A shortcode added to a Page on the website outputs a summary page for a player.
From here links allow the player to view their competition, score and handicap history.
Further links allow the player to view the complete competition and scores history.

Features Summary

  • Keeps records of players, competitions, scores and handicaps
  • Handicap Calculation using simplified version of WHS
  • Uses Course Rating, Slope Rating and Par for handicap calculation
  • Sends personalised EMails for Playing Handicap and Results
  • Creates individual logins for each player (as they are added)
  • Supports Players that do not (currently) have an EMail address
  • Players can edit their own contact details using WP Profile editor


  • Only 18 hole Stableford competitions are supported
  • Simplified WHS Handicapping
  • Handicap Calculations NOT authorised by any golf governing body


First Time Installation

  • Download the plugin archive
  • Open the WordPress Dashboard for your site
  • Click “Add New” under the “Plugins” menu
  • Select the “Upload Plugin” option
  • Under “Install a plugin in .zip format” browse to the plugin archive file you downloaded
  • Click Install Now.
  • After it has installed, activate the plugin.

Manual Upgrade/Update

  • On the WP Plugins Page deactivate (but do NOT delete) the current golfsoc plugin
  • Using FTP (or your ISPs file manager) delete the current golfsoc plugin folder in the wp-content/plugins folder
  • Now Proceed as for the First Time Installation

Preguntas frecuentes

How are the handicaps calculated?

  • Handicaps are calculated by taking an average of the best scores from a number of recent scores.
  • The number of scores averaged and the number they are selected from can both be specified in the plugin settings.
  • Where a player has less scores that the number of scores averaged then all their scores are avaraged to calculate the handicap.

Do you offer support?

  • The author has created this plugin for their own golf society, and published in the hope that it will be useful for others.
  • Users are welcome to report bugs and suggestions for improvemnets, but the author cannot provide site specific support.


No hay reseñas para este plugin.

Colaboradores y desarrolladores

“GolfSoc” es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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¿Interesado en el desarrollo?

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Registro de cambios

1.3.7 (28/06/2024)

Added Countback values to Score Checker

1.3.6 (26/06/2024)

  • Bug Fix: Par and SI entries should be “trimmed”
  • Bug Fix: Handicap Calculations including N/R and D/Q entries

1.3.5 (12/03/2024)

  • Added Admin Message option to emails
  • Up/Down arrows removed from scorecheck entry boxes
  • Added extra “Out” total after hole 9 to score checker

1.3.4 (25/02/2024)

  • Added no of shots to scorecard labels

1.3.3 (16/01/2024)

  • Bug Fix: Send EMails button not hidden when sending PH EMails

1.3.2 (16/01/2024)

  • Bug Fix: PH EMails not sent
  • Bug Fix: Duplicated inline Javascript (since 1.3)

1.3.1 (15/12/2023)

  • Bug Fix: Duplicated inline Javascript (since 1.3)

1.3 (14/12/2023)

  • Bug Fix: Extra labels printed when players count not multiple of 4
  • Added Out and In totals to score checker
  • Added “EMail Results” button to competitions page
  • Tested with WP 6.4.2

1.2 (09/10/2023)

  • Added (optional) hole Pars and SIs to tee details
  • Added Stableford score checker
  • Added Attendence admin page
  • Bug Fix:
    shown in course details edit

1.1 (10/08/2023)

  • Added support for Non-Return rounds
  • Tested with WP 6.3

1.0.7 (19/07/2023)

  • Further updates for PHP 9 Compatibility

1.0.6 (14/07/2023)

  • Updated to prevent null string errors in PHP 9
  • All echo calls now escaped before output (uses Safe_Echo() function)
  • Handicap Archive page now shows expired entries in blue italics
  • Added Players Scores, Handicap History & Playing Handicap Exports

1.0.5 (15/03/2023)

1.0.4 (15/03/2023)

  • Added Postcode, Phone and What3Words to Course Details
  • Scores now only published once competition is closed
  • Added “Edit Course” function

1.0.3 (12/03/2023)

  • Bug Fix: Playing Handicaps Template always says “Active Players”
  • Added (optional) competition details to “Add Competition” adnin pages

1.0.2 (09/03/2023)

  • Bug Fix: Bulk Action and Page Navigation elements not on same line
  • Added PH to Handicap Archive template
  • Close Competition button on Add Scores page closes comp then prompts for results email notifications
  • Added “Holes” to Tee Details on Courses Admion Page
  • Added “SD” to handicap archive page template

1.0.1 (05/03/2023)

  • Bug Fix: Invalid URL in emails
  • Added scores export to tools admin page

1.0 (18/01/2023)

  • First release