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Cargo Shipping Location for WooCommerce


Cargo Deliveries and Pickups plugin you can connect your WooCommerce store to Cargo & Cargo BOX. The plugin allows users to create, assign shipments to orders, and receive real-time delivery locations to your user checkout. This helps businesses to streamline their shipping processes and provide better customer success.


  • Contact form for reporting the bugs.
  • Bulk shipment with double delivery.
  • Ability to create additional shipment for order.
  • Added shipping info to an email.


  • Bug fix for shipping location thank you page.


  • fixes to cities dropdown. (show only cities with the point)
  • Disable cargo point details in email settings.
  • Bulk Shipment option in cargo summary page.


  • Ability to change pickup point from admin.
  • Add reindex for moving from plugin versions lower than 3.0 (REQUIRED REINDEX AFTER PLUGIN UPDATE)
  • Added filters to edit cargo parameters array.
  • Added fulfillment checkbox.
  • fix to make the cargo block display in the free shipping and flat rate shipping methods.


  • Fixed the cargopoint logic on admin page.
  • Added ability to change point for automatic box point choice.


  • Debug mode (display data on order admin page)
  • Make default automatic choice of pickup point by customer address.


  • Cargo box fix.


  • Added cargo send status.
  • Option to change status after shipment creat.
  • Bugfixes for check status button in order admin page.


  • Fix the check status button from orders summary page.
  • Fix send cargo box from orders summary page.
  • Disabled second create shipment from orders summary page.


  • bugfix to distribution point default
  • bugfix to shipping method in order single page.


  • bugfix with warning about shipping method.
  • Added checkboxes to select which methods should have cargo block. (by default only cargo methods.)


  • Added variation SKU to shipment labels for fulfillment orders with cargo
  • Removed cargo actions for orders with cancelled, pending payment and refunded orders.
  • Checkout dropdown flyaway bugfix.


  • Update base api url
  • added cors policy headers to the request.


  • Added settings to complete order on cargo status check if completed.
  • Fixed wrong box point id on automatic choice


  • Fix cargo send button double click.


  • Cargo box, changed to_address to be customers address.
  • Added weight limit to shipping settings.
  • Fixed the Pickup shipment type.
  • Fixed cargo box so it takes customers address.


  • Update plugin with setting to work for all shipments, even if there is no shipment set.


  • Added website and platform parameters to request.
  • fix for checkout dropdowns.
  • fix unused dependency.


  • Added Cargo pickup separate customer code.


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  • Stable version, with Cargo BOX and Express shipment.


  • Added map customisation.
  • fixes for Cargo BOX shipment when using more than 1 package.
  • Cash on delivery improvement.
  • Printing multiple labels for cargo box.
  • Map settings and presets.
  • Map Cargo Box search improvement.
  • BUGFIXES for Cargo BOX checkout.


  • Added map customisation.


  • Fixes on checkout update.


  • Fixed the automatic detect of cargo box.
  • Remove wc_sent-cargo status.
  • Removed COD for box shipment.