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Site Kit by Google – Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Speed

Site Kit by Google – Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Speed


Site Kit es el plugin oficial de Google para WordPress para obtener las perspectivas sobre cómo encuentran y usan tu sitio las personas. Site Kit es la solución integral para implementar, gestionar y obtener perspectivas desde herramientas críticas de Google para que el sitio tenga éxito en la web. Proporciona perspectivas fidedignas y actualizadas desde múltiples productos de Google directamente en el escritorio de WordPress para un fácil acceso, todo de forma gratuita.

Llevando lo mejor de las herramientas de Google a WordPress

Site Kit incluye características potentes que hacen que el uso de estos productos de Google sea perfecto y flexible:

  • Estadísticas fáciles de entender directamente en el escritorio de tu WordPress
  • Estadísticas oficiales de múltiples herramientas de Google, todo en un solo escritorio
  • Configuración rápida para múltiples herramientas de Google sin tener que editar el código fuente de tu sitio
  • Métricas para todo tu sitio y para las entradas individuales
  • Fácil de gestionar, con permisos específicos para WordPress y los diferentes productos de Google

Herramientas de Google compatibles

Site Kit muestra métricas clave e información de diferentes productos de Google:

  • Search Console: Entendé cómo Google Search descubre y muestra tus páginas en la búsqueda orgánica. Hacé un seguimiento de cuántas personas vieron tu sitio en los resultados de búsqueda y qué consultas usaron para buscarlo.
  • Analytics: Explorá cómo los usuarios navegan por tu sitio y rastreá los objetivos que estableciste para que completen tus usuarios.
  • AdSense: Mantén un seguimiento de cuánto estás ganando con tu sitio.
  • PageSpeed Insights: Mirá cómo rinden tus páginas en comparación con otros sitios del mundo real. Mejorá el rendimiento con consejos prácticos de PageSpeed ​​Insights.
  • Tag Manager: Usa Site Kit para configurar fácilmente Tag Manager, no es necesario editar código. Luego, gestiona tus etiquetas en Tag Manager.


Note: Make sure that your website is live. If your website isn’t live yet, Site Kit can’t show you any data.
However, if you have a staging environment in addition to your production site, Site Kit can display data from your production site in the staging environment. Learn how to use Site Kit with a staging environment.

Instalación desde WordPress

  1. Visitá Plugins > Añadir nuevo.
  2. Buscá Site Kit por Google.
  3. Instalá y activa el plugin Site Kit por Google.
  4. Conectá Site Kit a tu cuenta de Google. Si hay varios administradores de WordPress, acordate de que cada uno debe conectar su propia cuenta de Google para tener acceso al plugin.

Instalación manual

  1. Subí la carpeta google-site-kit al directorio /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Visitá Plugins.
  3. Activá el plugin Site Kit por Google.
  4. Conectá Site Kit a tu cuenta de Google. Si hay varios administradores de WordPress, acordate de que cada uno debe conectar su propia cuenta de Google para tener acceso al plugin.

Después de la activación

  1. Visitá el nuevo menú de Site Kit
  2. Seguí las instrucciones en el asistente de configuración.
  3. Andá al escritorio principal de Site Kit, el cual muestra las métricas clave desde Search Console.
  4. Connect additional Google tools under Site Kit > Settings. Learn more about which tools are right for you.

Preguntas frecuentes

Para más información, visita la web oficial de Site Kit.

¿Es gratuito Site Kit?

El plugin Site Kit es gratuito y de código abierto, y seguirá siéndolo. Los productos individuales de Google incluidos en Site Kit están sujetos a los términos y tarifas estándar (si corresponde) para esos productos.

What are the minimum requirements for Site Kit?

In order to successfully install and use Site Kit, your site must meet the following requirements:

  • WordPress version 5.2+
  • PHP version 7.4+
  • Modern browser – Internet Explorer is not supported
  • Is publicly accessible – it isn’t in maintenance mode, accessible only via password, or otherwise blocked
  • REST API is available – Site Kit must be able to communicate via REST API with Google services. To ensure that the REST API is available for your site, go to Tools > Site Health.

Why is my dashboard showing “gathering data” and none of my service data?

It can take a few days after connecting Site Kit to a Google service for data to begin to display in your dashboard. The “gathering data” message typically appears when you’ve recently set up a Google service (i.e. just created a new Analytics account) and/or your site is new, and data is not yet available for display.

If you are still seeing this message after a few days, feel free to get in touch with us on the support forum.

