to this analytic plugin, I used Google Analytics. I did not want to switch to GA4 as it is way too complicated and convoluted for my needs. Independent analytics is really fast for visitors. On the Backend (/wp-admin/), it takes about 5 seconds to load the screen, which is slow but acceptable. I must warm people using this plugin, it is sleek and simple. There are not a lot of features; for example, you can not view the location of visitors. However, this plugin is the way to go if you just need to analyze page views, visitors, and referrers.
1 de julio de 2022
I've used Ben Sibley's Compete Themes for my WordPress site for five years, and recently replaced Monster Insights with his Independent Analytics. The interface is clean and easy to read, with easily accessible essential information — stats by day, week, month, one/7/30 days, year, etc., number of visitors, individual page views, total page views, referrers and more. Ben is exceptional when it comes to support and is regularly developing updates and improvements to Compete Themes and plug-ins like Independent Analytics. Highly recommended.
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Registro de cambios

1.11 – September 6th, 2022

  • Update: huge performance improvement for the analytics Dashboard
  • Update: added pagination to the data table

1.10.1 – August 31st, 2022

  • Fix: compatibility fix for the dashboard widget and WPForms plugin

1.10 – August 29th, 2022

  • Feature: added dashboard widget with quick stats and views chart
  • Feature: added view counter to display your page/post views on the front-end of your site
  • Feature: added new Learn menu with search bar and links to tutorials

1.9 – August 15th, 2022

  • Feature: Geo data added! Find out where your visitors are coming from in the new Geographic dashboard.
  • Fix: visitors weren’t counted properly for some hosts like due to the use of Cloudflare Enterprise
  • Fix: extremely long search qeuries from users could affect the data table’s formatting

1.8 – July 20th, 2022

  • Update: added Scroll to Top arrow to make navigating large tables easier
  • Update: back-end improvements to data integrity and performance
  • Update: added migration system to make updates from older versions smoother
  • Fix: views weren’t tracked if WP was installed in a subdirectory

1.7 – June 29th, 2022

  • Update: added the day of week to the tooltip that shows when hovering over a day in the chart
  • Fix: added Visitors to the Referrers CSV export
  • Fix: sorting for Visitors now working as expected

1.6 – June 28th, 2022

  • Feature: Visitors are now tracked in addition to Views
  • Update: UI style and layout improvements
  • Update: Removed the site’s domain from the URL in the table, so only the slug shows (ex. /blog/post-title/)
  • Update: the Views & Referrers report can both be filtered by Visitor counts
  • Update: when filtering, you can see your unfiltered Visitor & View totals next to your filtered totals
  • Update: added a button to review the plugin in the header (please leave us a rating if you like Independent Analytics!)

1.5 – June 14th, 2022

  • Update: added more one-click date ranges to date picker
  • Update: added option in Settings to delete all data
  • Update: added Analytics Dashboard link in the Plugins page
  • Fix: no longer tracking views for post previews
  • Fix: added placeholder text for pages missing a title
  • Fix: displaying correct date format in CSV exports
  • Fix: data displayed in the dashboard didn’t recognize the local timezone

1.4 – June 3rd, 2022

  • Feature: added new Post Category column
  • Update: styled Freemius optin form
  • Fix: filter reset button not visually disabled when unusable
  • Fix: conflict with SG Security plugin
  • FIx: conflict with plugins using Twig

1.3 – May 31st, 2022

  • Feature: Added option to change starting date
  • Update: Add support for PHP 8