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Flexible Content Extended for Advanced Custom Fields


Extends the ACF Flexible Content Field by transforming the layout list into a modal with image previews. Editing the fields layouts also happens in a modal for a better editing user experience.

Image Conventions

  • The size of the image should be 730 x 300.
  • They should be named based on the layout’s name (text_block) with underscores converted to dashes (text-block.jpg).

Image Location

Images should be placed in your theme. By default, images are located here: THEME/lib/admin/images/acf-flexible-content-extended.

Also note that you can filter this path, but it MUST be in your theme:

add_filter( 'acf-flexible-content-extended.images_path', $path );

NOTE: The path should not have a trailing beginning or trailing slash!

Additionally, you could filter all keys and/or images:

add_filter( 'acf-flexible-content-extended.images', $images );

Issues & Feature Requests

If you identify any errors or have an idea for improving the plugin, feel free to open an issue or create a pull request. Please provide as much info as needed in order to help resolving or approve your request.


  • Screenshot of Flexible Content Field Layouts Add Modal
  • Screenshot of Flexible Content Field Layouts
  • Screenshot of Flexible Content Field Layout Edit Modal


This plugin works only if the ACF Pro >= 5.7.O plugin is installed and activated.


  • ACF Pro >= 5.7.O
  • WordPress 6.0
  • Tested up to WP 6.0.1
  • Browser Support:
    • Last 2 Firefox major versions
    • Last 2 Safari major versions
    • Last 2 Edge major versions
    • Last 2 Chrome major versions
  • PHP 8.0+

From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “Flexible Content Extended for Advanced Custom Fields”
  3. Activate Flexible Content Extended for Advanced Custom Fields from your Plugins page
  4. Add images to your theme in THEME/lib/admin/images/acf-flexible-content-extended or customize the path using add_filter( 'acf-flexible-content-extended.images_path', $path );


8 de septiembre de 2022
The missing plugin for ACF Flexible content. Thanks guys!
7 de septiembre de 2022
Hi Jameel, I really like yor plugin and the php 8 update. I was wondering, it would be nice if it was possible to switch off the pencil edit/ modal, functionality. I mostly use the plugin for the image preview modal. The modal edit function is nice (sometimes) but sometimes I need to have an overview of de layout content on the page and this is not possible if the modal edit is active, thanks. Xander
31 de mayo de 2020 1 respuesta
Adds great user experience when using the flexible content field to add layouts. Lets you add screenshots of each layout to give the admin a nice preview of exactly what they are adding vs just using the names of the layout. Easy to implement and bug free.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

“Flexible Content Extended for Advanced Custom Fields” es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Requires PHP >= 8.0
  • Requires WordPress >= 6.0
  • Solve for flexible content fields inside of repeaters and groups
  • CSS improvements (uses css grid instead of flexbox)


  • Fixing issue with ACF version compare since it doesn’t follow PHP version constraints


  • PHP 8 Compatibility


  • Resolves CSS and JS conflicts. Adds support for layouts that begin with a number.


  • Resolve JS bug


  • Resolve issue with modals related to new duplicate layout function in ACF 5.9


  • Resolve JS error if `acf.getField()“ is not defined


  • Update hook for enqueuing and registering assets for ACF 5.9 compatibility. Thanks @elliottpost!


  • Fixes a bug related to nested fields


  • Supporting nested flexible content fields
  • Updating dependencies


  • Updating dependencies


  • Initial release