Why aren’t any ads appearing on my site after I connected AdSense?

If you’re new to AdSense when you connect via Site Kit, your new AdSense account and your site will need to be manually reviewed and approved for ads by the AdSense team. Ads will not display until your account and site have been approved. Check out this guide for more information about the approval process and timeline.

You can check your approval status in Site Kit by going to Settings > Connected Services > AdSense and clicking Check your site status. This link will direct you to AdSense. If you see “Ready,” your account and site have been approved and should be displaying ads. If you see “Getting ready…,” your account and site are still under review and your site will not display ads until they have been approved.

If Site Kit has successfully added the AdSense snippet to your site and your account and site have been approved, but your site is still not showing ads, contact the AdSense Help Center for assistance.

You can find more information on how Site Kit works with AdSense in our Managing AdSense guide.

Is Site Kit GDPR compliant?

When using Site Kit, site owners are responsible for managing notice and consent requirements – including GDPR requirements – as described in Google’s Terms of Service.

By default, Site Kit does anonymize IP addresses upon activation of the Google Analytics module. This setting can be turned off in Site Kit > Settings > Analytics > Anonymize IP addresses.

There are a number of third-party plugins that allow you to block Google Analytics, Tag Manager, or AdSense from capturing data until a visitor to the site consents. Some of these work natively with Site Kit by providing plugin-specific configurations. You can find out more about these by visiting our GDPR compliance and privacy page.

Where can I get additional support?

Please create a new topic on our WordPress.org support forum. Be sure to follow the support forum guidelines when posting.


23 de julio de 2024
Google Site Kit is an outstanding plugin that has completely transformed the way I manage and optimize my WordPress website. Integrating Analytics, Search Console, and AdSense into one seamless dashboard is a game-changer. Pros: • Ease of Use: The setup is straightforward, even for beginners. The step-by-step guidance ensures that all integrations are correctly configured. • Comprehensive Insights: The unified dashboard provides a holistic view of website performance, traffic, and earnings, which saves a tremendous amount of time. • Data at Your Fingertips: Real-time data and reports are easily accessible, helping to make informed decisions quickly. • Enhanced Performance: The insights provided by Site Kit have helped me optimize my content and SEO strategies, resulting in increased traffic and revenue. • Regular Updates: Google consistently updates the plugin, adding new features and ensuring compatibility with the latest WordPress versions. Cons: • Initial Setup: While generally easy, users with multiple accounts might find the initial setup a bit more complex. However, the support documentation is very helpful. Overall, Google Site Kit is an indispensable tool for anyone serious about their website’s performance and monetization. I highly recommend it to all WordPress users!
22 de julio de 2024 4 respuestas
I like the dashboard widgets, especially the most common search queries for my blog – and of course having Search Console, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads and Tag Manager – all at one place.
14 de julio de 2024 1 respuesta
An excellent addition if you are one of those people who like to dig deep and be so buried in a mountain of information your joy pockets overflood. I like this plugin because it does what it says and is probably the number one tool to get you higher in rankings other than paying for it.
12 de julio de 2024 1 respuesta
Site kit just stopped working on my site and after uninstalling and reinstalling, reseting, etc it just always makes me go through the setup, punts me back to the admin panel, and when I visit the plugin page agian, it’s back to “Set up site kit”. I haven’t changed anything about my website and I’m using a default theme, I haven’t changed anything in the path.
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  • Update margins for the Audience Segmentation widget’s title. See #8862.
  • Improve margins between “New” badge and text. See #8861.
  • Add Reader Revenue Manager API functionality to retrieve publications. See #8791.
  • Update the useInViewSelect hook to use dependencies. See #8789.
  • Add Reader Revenue Module setup and settings view foundations. See #8786.
  • Update Consent Mode to support additional consent types out of the box. See #8385.
  • Detect WP Consent API plugin even when it’s installed in a non-standard folder name. See #8307.
  • Implement the loading state for the audience selection panel. See #8162.
  • If an error occurs while loading the Audience Selection Panel, show it an an error state, with a notice that allows the data loading to be retried. See #8161.
  • Handle errors in the Audience Segmentation setup flow, showing an error modal allowing the setup to be retried, or relevant permissions to be requested. See #8134.


  • Update @wordpress/data to version 4.27.3, including a patch to avoid breaking changes. See #8826.


  • Fix bug that prevented Event Provider JavaScript files from loading. See #8955.
  • Add a “Learn more” link for Enhanced Conversion Tracking. See #8941.

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