Freshdesk (official)


With the Freshdesk (official) plugin, you can now:

  • quickly integrate the help widget into your WordPress site or blog
  • convert comments on your WordPress site into Freshdesk tickets
  • allow users on WordPress to seamlessly login to your support portal via SSO

Manual Installation

  1. Download the latest version of the ‘Freshdesk (official)’ plugin from the WordPress plugin directory.
  2. Extract the zip and upload the “freshdesk-support” directory to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Go to the ‘Plugins’ page in your admin section and activate the plugin.
  4. You now have a new admin menu ‘Freshdesk’ in your WordPress admin menu bar. Click on it and configure the settings.

In case of NGNIX Server

Follow the below steps:

Case #1 – If your domain is like, add the below line in your nginx.conf (located at /etc/nginx/sites-available/)

location / {
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?q=uri&args;

Case #2 – If your domain is like, add the below line in your nginx.conf (located at /etc/nginx/sites-available/)

location /freshdesk {
try_files $uri $uri/ /freshdesksso/index.php?q=$uri&$args;

In case of Apache Server

Please make sure the “Permalink” set to ” Post name” under “Settings -> Permalink -> Common Settings”


  • The Freshdesk help widget
  • Freshdesk (official) plugin’s settings page in WordPress


  • For an automatic installation through WordPress
  1. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress admin section.
  2. Click the ‘Add new button.
  3. Search for the ‘Freshdesk (official)’ plugin.
  4. Click ‘Install now’ and activate the plugin.

Preguntas frecuentes

1. What is the help widget?

The help widget allows you to embed a contact form or help articles on your website. To use the help widget, you need to create a Freshdesk account by signing up here.

2. Where can I find the help widget code?

Once you’ve logged in to your Freshdesk account, you can go to Admin > Widgets and create a new widget. You can click the ‘Embed code’ tab to copy the code from your Freshdesk account.

You can then paste it into the plugin settings page in WordPress. This will make the widget appear on all pages in your WordPress account.

3. Where do I find the SSO shared secret key?

The SSO shared secret will be available in your Freshdesk account’s Admin -> Security page.


31 de agosto de 2020
I started using Freshdesk, because of the SSO integration with Wordpress! In 2020 it is not possible, no update!!! Such a big Company should deal with a plugin like this.
24 de diciembre de 2019 1 respuesta
Firstly – I see a lot of businesses use freshdesk. It seems very easy to use. However you can not get your SECRET KEY from Freshworks as of DEC 1 , 2019 The embarassing part from Freshdesk is, they describe how to get the secret key from their website described on their documentation from November 2019 and then disabled the key pretty dumb. Wordpress integration is a clear way for Freshdek to get more business but they disabled the ability for it to integrate. any by the way, their product support is marginal at best. took them two weeks to reply to me to tell me they disabled the SSO secret key. dumb.
2 de octubre de 2018
When I consider the fact that this plugin has not been updated for over 2 years I should have followed that warning. This looks like a great plan and deal on the surface but once they get ahold of you, they try to upsale you into a much bigger subscription you could ever need. Worse, I got tickets from customers, but because of faulty Single Sign On (SSO), I could not get them because each time I signed on I was redirected to a 404 on my own site. I went back and forth with the support people, Aswin George US, and Hariharan Bharathwaj and there responses were extremely general, to the point of being submissive, while the information they provided in their short responses demonstrated that they did not fully understand the problem. So I now must deal with negative responses from customers I could not answer because I never had access to their email/ticket submissions! I am ripping the plugin out and not looking back. What a waste of time.
3 de septiembre de 2016
I’m really pleased with the SSO integration. The pop up widget didn’t work but may be a theme or plugin incompatibility, but I don’t want that function anyway.
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Registro de cambios


Added compatibility with other plugins that uses ‘login_message’ filter


Updated OAuth library to version 4.4.0


Fixed php 8.2 compatibility warnings
Updated Client Information Section


Fixed Basic Settings missing checkbox issue


Fixed minor bugs


Fixed the warning Undefined array key “action”


There is a typo in a function that updates ‘wo_options’ on wp-oauth-main which is resolved and aded validation


Widget not showing on the front end issue is resolved


Typo Fix
Last used URLs with credentials
Support with PHP 8.0 & PHP 8.1
Updated code to match WordPress coding standards
Updated oauth library


Introducing support for Freshworks SSO via OAuth.


Freshdesk URL fields are made to be synced with each other.


Updated code to match WordPress’s latest coding standards.
Reorganized the settings page.
The updated content on the settings page makes things easier to understand.
And we’re back! 🙂


minor SSO bug fix.


fixed redirects not working when HTTP protocol is not allowed in the redirect parameter.


replaced split with explode to support php7


Fixed minor bugs.


Security fix for open redirect vulnerability. Now users are required to configure all the portal URLs on the settings page.


Added option to enable/disable SSO.
Logging out of WordPress no longer logs out of the Freshdesk session.
Added validations for the settings page.
Fixed the error showing up on the plugin settings page.


Fix the SSO login redirect to Freshdesk and on WordPress logout, logout of Freshdesk as well.


Includes fix for SSO and Vanity URL redirect.


Bug fix for SSO and Vanity URL redirect.


Added comment link to the ticket description


Fix the error message(“The plugin does not have a valid header.”) on enabling the plugin


Previous revision.
Bug Fix:
– Freshdesk remote log-in failing for new users.
– Sign-out from freshdesk does not log out WordPress session.


First Release Version.