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Cloage WordPress Plugin


Safely Store: Cloage Plugin

Today, nearly half the world’s websites are managed and run by WordPress. This internet giant has made content management, blogging, eCommerce, and web design much more enjoyable and easier. But the more our businesses, education, and social life become dependent on this platform, the more we are going to need storage space for our documents, media, and files.
Unfortunately, WordPress provides its users with the minimum storage space possible; thus, they have to upgrade their hosting plans which at times are not cost-effective at all. On the bright side though, this technical shortcoming is effortlessly corrected with a valuable plugin called Cloage.
What is Cloage?
Cloage offers you that extra storage space you always needed for your media on WordPress. Precisely speaking, it is a functional open-source cloud-based storage plugin designed to provide WordPress users with additional capacity to upload and have access to any type of media whenever they want and wherever they are.
You can count on Cloage to safely store and keep your photos, videos, documents, backups, and all the important media you need to keep at hand. This plugin especially proves convenient for those owners of Woocommerce stores; since using up all the capacity that your hosting arranges for you could slow down your website.
Cloage’s Key Features and Highlights:
Cloage, is a cloud storage plugin that recognizes the importance and value of your data. Furthermore, Cloage:
• Is free and safe
• Easy to set up
• Cloud-Based, scalable, petabyte supports
• Offering 5 GB free storage (WooCommerce & Backup only)
• Lets you manage, edit, backup, and share your content
• Is entirely compatible with Woocommerce
• Enables you to set custom domain
• Supports a wide variety of formats
• wp-duplicator integrated
Also, there are many other cool options such as remote upload (server to server), archiving and extracting.

How Does Cloage Work?

Step 1: Register in Cloage
First things first! In order to make use of Cloage’s handy functions, you need to sign up on our website. You will be directed to a charming dashboard which is specifically your online head office.
Step 2: Get Cloage
Cloage cloud storage plugin is just a few clicks away! It is available in WordPress’s plugins directory. Click here to download. Also, you may use this link to directly download the plugin. Or, after selecting the “Plugins” option in your WordPress account, click on “Add New” and look up “Cloage”, or add it manually. Now install and activate your new tool!
Step 3: Need More? Go Pro Partition!
You might come to the decision that your business or personal files and data require more than Cloage’s 5 GB free plan. In order to get your Pro Cloage up and running, click on “Add Credit Card” on the top right. Paying the minimum fee of 1 Euro instantly raises up your plan and enables you with further partition space.
Next, click on the cart icon and choose “pay as you go (pro)”. Voila! Cloage Pro is where you can publicize your download links and share what you wish on your website or social media and do lots of cool stuff, particularly if you are a developer.
Step 4: Configure Your Profile
On the left sidebar, click on your profile picture and go to your profile setting. Here, you may write your preferred username. Remember, in case you do not intend to make any subdomains, this is the name that is going to appear in your download links on the condition that you wish to use Cloage Pro.
After choosing the right username, tick “Upload Auto Start” and “Auto Public Upload”.
A Better WooCommerce with Cloage
What you read above were the four preliminary steps one has to follow so as to successfully lunch Cloage cloud storage plugin. from now on, everything depends on your priorities, needs, and business model; for instance, whether you own a store in Woocommerce or not and need to manage virtual products there.
Cloage’s integration with Woocommerce is one of its many distinctive features. As we all know, many pages, product images, and data can fill up your space sooner than you think. Not only you’ll have to pay extra dollars, your store’s performance and speed will also be directly affected. Now, this is where Cloage saves the day, securely, instantly, economically, and fail-safe! Basically, Cloage turns into a virtual external storage for you to keep your data. What’s more, you can have access to these data from all of your devices.
Fascinatingly, this is not all, you can opt to upload your files simultaneously on your hosting space and Cloage, or Cloage only. Plus, the free partition of Cloage in WordPress is only enabled for selling files on Woocommerce and backup, so, if you need a quick and easy e-commerce plan, Cloage free partition is much more than enough!

Bottom Line

When all is said and done, you know that Cloage cloud storage plugin provides a great opportunity for you to securely keep your files, back them up, and save costs. So, value your data and keep them somewhere safe!


  • General settings page
  • Media settings page
  • Backup settings page
  • Woocommerce settings page
  • Remote downloads events list
  • Duplicator integration
  • Upload new file
  • Multiple upload files
  • Uploading progress
  • Uploaded files


  • Setup your own subdomain on your Cloage’s partition by using CNAME record (
  • In your Cloage’s profile( you should activate direct link status and set a username for your Cloage account.
  • Download the plugin and place it in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • After installing WordPress plugin, in general setting tab set your partition’s Access Token.
  • Now when you are using add medias button in post or product(for Woocommerce) you can see upload to Cloage in the add media’s window.


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