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Full Fact – Claim Review Schema


Claim Review Schema is a Schema led by an international consortium of fact checkers. It allows fact checking organisations to tag their articles in such a way that allows third parties such as Google, Facebook, Bing & Youtube to analyse and sort the fact checking data accordingly in their indexes.

This plugin was created by an independent UK Fact Checking Charity Full Fact, it allows fact checkers to quickly and easily fill in the details needed for claim review schema, and adds it onto every single article that is published.

This plugin was built on a server with PHP 7.0 running. It has been tested on a PHP 5.6 server and it works as intended, however we’d recommend that it’s run on a server with a minimum of PHP 7.0. Support will only be provided with servers that run a minimum of PHP 7.0, as it becomes hard to maintain. For instructions on how to upgrade PHP to 7.0, please read this guide from WordPress.


To install the plugin, do the following.

  1. Visit the plugins page from your WordPress Dashboard and select “Add New”.
  2. Search for “Full Fact – Claim Review Schema”.
  3. Activate “Full Fact – Claim Review Schema”.
  4. Back in the WordPress Dashboard, go to “Claim Review Schema Settings” from Settings.
  5. Add your Organisation Details, as well as Display Settings.
  6. Go to any post of the post type that you set for the Display Settings and add your Schema details.
  7. Once you publish the post, the schema will be published too.

Full Documentation is available here.


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  • Uploaded some test code instead of actual code.


  • Tested with WordPress 5.5
  • Fixed a bug that non latin characters couldn’t be saved
  • Fixed a bug that caused a warning if a post or page is visited before an option is saved.


  • Dropped the Required PHP requirement to 5.6. With disclaimer.


  • Added a “Generated By…” comment


  • Removed the ID field for now.
  • Added Clarifications to field descriptions in metabox


  • Removed the ID Field for now as it was causing errors.
  • Added Clarifications to field descriptions in metabox


  • First Version.


  • Changed the wording on the Claim Author Field.


  • Added the ID field.
  • Fix a bug in the indexing fields.
  • Fix a bug with the ratings of URL’s.


  • Improved sanitization.


  • Added sanitization.


  • Changed some Claim fields to text areas.
  • Improve wording throughout the plugin.


  • First Version