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Around this date in the past… – Widget Edition


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It shows around this date entries/posts in the past (if they exist). It is highly customizable. By default it retreives a week around the current day 1 year ago.


You can set the parameters from the widgets panel

Configuration parameters

$before = Code will show before links. Defaults to 'This week last year…: '
$after = Code will show after links. Defaults to ''
$daysbefore = Days' posts that will show before one year ago. By default '3' (3 days before)
$daysafter = Days' posts that will show after one year ago. By default '3' (3 days after)
$mode = Select the mode that you want the widget to work. By default '1' (X years ago)
    Mode 1: get posts around this date from X years ago.
    Mode 2: get posts around this date for the last X years.
    Mode 3: get posts around this date since year X.
$yearsago = It shows “X” years ago posts. By default '1' (1 year). ONLY IF MODE 1 IS SELECTED.
$lastxyears = It shows posts por the last "X" years. By default '1' (1 year). ONLY IF MODE 2 IS SELECTED.
$sinceyear = It shows posts since the year "X". By default '2005' (since year 2005). ONLY IF MODE 3 IS SELECTED.
$limit = Number of posts to retrieve. By default '4'.
$none = Text shown when there are no posts. By default 'none'. 
$showdate = Show dates next to the links. By default unchecked.
$dateformat = Format of the date displayed next to the links (if checked). See 
$showexcerpt = Show the excerpt next to the links. By default unchecked.<h3>Customize display</h3>

In adition to the options avaliable from the widget control panel you can highly customize the apearance of the output by using CSS. These are the classes avaliable:
ul.atd-list {} // base list container.
li.atd-year {} // Yearly headers.
atd-yXXXX {} //yearly based class, eg. atd-y2006, atd-y2005 …
ul.atd-yearlylist {} // list container for each year around this date posts.
li.atd-entry {} // list items containing each around this date posts.
atd-yXXXX {} //yearly based class, eg. atd-y2006, atd-y2005 …
atd-mXX {} //montly based class, eg. atd-m01, atd-m02 … atd-m12.
atd-dXX {} //dayly based class, eg. adt-d01, atd-d02 … atd-d31.
atd-XXXXXXXX {} //date based class, eg. atd-20061205, atd-20050304 …
li.atd-noentries {} // list item when there are no entries
a.atd-entry-title {} // Link to the post.
.atd-entry-date {} // span containing the date, if $showdate enabled.
.atd-entry-excerpt {} // span containing the excerpt, if $showexcerpt enabled.


This plugin is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL License (don't remove credits to author, please)
See license.txt for details<h3>Credits and Acknowledgments</h3>

This plugin is based on:
– “One year ago” plugin released by Borja Fernandez. [ ] [ ]
– “Wayback” plugin released by Chris Goringe. [ ] [ ]
– Wayback Widget released by Sven Weidauer. [ ] [ ]
– My plugin Around this date in the past. [ ]

Thanks to Borja Fernandez, Chris Goringe and Sven Weidauer for writing their plugins and to Luis Pérez and Mike Koepke for their contributions.


Nothing else planed by now.


  1. Once downloaded the file, uncopress it and upload it through FTP to the server where your WordPress blog is hosted.
  2. Copy it to the folder /wp-content/plugins/ (you can also copy it to /wp-content/plugins/widgets/ in order to have all the widegts together) .
  3. Activate it through the plugin management screen.
  4. Go to “Themes” > “Sidebar Widgets” and drag and drop the widget wherever you want to show it.

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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

“Around this date in the past… – Widget Edition” es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Added a dashboard widget (WP 2.7+)


  • Bugfixing release. Show excerpts when present, now for real 🙂
  • Remove the [caption] tags if present on the exerpt
  • Remove &quotes; in titles


*XHTML validation


  • $limit variable now works again
  • Adapted the Database query to the new $wpdb->prepare structure


  • Added atd-noentries class


  • Bugfixing release. Changes contributed by Mike Koepke.
  • Ordering in SQL statement wasn’t specify which column to order on
  • Added post_type qualifier to SQL statement as pages would be pulled as well
  • Added new year subtitle display option to hide the year sublist text
  • PostExcerpt and Date weren’t working correctly
  • Code cleanup.
  • Cosmetic changes in output


  • Bugfixing release. Changes contributed by Mike Koepke.
  • New options weren’t initilized correctly when upgrading.
  • Control Screen cleaned up.


  • All displayed in a single list with yearly sublists.
  • NEW Feature: display date and/or excerpt.
  • NEW Feature: added CSS markup to allow maximum flexibility on display.


  • Fixed a bug when calling get_old_posts().


  • Fixed a bug when having & in post’s title. Isolated repetitive code in its own function. Changes contributed by Mike Koepke.


  • Fixed a bug when having quotes in post’s title. Thanks to Mike Koepke for bug repporting and helping with fixing.


  • Added 2 new modes, last X years and since year X.
  • Corrected bug in $start_ago and $end_ago.


  • XHTML valid. Thanks to to Luis Pérez


  • Added the $daysbefore and $daysafter parameters.


  • Now the limit option works, for real 😉


  • First release. I decided to start on version 0.5 because of preserving version relation with “One year ago” plugin.