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Fireauth – Enable Firebase Authentication


Fireauth is a plugin that enables Firebase authentication in WordPress. It is an open source plugin.
You can get the source from


  • Facebook Authentication
  • Google Authentication

Working in Progress

  • Email Authentication

About the Developers

Chatura Dilan Perera :


  • Fireauth Wordpress Plugin Configurations
  • Fireauth Login Widget


  1. Upload the plugin (unzipped) into /wp-content/plugins/.
    1. Activate the plugin under the “Plugins” menu.

Please read this post for full description on how to configure the plugin written by Hirudini Udugama

Steps to configure Fireauth

  1. Create Firebase App on Firebase.
  2. Enable Facebook and Google Authentication in Firebase.
  3. Create a new Web Application in Firebase.
  4. Get the Firebase SDK snippet JSON. Fii in the values.
    "apiKey": "<API_KEY>",
    "authDomain": "<AUTH_DOMAIN>",
    "progjectId": "<PROJECT_ID>",
    "messagingSenderId": "<MESSAGE_SENDER_ID>",
    "appId": "<APP_ID>"
  5. Go to FireAuth Settings.
  6. Copy the above JSON to Firebase Config JSON field.
  7. Go to Fireabase service account tab.
  8. Generate a new private key for the app.
  9. Copy the JSON inside the private key to Firebase Service Config JSON field.
  10. Enable Facebook Login and Google Login in the plugin settings.
  11. Add Fireauth Login Widget to your website from Widgets.
  12. Login with Facebook and Google.

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