Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga asistencia ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

ICS Security Fixes


Like any other software WordPress does have bugs and security vulnerabilities. They get fixed when the developers become aware of them.
However, sometimes several WordPress releases are vulnerable. The problem is that the developers do not backport security updates to older WordPress releases.
As a result, those who do not want to upgrade their WordPress installations (for example, because newer WP releases tend to consume more system resources and
upgrade may result in having to use more expensive hosting) remain vulnerable.

ICS Security Fixes is the plugin for those who do not upgrade their WordPress: the plugin tries to fix known WordPress vulnerabilities
at that remaining compatible with as many old WordPress releases as possible.
And though it cannot fix all known vulnerabilities, it makes older WordPress installations more secure.


This plugins requires that PHP 5 be installed. PHP 4 is not supported.


  1. Upload ics-security-fixes folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Have fun 🙂

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Registro de cambios


  • Added missing xmlrpc.php


  • Sends X-XSS-Protection header


  • WP 3.1: CSRF prevention in media uploader (r17659)
  • WP 2.6-3.1.2: Partial backport of r17710 (better than nothing)
  • Pre-3.1.1: Partial fix for #16892 (r17571)
  • Pre-3.1.3: Backported what I could (added sanitize_mime_type(), set filters to (pre_)post_guid, (pre_)post_mime_type)
  • Backported esc_url() and esc_url_raw() functions from WP 2.8
  • Added esc_url(raw) to pre_comment_author_url, (pre)user_url, (pre_)link_url, (pre_)link_image, (pre_)link_rss, comment_url filters
  • A lot of code has been rewritten
  • Pre-3.1.3: anti-clickjacking header (see HTTP Headers to Secure Your Website)
  • Fixed SEC-20110701-0


  • Backport of r17172 for wp-includes/formatting.php (affects 2.3.1-3.0.3; cannot be fixed in 2.3.0)


  • Backport of r17393, r17387, r17400, r17406 from 3.0.5.


  • First stable version (thanks to Sergey Biryukov) for the patches
  • SA23621 is partially fixed (it remains not fixed even in the current WP)
  • Hides versions of the used scripts and stylesheets
  • Due to numerous requests, the plugin hides All in One SEO Pack’s version


  • Bug fixes
  • Forcefully sets the default CSS/JS version to 0.0 (by default it matches the WordPress version)


  • disables trackback/pingback whitelisting (fixed in 3.0.2, exists since 1.x)
  • tries to protect against SQL truncation attack during signup
  • stops SQL injection attack when processing trackbacks
  • CVE-2008-4769
  • closes old slug redirect vulnerability
  • tries to fix redirection bug to file:// and scp:// (you must have really old cURL if you are hit with this bug)
  • stops SQL injection attack in wp_insert_attachment()
  • stupid trick to fight the feed replacement vulnerability
  • PRNG attack protection;
  • tries to fix 2.7.x/2.8.x admin remote code execution
  • fixes 2.5 Cookie Integrity Protection Vulnerability
  • fixes 2.5.1 reset password bug